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Quotes / Silent Hill

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I'm not usually one who's given to moan
But I've had nothing but trouble with my new summer home.
It seemed like a steal, with its lake view most spiffy,
But when I asked for the key things began to turn iffy,
'Cause they gave me three statues all covered in gore
And said to arrange them beside the front door
To unlock the house, but I think I was scammed
'Cause half of the doors still seem to be jammed.
There's dirt everywhere, the lights don't work
When I turn on the radio it just goes berserk,
Rusty brown liquid comes out of the plumbing,
At night I can hear what sounds like banjo-strumming,
And the T.V. refuses to do as it's bid!
Just loops grainy film of that murder I did.

[as James] "Now, if I know my wife, she's definitely down this hallway making a horrible, horrible sound effect. What is that?"

[meets Pyramid Head]

"Imma jus' gonna pretend that dat guy didn't see me. And imma jus' go back about my business."

Whatever failings the series may have accrued over time, Akira Yamaoka’s work as sound designer and composer has rarely stumbled. I can recognise almost every room and location in the games by hearing the sounds associated with them. There are places that I have to leave after a minute because the looping, grinding chips away at my own internal health bar.
Adam Smith, Rock, Paper, Shotgun