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Various examples of Bland-Name Product in the show have an in-universe explanation.
In order to create a timeline where the events of the series don't occur and are but a fictional tale, someone retroactively changed the names of CERN, IBM and Dr. Pepper.

Steins;Gate is just a very, very long 'Dr Pepper, What's the Worst That Could Happen' Advert
Think about it. Okabe CONSTANTLY drinks Dr. Pepper. He then discovers a time machine he accidentally created, unfurling a series of events that lead to Mayuri dying over and over again and Okabe nearly breaking himself trying to save her. That is definitely the worst that could happen, Dr. Pepper.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica takes place in the same universe as Steins;Gate and also takes place in the Beta world line.
The Attractor Field Convergence will always have Madoka turn into a Puella Magi.
  • Or rather, it will always make her die, which almost always requires her making a contract. Imagine just how many times Homura would have to live that month if this is true...

Okabe is just a paranoid schizophrenic and everything we see is just a product of his incredibly elaborate delusions.
This is what most sane people would think upon listening to him and it makes sense if you think about it. He shows signs of this even before "Time travel" is involved (Note that the "Time Travel" is ALSO a product of his madness.).
  • Another possibility is suggested in episode 10, when he notes that moving world lines feels the same as when he was delirious with a fever. This troper is no medical expert himself, but maybe instead of paranoid delusions, the earlier fever evolved into some life-long illness with occasional dissociation and false memories.
  • This is pretty thoroughly debunked in the sequel which has other viewpoint characters, things happening when he's not around and scenes from the past and future. Trying to dismiss everything as delusions gets into It Was All A Dream territory.

Okabe is actually talking to someone on his phone.
Why not?
  • And it really does turn off when someone touches it?
    • Im dead sure that he is, and that It really turns off, at least in the anime nobody has touched his phone after Cristina at ep 2, so we dont have any proof that his phone is juts a normal one.
      • It'd be nice if that were true, but I have to reject that. In the VN you actually use the phone yourself, and you can see that the phone was off the whole time before Kurisu took it. It didn't turn off when Kurisu touched it, it was already off.
      • Unless Hououin Kyouma actually did acknowledge the fourth wall within the show as he experimented with Alpacaman. Therefore, it's not out of question that the phone doesn't have technological countermeasures against the reader as well.
      • Now that is a mad scientist worthy of the title!

Okabe is really from the 1% diverged line
But after the first D-mail sending, he is transported to the new world line
  • Confirmed!

Dr.Nakabachi's father is High Exceptations Asian Father
With old man like that it's no wonder he goes apeshit on the thought that he might be second to somebody.

Suzuha will be picked up by the DenLiner.
This is literally the only answer that I, as a Suzuhafag, will not rage incessantly at.

Okabe is still in the Beta world line, not the Steins Gate world line.
See the Fridge page.

Okarin is bisexual
He did say "It doesn't matter what gender you are" on his date with Ruka, didn't he?
  • In the Visual Novel, his Inner Monologue reads "Unfortunately, I am heterosexual." That said...
  • As it was a flashback to Okabe telling off some creeps who were harassing Ruka, I interpreted that line more as, "You can dress how you want and look like whatever you want and those guys shouldn't be picking on you for it, no matter what gender you are," rather than Okabe saying he's attracted to Ruka no matter what. His Big Brother Instinct extends to more than just Mayuri, apparently.

Kurisu is either a Yaoi Fangirl or has Perverse Sexual Lust for Son Gohan
Why else would her handle be
  • Kurigohan is a dish made with rice (gohan) and Japanese chestnuts (kuri).
  • The Kamehameha part, though, pretty much confirms that it's a double meaning.

Hououin Kyouma was actually just an excuse to make Mayuri not kill herself
Okabe just took the role of a mad scientist so Mayuri wouldn't die on him, by declaring "You are my hostage!" The years went on and finally he became consumed by the insanity that is Hououin Kyouma. He first acted like a mad scientist for Mayuri's sake, but after a while (As he spent time almost exclusively with Mayuri), he "forgot" who he really was. He then actually went through NEGATIVE character development during Steins;gate, where by the end, he is back to being Okabe Rintarou.
  • Confirmed, except for the forgetting bit. There's no evidence that he is ever actually delusional or insane - at least, not in the main story. He's just fantasizing.

Ruka is intersexed
Of the progestin/androgen-induced variety, specifically. Think about it for a moment:
  • It's rather unusual that, for a seventeen-year-old male, Ruka has just about no secondary male characteristics.
  • Save for the reproductive organs, Ruka is almost exactly the same when after the genderbend.
  • Said genderbend was induced congenitally, when Ruka was already conceived.
  • Getting into extended text conversations reveals that Ruka's gender issues are a bit more complicated that straightforward mtf. Namely, his parents raised him as a girl, which he's very ambivalent about.

