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    Season 1 
  • "Tahani Al-Jamil"
    • Eleanor comforting Tahani about her seeming lack of connection to Jianyu, the first genuinely nice thing she did without strings attached in The Good Place. And then she gets "an amazing hug".
    • Chidi is down after being told by Michael that his 3600 page book on ethics is a mess. Eleanor, however, points out "I get bored halfway through a text message" so Chidi should be proud of having achieved something like this. He then decides to rewrite his book into something more manageable with Michael as his editor.
  • "Jason Mendoza": Eleanor's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Jason, surprisingly, manages to be one.
    Chidi: I can't believe I'm doing this, but, Jason, please come to my classroom. I will teach you ethics, like I'm doing with Eleanor. And if you work hard and absorb the material, you just might be able to earn your place here.
    Jason: ... No, I'm good. (goes back to playing video games)
    Eleanor: (grabs the controller and throws it across the room) Dude, Chidi is giving you a lifeline right now! And you need to take it, because you suck!
    Jason: You suck!
    Eleanor: I KNOW! That's what I'm trying to tell you. We both suck! You know who doesn't suck? Chidi! He is putting himself in danger to help us, because he, unlike us, is an amazing person.
    Jason: I didn't get into Heaven to go to school.
    Eleanor: You didn't get into Heaven at all, shirt-for-brains!
    Jason: I just want to be myself.
    Eleanor: That's a very, very bad idea. Do not be yourself. You need to be a better version of yourself, okay? And I do, too. And our only hope right now is this kind, selfless, amazing nerd. Think about that.
    Chidi: Do you have to call me a nerd so much?
    Eleanor: I said a lot of other nice things, okay? Toughen up, nerd.
  • "Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis"
    • At the start of the episode, Eleanor is so happy when she realizes she's starting to become better. Her childlike joy and pride is really, really sweet to see.
    • When Tahani secretly looks at the neighborhood rankings and she sees "Jianyu's" in second place, she actually seems genuinely happy for him, smiling and saying, "Well done, my love!"
    • Eleanor gives Chidi a "Fork Off, Eleanor" card that he can use any time he wants her to leave him alone. Also, her helping him live out his fantasy of being on a boat with a bottle of wine, reading French poetry (though it turns into a Funny Moment when he reveals that he has no idea how to row a boat).
  • "The Eternal Shriek": Eleanor sees just how much keeping her secret is negatively affecting Chidi and comes to appreciate the efforts he's going through to help her. After sincerely telling him "I love you, man", she stands up in front of the entire town and confesses that she was mistakenly accepted into the Good Place and shouldn't be there.
  • "Most Improved Player": When Eleanor says goodbye to everyone before boarding the train to the Bad Place. Most sweet of all is her hugging Tahani, insisting that she was a caring neighbor despite everything.
    • Eleanor admitting that she doesn't belong in the Good Place, but she wants to belong because of what Chidi has done for her.
    • Eleanor does appear to have been at least somewhat of a nice person while alive. She apparently took her cousin's daughter to the mall when her (the daughter's) mom wasn't able to get her life together.
  • "What's My Motivation"
    • Jason gives Janet a hug. When she asks why, he says that she's the one person who's always nice to him.
    • For all his idiocy, Jason's categorization of Michael as Janet's dad is this. He thinks the dad of the person he married should know about the marriage, he calls his father-in-law 'Dad', and he talks about how he and Michael are family and selflessly helps when Michael has a panic attack over how mixed-up everything has gotten. When referring to Janet as the smartest "girl" in the world (another heartwarming moment in itself), he says, "Your dad's an angel," referring to his belief that Michael is an actual, literal angel.
    • Eleanor brought photos of Chidi, Jason, and Tahani and some philosophical books along with her. The one of Jason and Tahani are of them sitting together, and the one of Chidi is of him reading. After setting up Jason and Tahani's in the living room, she set Chidi's down near her, potentially implying it was going to be moved to various spots depending on where she was, and started to read one of the books.
    • As Eleanor initially prepares to say goodbye and head off to the Bad Place with Jason, Chidi apologizes to Eleanor, feeling like he failed her. Eleanor reassures him and says this is not the case and thanks Chidi for everything he has done, even incorporating Plato's Allegory of the Cave into her analogy, saying that "I was dropped into a cave, and you were my flashlight."
  • "Michael's Gambit": Eleanor's realization that despite their many issues that led Michael to set them up to torture each other, she, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason have come together as a family, and all four of them have grown together.
    • A later line by Shawn reveals that the Bad Place has tried to get humans to torture each other before, but it was like pulling teeth. The only way Michael could make it work, even temporarily, was to make it so they didn't realize they were doing it. Even in the Bad Place, most of humanity won't turn on each other.

    Season 2 
  • "Everything is Great!": Jason unknowingly runs into his former wife Janet, and is so relieved to have someone he can talk to that he gives her a hug. After he explains the concept, Janet hugs him back.
  • "Dance Dance Resolution"
    • Mindy reveals that Eleanor and Chidi have hooked up on half their visits to her, and even sincerely says she's rooting for them to somehow end up together permanently.
