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Tear Jerker / Silent Hill

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"I'm the same as them. I just hadn't noticed it before."

While Silent Hill is creepy, it can be depressing too...

From the film adaption

  • Cybil's death. It's a little hard to make out given that she's uttering the words in a whispered gasp, but if one listens carefully, her last words are "Mother... be with me...". After Rose and Sharon/Alessa drive "away" from Silent Hill, Rose passes by glancing at Cybil's motorcycle, fully knowing that Cybil will never return for it.
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  • Lisa has her eyes completely burned by Alessa while taking care of her. Even Dark Alessa feels this is unjustified by her other counterpart's standards.
  • The flashback scenes are brimming with this. It's revealed that Dahlia never meant for her daughter to get hurt - and the way she just crumples to the floor when she sees what's happened, completely distraught.
  • At the end, the only people who aren't killed by a vengeful Alessa are Sharon, Rose and Dahlia. Even after everything she went through, Alessa doesn't blame her mother.


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