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Shout Out / Silent Hill

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  • Every single street and most of the major buildings are named for horror/SF authors or famous stories.
  • Silent Hill 1 features the "K. Gordon" key, a reference to Sonic Youth guitarist Kim Gordon.
  • The Shining gets a couple. REDRUM is prominently written on a door in the first game, and a photo, in style of the one in the films ending, can be found in the motel.
  • Adrian Lyne's film Jacob's Ladder, cited by the development crew as a primary inspiration for the series, gets quite a few.
    • Alchemilla Hospital is a dead ringer for the nightmarish madhouse Jacob goes through in this scene.
    • An apartment in Silent Hill 2 is also called the "Lyne House". There's also the gurney sequence when James warps to the alternate hospital.
    • The subway sequence in Silent Hill 3 echoes an early scene right down to the name of the street Jacob/Heather is trying to reach. A street in Shepherd's Glen in Homecoming also bears Lyne's name.
  • Heather can use a lightsaber.
  • There's a scene in Silent Hill 3 in the Dark Office Building where a lone wheelchair is visible from a great distance, illuminated by a single light. Word of God has confirmed this is a shout out to the memorably creepy "Hello...Gordon" scene from "Session 9".
  • In Origins, you can win the "Codebreaker" outfit (SH3 Vincent's vest) by inputting the Konami Code. Additionally, the Collector outfit makes Travis look like Gordon Freeman and the Explorer outfit is evocative of Indiana Jones.
  • Shattered Memories has a movie theater which contains arcade machines for Contra, Gradius and Rush'n Attack.
    • And in the UFO ending for it, it has... Oh, just see for yourself.
  • The dramatis personae section of the first game's ending credits is done in a surprisingly upbeat manner identical to the cast credits at the end of Predator.
  • The haunted mansion ride in Silent Hill 3 has some references to a more famous haunted mansion.
  • Compare the design of Amnion to the human victims in Gyo