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Awesome / Good Omens (2019)

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  • Agnes Nutter's death. She opens the door to the mob, greets Witchfinder Major Pulsifer as "Adultery", walks herself to her own stake, and then blows up the assembled people with gunpowder and nails hidden in her petticoats.
  • Crowley holding together his burning, disintegrating car with sheer force of will, imagining that his car is perfectly sound and so forcing it to be until he gets where he's going and can casually stroll out asking where the Antichrist is.
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  • The Them defeating the Horsemen, starting with Pepper kicking War in the shins, forcing her to drop her flaming sword, then stabbing her with it.
    Pepper: I believe in peace, bitch!
  • Crowley and Aziraphale's final gambit against the forces of Heaven and Hell. Knowing that they will be punished due to Agnes Nutter's final prophecy, they swap places. Thus, when they are sentenced to death by the other side's preferred method (holy water and hellfire), they are immune. Each side is now scared shitless of Aziraphale and Crowley's assumed heightened powers and decide to just leave them alone.
    Aziraphale pretending to be Crowley: I know what you're thinking: "If he can do this, what else can he do?"
    • As a bonus, Crowley snarks his way through the entire thing, including asking if Hell has rubber ducks and casually ordering the Archangel Michael to miracle him up a towel, shocking her so much she actually does it. (Even better, this is actually Aziraphale pretending to be Crowley. He's never openly rebelled before, and he's surrounded by some of the worst possible people on either side to piss off, and he pulls everything off flawlessly.) Doubles as Heartwarming because this is probably how Aziraphale sees Crowley - confident, snarky and dismissive in the face of overwhelming odds because of his inherent belief in his own imagination to get him out of any situation.
      • Can we talk about Crowley as Aziraphale blowing hellfire at Gabriel, Sandalphon and Uriel? And their scared shitless faces in response? Not to mention "Aziraphale"'s very gleeful smile after doing that? Crowley's probably seen how intimidated Aziraphale is in the presence of his fellow angels, and he does his utmost to make sure that Aziraphale is seen as effortlessly intimidating as possible, and worthy of his superiors' respect and awe.
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  • Adam facing off against Satan, and as Crowley and Aziraphale had advised him, he has just one chance at using his Reality Warper powers to triumph. What does Adam do? He yells at the giant Devil, "You are not my father!" Satan is genuinely taken aback and fades into smoke screaming. According to Crowley, what Adam did caused a Cosmic Retcon since if Satan is not Adam's father, he was never the Antichrist, and the Apocalypse cannot happen.
  • The Them standing up to Adam and talking him down from wanting to bring about the apocalypse. The six thousand year plan for Armageddon, orchestrated by the forces of Heaven and Hell, derailed because three preteens weren't afraid to call out their friend for going mad with power.

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