Now, I think it's safe to say that you can't switch out a Y chromosome for an X in utero, much less via text message-mandated diet change - That's the joke, after all. What you can do is virilise genitals of an XX fetus during early prenatal development via excessive androgen exposure, such as in higher concentrations in maternal blood. Incidentally, such genital virilization itself happens independently of hormonal effects on gender identity or sexual orientation that are suspected to occur in the second trimester. Also incidentally, the types of androgens and progestins implicated in virilization are used on beef cattle to boost muscle growth.

Of course, hormone concentrations in meat are pretty damn small and very highly unlikely to cause such a major change (congenital adrenal hyperplasia is usually the culprit in XX virilization via hormones), but it makes a lot more sense than magically transforming a Y chromosome to an X with a pager.

  • Also, there have been many cases of intersex infants being assigned one gender at birth, sometimes without telling them there was ever an option. If this was the case with Ruka, then sending a text back advising mom to change her diet wouldn't have any effect at all on genetics, but it might result in subtle changes in the resulting newborn's appearance, as well as the parents' perception of that appearance, that might influence WHICH gender was chosen. Then again intersex births may be handled differently in Japan.

The series is an alternate universe version of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
In which superpowers do not exist, Moist eats more (Presumably because everything he eats is no longer inherently moist) and learned to hack, everyone lives in Japan except Captain Hammer who didn't get the memo about the alternate universe and Penny is even more scientifically savvy than Billy.

Steins Gate is set in the same universe as Nineteen Eighty-Four
INGSOC is linked or is an offshoot of SERN in the Alpha timeline. According to Suzuha she came from 2036, a dystopia. The world is controlled by SERN (INGSOC) where invasive surveillance is widespread and free will is suppressed. The Rounders are the Thought Police and the Valkyrie, the resistant group Suzuha is a part of, is the Brotherhood. Emmanuel Goldstein could have been the main figure of the Europe chapter of Valkyrie. In this timeline INGSOC controls the whole world and Eastasia and Eurasia does not exist even though the INGSOC says they do exist and is at war at least one country at a time.

In the Beta Timeline, INGSOC has lesser control but still governs a dystopian government. Dr. Nakabachi sells the time machine paper to Russia, which will be later be known as Eurasia. Suzuha lives in Eastasia where an ideology roughly translated as death worship is promoted. It is said in the book the the ideology is essentially the same as INGSOC.

But wait the book was set in 1984? Well the main character Winston said that he isn't even certain of the date and it may just be 1984, it could be actually 1985, 1999 or 2036. INGSOC just says its 1984 therefore its true.

  • Okabe is tortured in one timeline by the Inner Party in some timelines. He was sent to Room 101 and was tortured and mind raped. His worst fear, a video of seeig both Kurisu and Mayuri dying is repeated all over again until he finally loves Big Brother.

Okabe is a Time Lord
...And the Microwave Ophone/Time Leap Machine is his TARDIS. Because we need one of these theories! Also, Kurisu is his companion.

Luka's father has a fairly strong Reading Steiner
In one message, Luka mentions that his father dresses him as a girl because "he was supposed to have had another older sister first". This strongly implies that his father has memories of the timeline where he was actually a girl. And even in a timeline where the IBN was never donated to the shrine, Luka's father remembers it happening. Which leads us to...

The baby in Luka's ending is her kid brother, not her own child
Luka's father remembers having three children in the Luka ending timeline: two girls and then a boy. But at the point when the ending takes place, he only has two daughters. Could the baby be Luka's new brother?

Reading Steiner is partially genetically determined
Both Luka and his father seem to have unusually strong Reading Steiner abilities, second only to Okabe and Faris. Could Luka's ability be inherited from his father?

SERN's goal in establishing their dystopia is to prevent World War III
There have been theories that SERN was itself established by time travelers. Who could these travelers be, and why would they want to control the whole world, especially since they don't seem to derive much - if any - material benefit from doing so? Perhaps they came from the Beta Attractor Field and would stop at nothing to prevent the war.

  • Altenatively, SERN were just a simple research facility, like our CERN. but in World War III, some time travelers, possibly the Valkyries, jumps into the past and convinced/bought SERN and turn it into a secret time travel re-research facility, with them becoming the Committee of 300. The Jellyman Reports are them failing to reverse engineer their time machines because they don't have the exact blueprints with them.

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