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The pinball machine:

  • What Could Have Been:
    • Apparently, Pat McMahon drew an X-rated backglass for an interested European market, but it was never produced.
    • The balls were originally intended to be black (like cannonballs), but this idea was presumably scrapped for cost reasons.

The Wrestler

  • Big Name Fan
    • In spite of what their on camera interactions in STARDOM would have you believe, Madusa is in fact a fan of hers. So much so she was personally involved in getting La Rosa to Japan and helping her adjust to the region's Wrestling Psychology.
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    • Mick Foley urged people to book her more after the 2019 Cauliflower Alley Club show.
  • Breakup Breakout: The breakout beneficiary to the breakup with Destiny.
  • Fan Nickname: "La Blackie", "NONO" for Noemi Bosques
  • Jossed: In 2011 she started uploading clips of her history set to her entrance themes, teammate's themes and opponent's themes, then released one based on the present set to J Alvares's Dejalo todo atras close to the end of the year, which had some thinking it would be her new WWC theme. The whole thing was actually to drum up interest in fans (and bookers) stateside as she was leaving WWC, and to promote a friend's song.
  • Network Decay: Either ran or was central to Ring Warrior's Battling Bombshells Facebook page as the division's champion. When Ring Warriors went (back) into hibernation, she continued to use it/be featured for promotional purposes, but obviously not for the originally intended company, till they became active again in April 2015.
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  • Promoted Fanboy: Of Bruiser Brody, not surprisingly.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: The following list is not even all of them
    • In WWC and NRW Lucha Libre: Culo by Pitbull
    • WWC "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira, Abusadora by Wisin y Yandel
    • In NWA and PWS: La Batidora and La Batidora 2 by Yaga and Makie. In FOW she has the 2007 La reunion remix of La Batidora, which is more fitting, given she usually gets a hero’s welcome in FOW.
    • In NWA FUW: Gasolina Daddy Yankee, a theme formerly used by Génesis
  • What Could Have Been
    • WWC's 38th Aniversario Tour advertised a rematch between Sarita and Mickie James but ended up having Sarita trade wins with Black Rose instead and then had Rose wrestle James in her place.
    • When Ring Warriors and The Pro Wrestling Syndicate were arranging bookings, Awesome Kong was originally put forth as an opponent, rather than a partner. Also, the match that seemingly started her multi promotional feud with Mia Yim would have most likely been against Cherry Bomb or Jillian Hall, whom Von Eerie and Yim were substitutes for.
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    • In 2017 she was supposed to face Jessicka Havok in World Wonder Ring STARDOM's Cinderella Tournament but pulled out of STARDOM altogether with Natsuko Tora substituting for Negra in a losing effort. Two years later Havok's friend Allysin Kay revealed this was over hostility between Negra and Havok's Tag Team partner at the time. Negra specifically instructed Rene Michelle, who helped her jump to Marvelous, not to tell anyone about it but wrestlers found out anyway and Negra eventually opened up after seeing even Kay knew.
    • In 2019 Black Rose and her old rival Krystal de la Potra got together with intent to start a Distaff Counterpart to Doom Patrol, the Tag Team Krystal was managing. WWC instead decided to substitute Peligrosísima Krystal at Consequencias for Roxxy, whom Black Rose was feuding with. While Rose vs Roxxy was Good vs. Good almost to the point of Friendly Rivalry, Black Rose was called on to aid Chicano, who was part of a baby face tag team with Xic Xavant against a heel Doom Patrol and Black Rose's resulting feud with Krystal followed the same dynamic. This extended to Desi Derata becoming a heel when Krystal went on to replace Roxxy as her tag team partner.


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