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Tear Jerker / Silent Hill

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"I'm the same as them. I just hadn't noticed it before."

While Silent Hill is creepy, it can be depressing too...

  • All accompanied by sad music pieces.
    • Lisa's revelation that she was Dead All Along.
    • Maria's many deaths.
    • James's revelation that he killed Mary.
    • Angela's immolation.
    • Harry's Stuffed into the Fridge death in SH3.
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    • Cynthia's death in SH4.
    • An often overlooked one is Cybil's death in the film adaptation. It's a little hard to make out given that she's uttering the words in a whispered gasp, but if one listens carefully, her last words are "Mother... be with me...".
    • To add to the this massive tearjerker, after Rose and Sharon/Alessa drive "away" from Silent Hill, Rose passes by glancing at Cybil's motorcycle, fully knowing that Cybil will never return for it.
      • How does anybody not mention the film's version of Lisa's fate? The poor girl has her eyes completely burned by Alessa while taking care of her. Even Dark Alessa feels this is unjustified by her other counterpart's standards.
      • The flashback scenes are brimming with this. It's revealed that Dahlia never meant for her daughter to get hurt - and the way she just crumples to the floor when she sees what's happened, completely distraught.
      • At the end, the only people who aren't killed by a vengeful Alessa are Sharon, Rose and Dahlia. Even after everything she went through, Alessa doesn't blame her mother.
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    • In a meta example, the cancellation of Silent Hills and that utterly insulting slot machine that was put out instead.
      • What makes the cancellation of Silent Hills both heartbreaking and infuriating is that after such a Broken Base of games after 4: The Room, fans felt the series was gonna endure a resurrection with the genius of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro and having The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus on board (and later on having Junji Ito of Uzumaki) was a Dream Team in heaven. Then Konami fired Kojima, causing Del Toro and Reedus to leave and Konami simply deciding to cancel what can be considered the most heartwrenching What Could Have Beens ever.


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