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Shout Out / Good Omens (2019)

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  • The first episode has a lot of nods to The Omen and Damien: Omen II.
  • Crowley namedrops The Sound of Music; apparently God Herself is a big fan of it. This becomes a Brick Joke as some of the angels riff on the lyrics to "Climb Every Mountain" and later on, "My Favorite Things".
  • Crowley dressing up as Goth Mary Poppins, complete with bird-headed umbrella and carpet bag.
    Crowley: I understand you need a nanny.
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  • The series opens with an explanatory animated sequence with deadpan narration
  • The scene that introduces Newton Pulsifer parodies Alfonso Cuarón's signature camera trick: the camera flies around outside Newt's room, but instead of "phasing" through the glass like Cuaron likes to, it bumps into the glass with an audible "thump".
  • In Newton Pulsifer's introductory scene, he wears a tie that is actually a small version of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, which establishes the character as a Doctor Who fan who only owns one tie.
  • During Newton's brief tenure at his new job, the camera work changes to a mockumentary-style handheld camera, quite like The Office.
  • A soldier outside the base is reading American Gods, another book written by Neil Gaiman.
  • In Adam’s restored world, there are a few small extra touches he put in - notably, in Aziraphale’s bookshop, a set of first editions of Richmal Crompton’s Just William books, which provides the template for Adam and the Them.
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  • The demise of Crowley's car when its purpose is served is very reminiscent of the similar scene in The Blues Brothers.
  • The music video for "Brand New Baby Smell", according to the video description, is "instilled with as much pop culture references as possible. Those who find them all will be damned for all eternity. Awomen." Among them: a shoutout to "Bohemian Rhapsody" and a recreation of the poster for Rosemary's Baby.
  • Two of the demons' names, Hastur and Dagon, are from Cthulhu Mythos.
  • The license plate of the Youngs' car is SID RAT - TARDIS spelled backwards.
  • When Crowley is going through the pages of an astronomy book, trying to find a new home after Armageddon, one of the pages shows Gallifrey, even listing it by name.
    • Crowley's ability to stop time doesn't appear in the novel. One wonders if he'd have it if David Tennant's most famous role weren't a person with a time machine.
  • Combined with Author Appeal for Neil Gaiman, Pepper quotes Tori Amos before killing War: "I believe in peace, bitch!"
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  • Crowley's look in 1967 plays up David Tennant's rather scary resemblance to John Lennon.
  • In Episode 5, among the stuffed animals seen on Madame Tracy's bed is a plush E.T. toy. This references the scene in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial when E.T. hides from Elliot's mother by pretending to be one of Gertie's stuffed dolls.

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