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Basically every song in the entire Silent Hill series deserves a spot on this list. Just search up "Silent Hill OST" on youtube. Or you could just find some convenient playlists on "stripedlady's channel."

Credits where they're (usually) due: Akira Yamaoka — composer, Joe Romersa — arranger, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn — vocals

As of Silent Hill: Downpour, Akira Yamaoka has been (sadly, for most Silent Hill fans) replaced by Daniel Licht, better known as the composer for the Showtime series Dexter.


Unmarked spoilers ahead!

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    Silent Hill 1 
  • "The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh" This cryptic statement, accompanied by an eerie mandolin and distorted guitar, kicks off the series and soon gives way to the iconic main theme, "Silent Hill". A jangly, country & jazz-underscored, American gothic sound that is really evocative of how the game is Konami's nod to American horror.
  • Not Tomorrow, the song that plays during Lisa's reveal in the first game. It's just so haunting and melancholy.
  • "Esperandote", the theme song to the worst ending in the first game. It's a downright gorgeous, operatic theme, sex to your ears. Unusually for a Silent Hill game, the lyrics are in Spanish. And not only Spanish, it's a tango sung by Vanesa Quiroz, a famous Argentinian tango singer.
  • Some of the more disturbing themes can be as awesome as they are horrifying, such as I'll Kill You, a very menacing theme to fit the battle with the Floatstinger.
  • Claw Finger is calm and relaxing, which is fitting since the area it plays in, the Balkan Church, is a temporary relief from the terror of Silent Hill's streets.

    Silent Hill 2 
  • "Theme of Laura" and its reprise, played for Angela's death scene.
  • "White Noiz", the absolutely beautiful ambient song that plays when you first start the game in the bathroom. Yeah, it manages to make a Disgusting Public Toilet blissful.
  • "Betrayal". It's the perfect music for a final battle with a demon monster from Hell. It's so dark and depressing but awesome at the same time.
  • Any music pertaining to Pyramid Head is amazing yet noisy. Just listen to "Pyramid Head" Theme.
  • "Overdose Delusion." After such a cathartic ending with Maria's final death and Mary telling James to go on with his life, it's fittingly bittersweet.
  • 'Promise (reprise)'. For that matter, 'Promise'. Playing at the end credits of the Maria Ending, the song perfectly encapsulates James's loneliness and utter depression.
  • The creepy-but-beautiful Music Box theme from Silent Hill 2. A very sad piece. Also its remix by the wonderful katethegreat.
  • Magdalene, a minimalist piano piece that plays after Pyramid Head kills Maria in the Otherworld Hospital. It somehow manages to drive home that you've failed more effectively than a more bombastic piece would have been able to.
  • True. Notable in large part for playing during The Reveal in Silent Hill 2, it's devastating in any context. Its inspiration, Tears Of... from the first game, is also quite good.
  • There's something very addicting about Mira's Theme, the piece made entirely of barks, growls, and a circus organ played during the dog ending. Catchy? Very.
  • Pianissimo Epilogue, this game's result screen theme. A peaceful piano and synth theme that fits so perfectly at the end of such a depressing and terrifying game.
  • In the Rebirth Ending, The Reverse Will, a bright and upbeat, yet somewhat melancholic and unnerving tune, is absolutely wonderful to listen to. Despite the circumstances of the ending, and considering that ending can only be unlocked after the first 3, it truly feels like you've come to the end of a long journey.
  • Peace & Serenity, the calming ambient piece that plays before each ending. It's especially emotional in the Leave ending, where Mary tells James to move on with his life.
  • Alone in the Town, the song playing in the bowling alley, is an ethereal trip-hop tune with a beautiful synth arrangement to go with it.
  • Black Fairy, which plays in the Otherworld Lakeview Hotel after The Reveal, is simultaneously depressing and disturbing, combining a melancholic vocal drone with tapping/dripping sounds and periodic horrifying screeching. It embodies the guilt and sadness James feels after he rediscovers the memory of what he did that he repressed for so long.

