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Tear Jerker / Steins;Gate

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Visual Novel Only

  • All of the alternate endings. These range from bittersweet to plain downer endings, but it does make the true ending that much sweeter.
  • Mayuri's ending may be the most bittersweet. Okabe accepts that he cannot save both Kurisu and Mayuri, and has to make a decision to sacrifice one of them. Mayuri realizes what is happening at the last minute and rushes to the train station, where she tearfully begs Kurisu not to leave because she knows it's the last time she'll ever see her. Kurisu leaves anyways. Doubles as a heartwarming moment, though, since Mayuri declares her love for Okabe and Okabe declares he never wants to be apart from her.
  • Luka's ending. Okabe once again has to sacrifice someone and this time it's Mayuri, accepting that You Can't Fight Fate. Luka begs him to keep trying, but Okabe tearfully lashes out at her that no matter how many times he tries, he can't save Mayuri.
    Okabe: Did you really think I gave up that easily? She was my very important childhood friend...there's no way I could've given up on her! How many times do you think I've gone back in time? But it was all useless...the world just wants her dead. No matter how I try to avoid it, the world snatches Mayuri away just to laugh at me. To save Mayuri, I've sacrificed other people's memories. I did so to save Mayuri, no matter whom I hurt.
  • Luka being forced to give up her feelings for Okabe and turn back into a male in order to save Mayuri.
    • In fact...if you're transgender, or know anyone like that? Luka's entire arc. Especially the scene where Okabe claims that Luka is a guy...for someone who is transgender, this is...brutal.
  • Finding out Suzuha's fate after she goes to 1975.
  • Also finding out the contents of Faris' D-mail, and that she must lose her father (again) to Set Right What Once Went Wrong.
  • Mayuri wondering if she is a burden and Okabe's reaction.
  • Okabe comforting a dying Moeka, stabbed by a Time Leaping Nae, with her apologizing for killing Mayuri (in other worldlines) and Okabe forgiving her.



  • Episodes 13 and 14 depict Mayuri dying in various ways over and over. Okabe's gradual breakdown from watching them is very painful.
  • The second half of episode 16 delivers them one after another:
    • In a Heartwarming example, Mayuri realizes who Suzuha's father is: Daru. Daru and Suzuha share a moment before Suzuha departs in her time machine to set aside an IBN 5100 from 1975 for the lab to use.
    • The lab receives a letter from Suzuha a few hours later thanks to The Slow Path. The time machine hadn't been fixed properly; Suzuha suffered a concussion upon arriving in 1975 and didn't remember her mission until 2000. In the letter, Suzuha begs Rintaro to prevent the damage to the time machine from happening so that she can go to 1975 earlier. Rintaro finds out a few moments later that after writing the letter, Suzuha committed suicide out of Amnesiac Dissonance. Rintaro sends a D-mail to the past as Suzuha requests, but as Mayuri points out, this will totally negate the dear friendship they had all formed with Suzuha.
      • Shippai shita, Shippai shita, Shippai shita, Shippai shita! And the line scrawled down the page at the end.
      • The dub version is just as devastating.
        Suzuha: I failed. I failed. I failed. I failed. I failed. I failed. I failed...
      • Despite undoing their friendship, it turns out that the d-mail worked.
  • Around 3/4 of the way through the series, Okabe finally explains to someone (Kurisu) the hell he's going through. She comforts him and promises to keep Mayuri safe at the convention they're going to. A few minutes later in the episode, he gets a call from a sobbing and nearly incoherent Kurisu, and just hangs up without saying a word, knowing from his countless repetitions that trying to change that future was futile. He notes the time and starts the day over once again.
  • A few episodes later, Okabe realizes that to save Mayuri, he has to undo the D-mail that prevented Kurisu from dying. He spends the next couple of episodes (and a few more time loops where Mayuri dies) trying to Take a Third Option - and ultimately failing. The ultimate Tear Jerker comes when, having spilled the entire story to Kurisu herself, the two of them conclude that the only way to save Mayuri is to delete the D-mail; before contacting Daru to crack SERN's database and do just that, Okabe finally confess that he loves Kurisu, who responds by kissing him. Kurisu then apparently leaves on the train so as to avoid having to say goodbye to any of the others... only to run back to the lab and confess that she loves Okabe in return just as they are deleting the D-mail. Manly Tears all round.
  • Episode 23, when Okabe breaks down and gives up on saving Kurisu.
    "Once?! Don't be stupid. Do you know how many times—how many dozens of times—I failed?!"
    • Episode 17 when it's revealed just what Rumiho sent in her D-mail.
    • Episode 21 where Rintaro tries to prevent Mayuri's death without returning to the original timeline only for her to die again when she prevents his death. As she dies in his arms yet again, she reaches up to the stars and says she's glad she was able to be useful to him.
      • Also, while at her grandmother's grave, when it is revealed she can hazily recall each time she's been killed.
  • Another example overlapping with a Heartwarming Moment is the last scene of episode 25. "Close your eyes". Cut to black.
  • Before the first half ended, Okabe revealed that he only created the Lab because he couldn't make friends and that now, he has a lot of friends.
    • His own nickname, and calling Mayuri his "hostage"? Both were inspired by watching a TV show as a child with Mayuri. His mad scientist persona? He created it subconsciously to entertain Mayuri. Literally, every action he does in the game and anime are all for the closest and longest-lasting friend he ever had, and she dies! .... more than once, to him!


