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Heartwarming / Good Omens (2019)

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Put an angel and a demon together who are facing the End of Times, and what do you get? Some surprisingly heartfelt moments.

  • Crowley is, as far as Hell's concerned, the poster boy for evil and horror responsible for all the great ills in history. This reputation is what exempts him from directly bringing souls over to their side. A reputation largely gained due to him sending memos taking credit for all the entirely human driven ills of the world, all while being a relatively harmless likable sweetheart who is happy to push minor temptations, build an annoying motorway charged with hell energy and shut down mobile phone service in London for an afternoon. He's also apparently concerned with all the animals that'll get caught up in the Armageddon. Evil incarnate.
  • When Crowley and Aziraphale start with their "fraternizing" sometime before 1601, Aziraphale protests whenever the demon suggests exchanging favors. Why? Because he's terrified that if Hell ever finds out, Crowley would be not just killed, but destroyed.
    • Aziraphale also refuses to help Crowley get holy water, because he worries that Crowley will use it on himself. Crowley has to plan a heist himself to procure it. When he finds out, Aziraphale gives Crowley the holy water - because he's afraid that Crowley will hurt himself trying to get it.
  • When questioned on if she remembers anything about the baby Antichrist, Sister Mary only recalls "He had lovely little toesie-woesies." To her, the Antichrist was just a sweet little baby to coo over. While Crowley is clearly annoyed, Aziraphale's face is an expression of pure "D'awwww!"
    • Before Aziraphale puts an end to Sister Mary's trance, he makes sure she remembers the experience as a dream about whatever she likes best.
  • Anathema and Adam get on like a house on fire, starting when Adam hears Anathema crying and goes to see if he can help her. She makes him a snack and shares her occult magazines with him, which he finds utterly fascinating.
    • The first manifestation of Adam's power? Shutting down a nuclear power plant (and somehow making it so it manages to produce 100% clean energy) and setting a kraken on the whaling ship, because Anathema was earlier ranting about the ways humans have hurt the Earth. Even though it's a sign of darker things to come, it's still very telling that the first ways Adam changes the world are good things.
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    • When she realizes what Adam is, Anathema is horrified, saying it can't be true. "He's the sweetest kid in the village!"
  • When Aziraphale is discorporated and sent to heaven, Crowley thinks he's been killed and breaks down screaming. He's so upset by this that he gives up on his plan to run away from Armageddon and instead gets drunk off his ass in a pub until Aziraphale appears in front of him.
  • Aziraphale (hitching a lift in the body of Madame Tracy) and Crowley reuniting at the airbase. Crowley's arrival in his currently combusting Bentley draws a thrilled "Crowley!" from Aziraphale, and Crowley responds with a cheerful "Hey, Aziraphale!" The pair of them have been running on pure stress since Crowley discovered the book shop in flames, and it's clear that they're relieved and happy to see each other.
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  • Just before Satan shows up, Crowley stops time, bringing him, Aziraphale, and Adam to an empty plane. Aziraphale and Crowley spread their wings and hold up their respective weapons, telling Adam he has to think quickly — but whatever happens, they're on his side. The two then hold Adam's hands, and Crowley unfreezes time, him and Aziraphale clearly ready to stand with Adam and protect him from his demonic father as best they can.
  • In the end, Adam rejects Satan as his father. Satan was never there for him yet expects Adam to do what he says. To Adam, he only has one father and that’s Arthur Young. Adam is able to resist the freaking Devil through his love for his adoptive parents.
    • When Crowley realises that Adam has rewritten reality so that Satan no longer has any claim to him, he gives a very rare, genuine smile as he explains what's happened.
  • When Crowley walks in the street he stops and smiles as the camera pans over to show his now unburnt Bentley. However, instead of getting back into his beloved car, he calls for a cab and takes it to go meet up with Aziraphale.
    • Also Aziraphale happily going back into his bookshop and looking around to see everything as it was before the fire. He does see some children's books that weren't there before, but he leaves them anyway.
    • If anything, this is heightened by the fact that at this point "Crowley" and "Aziraphale" have already made the body swap. Of course "Crowley" doesn't take the car; Aziraphale is terrified of the damn thing! Highlighted by the fact that the first thing they ask about over ice cream is the Bentley and the bookshop respectively. They were each just genuinely happy that something so important to their best friend had been returned after its traumatic loss!
  • At the end, after everything's settled and Aziraphale and Crowley have avoided punishment for betraying Heaven and Hell, they go out to eat at the Ritz, where they toast over saving the world and compliment each other in their own ways.
    Aziraphale: I like to think none of this would have worked out if you weren't, at heart, just a little bit of a good person.
    Crowley: And if you weren't, deep down, just enough of a bastard to be worth knowing.
    [Crowley and Aziraphale smile and hold up their champagne flutes]
    Crowley: To the world.
    Aziraphale: To the world.
  • Aziraphale and Crowley's friendship in general. Despite how little they have in common with each other (and despite Aziraphale's denial), those two are incredibly tight-knit and always find a way to stay close despite their falling outs. It's good to have companions when you're immortal.
  • Remember the last temptation of Christ? Crowley didn't intend it as a temptation, he just thought Jesus was a "bright young lad" who deserved to see the world.
    Crowley: Well he's a carpenter from Galilee, his traveling opportunities are limited.
  • In a mix of this and a tearjerker, the final card of the closing credits reads: For Terry.
    • A related meta example: one seat at the premiere of the first episode was marked as reserved, with Terry's iconic hat and a bag of popcorn placed on the seat. This is a Call-Back to the introduction in some editions of the book, where, when asked if the book would be made into a movie, Neil says he thinks it's possible, but Terry thinks it'll never happen. They both agree, however, that they won't believe it until they're eating popcorn at the premiere. (And, hey, in the end, they were both right.)

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