    Silent Hill 3 
  • Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me is a quiet, haunting, reflective piece that plays after defeating the Missionary.
  • Lost Carol (long version) from the Silent Hill Sounds Box. Clearly, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's voice needs no accompaniment.
  • You're Not Here. So awesome it was reused as the first movie's credits theme!
  • What A Nightmare. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's voice, singing or speaking, is goddess like.
  • The song in the opening of Silent Hill 3, End of Small Sanctuary. If you listen to it, watch the scenes for it too. Sadly, within the game, it only plays while you're in the alleyway outside the mall at the very beginning.
  • Dance With Night Wind, the background music when Heather arrives home to find her father murdered.
  • Please Love Me... Once More. A very apt title, as it plays while Heather takes one last look at her dead father and their home before setting out to deal with Claudia once and for all.
  • Letter - From the Lost Days, a contemplative song which plays as Douglas drives Heather to Silent Hill while she's thinking about her father and preparing herself for what's ahead.
  • Kill God, with its dramatic organ and the tortured wheezing of The God. The perfect music to accompany a fight against what is practically Satan in all but name and the Final Boss of the entire "Alessa's saga" (which include Origins and 1). Such a shame this wasn't included in the official soundtrack release.
  • Uneternal Sleep, a powerful, driving ambient tune which provides a sense of both tension and serenity just before the confrontation with The God.
  • I Want Love (Studio Mix) is one of the best songs in the whole franchise!
    • The original version isn't half-bad either. Especially in the game when it plays during a very poignant scene between Douglas and Heather.
  • Hometown, the end credits theme from Silent Hill 3. The original theme from the first game, remixed, with lyrics sung by Joe Romersa? Hell yes.
  • Save Before You Quit. Too bad this wasn't on the official soundtrack.
  • "A Stray Child", a haunting downtempo tune that plays when Heather first meets Vincent.
  • Silent Hill no Uta, the goofy song that plays during the UFO ending. Who knew that Douglas was really a fishmonger, and that Heather was actually a divorced mother of two?
  • Maternal Heart, the trip-hop song that plays during the scene with Vincent's Wham Line.

    Silent Hill 4: The Room 
  • Melancholy Requiem, the song right before Henry gets up from his bed.
  • Room of Angel. Plays briefly during the intro, as well as in Cynthia's death scene. Very melancholy and haunting, made even more so by the vocals.
  • Remodeling from 4. Its shifts from cacophonous to beautiful are abrupt, but mesmerizing.
  • "Waiting for You ~ Live at 'Heaven's Night' ~ is a beautiful song from the Silent Hill 4 soundtrack, encompassing the relationship between James and Mary from the second game.
  • "Cradle of Forest", the ending theme from Silent Hill 4, is Joe Romersa's final vocal contribution to the series, and perfectly captures Walter's childhood in the Wish House.
  • Tender Sugar, from the original soundtrack. A stripped version plays when Joseph Schreiber appears in Room 302 of the Past.
  • Your Rain, a reverb-drenched alt-rock piece. Special mention goes to the solo at 2:54, a killer interpolation of the original Silent Hill theme, and the bass solo at 4:16.
  • Resting Comfortably, a downright peaceful ambient track that plays when exploring the first floor of the Revisited Apartment World and learning about Walter's past.

    Silent Hill Origins 

    Silent Hill: Homecoming 
  • One More Soul to The Call, about the collective suffering of the children in Shepherd's Glen and the abusive rituals that they had to suffer, is a mix of both Tear Jerker and "The Reason You Suck" Speech in all its glory.
  • Witchcraft. This music coupled with Alex's thoughts on his family certainly set the mood.
  • Alex's Theme is a beautifully haunting piece of music.
  • "Elle's theme". A haunting, slightly eerie piece which explains Elle's feelings and state of mind.
  • This Sacred Line. Unexpectedly hard, almost industrial rock song which fits in surprisingly well with its themes of loss, struggle, and sacrifice.

    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 

    Silent Hill Downpour