  • The reality that Suzuha commits suicide due to her being amnesiac for so many years and forgetting her mission is already bad enough for everyone involved (and the viewers, too), but the manga version from Suzuha's perspective just amped up on how heart-wrenching the reality behind Suzuha's predicaments could be. The moment she forgot her mission during a supposedly normal day, she went full crazed from the revelation as her sanity was slowly slipping away from her due to the immense guilt for not completing her mission, which ended up in her suicide.
    • That one and Tennouji's later explanation of her dying by suicide towards Okabe and Okabe's heart-wrecked reaction didn't help any matter.
  • Even though the eternally grumpy but kind-hearted Tennouji Yuugo was actually FB all along (who commandeered the Rounders' actions behind the scene), the revelation of his past in his spin-off manga was a heart-wrencher. Originally a Japanese-French orphan who accidentally discovered a Jellyman (one of SERN's time-travel experiments) during his youth, he was discovered by SERN agents and got "adopted" by them which pretty much sealed his fate from the very start (so that he wouldn't unravel SERN's time travel experiments secrets). As he grew up, he was sent to Akihabara by SERN to retrieve remaining IBN 5100 computers to ensure their success... Until he saved a woman (which later turned out to be his wife and Nae's mother) and got taken care of by Suzuha (due to Yuugo being practically homeless in Tokyo at the time), where he chose to abandon his mission to take care of new his family and to escape SERN. All was good for a while as Yuugo raised Nae along with his wife until SERN eventually found out that he had betrayed his task. Predictably, SERN sent their agents to take Nae and his wife as hostages and to blackmail him to find the last IBN 5100... By threatening them to become subjects of the Jellyman experimentations. Eventually, his wife chose herself as the sacrifice so that Yuugo could raise Nae in safety, whereupon the SERN agents took her away and promised that they would return something from her back to Yuugo, namely... A photo of her already being turned into a Jellyman. No wonder that guy is a very protective and caring figure for Nae.


  • The premise, which is Okabe disappearing from the world and nobody remembering him.
  • Even after Okabe finally did save both Mayuri and Kurisu into the Steins Gate world line, he still has a long way to go to be fully healed from the trauma that he endured in order to save them both.
  • And, recreating the scene in episode 22, Kurisu runs back to say she loves him, just as he disappears. She starts openly weeping, and it takes all her will to even remember his name.

My Darling's Embrace

  • Moeka's Heroic BSoD after fearing that her mistake in the group's submission video would cause her to believe that the lab members would reject her as a result, especially as she reveals to Rintaro that she was always seen as and openly called "an unwanted child" when growing up.
  • Finding out why Mayuri was working so hard to finish "Robo Mayushii" before the 20th: Her family was getting ready to move to Hokkaido and she didn't want Rintaro to forget her.

Linear Bounded Phenogram

  • The Running Gag of Mayuri constantly being rescued by Rintaro as Alpacaman immediately stops being funny and becomes this after The Reveal: Mayuri's been dead for a year and the one constantly rescued by Alpacaman was a figment of Rintaro's imagination after his mind snapped from failing to rescue her.
  • Kurisu's near-infantile regression when she's feeling completely lost and helpless in being unable to do anything for Rintaro that causes her, upon getting in touch with her father, to break down in tears and incoherent babbling for nearly twenty minutes before she's finally able to calm down.
  • Luka throwing away her own ending from the visual novel after realizing that even granting Mayuri's wish to see her in cosplay would not make everyone happy, so she willingly turns back into a guy so Mayuri will be brought back and survive.
  • Faris quietly breaking down in tears after overhearing Tennouji telling Rintaro all about how strong Faris truly is and that, "She's already an adult," while she's working to save Suzuha from the rubble.
  • Kurisu breaking down in tears of gratitude after Moeka saves her from the hit that FB had told her to lead her into.
  • Learning another reason why the death of Mayuri's grandmother was so painful for her: She had promised to meet up with her grandmother to learn how to make dango, only to go to the summer festival with her friends instead with her grandmother collapsing alone and dying later that night. Thus causing Mayuri to blame herself for not keeping her promise for years.
    • Even after sending the D-Mail to correct her mistake and move everyone to the Omega timeline, Mayuri still spends a long time feeling like something is missing until being reunited with Rintaro.

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