      • During this visit, Mindy shows a tape she recorded of Eleanor and Chidi together as proof they reached the Medium Place before. In the tape, we see Eleanor in bed with Chidi, confessing her love to him. She states that she knows that Chidi has trouble being open with people... but in one of the very few times we see Chidi act confidently and decisively, he immediately cuts her off with an "I love you too".
      • And when we meet Mindy again, her yard is neat and she has clothes on. Small as it is, even she's improved.
    • One of the loops shows Tahani sitting in on the Ethics classes.
  • "Team Cockroach"
    • Michael revealing that in all the reboots they have been through together, Chidi had never refused to help Eleanor when she asked for it. And moreover, it always worked. She was always able to improve, every single time.
    • A small one, but when Eleanor ordered an escape train to the Medium Place, she also ordered Janet to load the train with cocaine. Even if she didn't go through with it, she still intended to keep her promise to Mindy.
      • She also makes a genuine offer to take Chidi with her.
    • After finding out the cause of her death, Tahani agrees to Michael's idea proposal not because she wanted to prove how good she is or that she's better than everyone else, but because she genuinely wants to be a better person for herself.
  • "Existential Crisis"
    • Jason lifting Tahani's spirits after the party, saying she's "good at everything" and giving her the highest score possible on his dance troupe's rating scale. It's even enough that she sleeps with him.
    • The way Eleanor helps Michael overcome his existential crisis.
  • "Janet and Michael"
    • Janet concludes that her current severe glitches make her a danger to the entire neighborhood, and that the only way to keep everyone safe is for Michael to activate her self-destruct function and a new Janet to be installed. After making a series of excuses to avoid doing so, Michael finally admits that he can't bring himself to destroy her, as he's grown to consider Janet to be his best friend.
    • Tahani and Jason go on a proper date, and Tahani suggests a game of croquet in the garden, which even she quickly admits is boring ("It combines the British love of whimsy and restraint"). Jason quickly suggests spicing things up by instead hitting the ball as hard as they want. This leads to them getting tipsy on all the champagne, then destroying the champagne bottles and glasses WITH the croquet balls. It's silly and impulsive like everything Jason does, but one gets the sense Tahani hasn't had this much genuine fun in ages.
      • Later, after they find out Janet isn't over Jason and that's why she created Derek, they snuggle up in bed and discuss what future they might have. Tahani may be pompous and Jason may be an idiot, but they fact they both unselfishly want the other to be happy is very sweet.
  • "Leap to Faith"
    • Shawn being impressed with Michael's Bad Place and promoting him. Even if it doesn't mean much now that Michael's more focused on trying to be good, he did achieve his goal when he first became an architect. Shawn even admits he was happy for Michael (even if he didn't show it).
    • After a whole episode of the team wondering if Michael has turned against them again, they finally figure out he's been covertly slipping them clues about his plan to save them, and after it works he's immediately moved to Inelegant Blubbering about how worried he was and how glad he is they pulled it off.
    • While sending Derek to the Medium Place, Eleanor gives Mindy a gift for helping them through their many reboots; Derek as a willing sexbot and two big duffle bags full of cocaine.
    • The ending as a whole. The Bad Place workers are gone, there's no lingering threat of being exposed with Vicky gone and the Bad Place destroyed, Team Cockroach is hopeful that they'll be admitted into the real Good Place, and Mindy finally gets her cocaine. For once, everyone seems rather happy and it ends on a high note.
    • During the roast, Jason can be seen touching Tahani's arm in support, clearly concerned for her when the jokes get too cruel.
  • "Best Self"
    • In solidarity with his newfound perspective on ethics and humanity, the group makes Michael an honorary human.
    • The group bond as close friends for what's really the first time in which all of them cared for each other this way, and knew of each other "warts and all". They may not be the best version of themselves, but that's okay because such a thing isn't necessarily possible/is based on a specific combination of internal and external influences.
    • Team Cockroach has a party on what they assume will be their last night together, including a lot of dancing. Chidi and Eleanor slowdance, and Michael is seen twirling Tahani around the floor. The whole scene is just so sweet and shows how close they've all become.
    • At the end, Team Cockroach decides they have nothing to lose, so they're all gonna go talk to the Judge and make a case for their goodness.
    • Michael admits that all he's ever wanted is to understand how it feels to be human. And now he does.
    • When Chidi offers a toast to Michael, everyone else immediately agrees. Michael's genuinely shocked and touched expression is what makes it.
  • "Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent":
    • Eleanor telling Michael to be careful when going to get more pins to reach the Judge.
    • Michael gives Eleanor his last pin and shoves her through the portal, allowing himself to be caught so the humans can escape. What's more, he distracts her because he knows Eleanor wouldn't leave him, and pushes her right as she shouts in protest.
    "I solved the trolley problem."
  • "The Burrito"
    • Tahani's face off against her parents closes on a sad, but still heartwarming, note. She apologizes for their relationship and sincerely wishes them the best while closing that chapter of her life.
    • Eleanor claims she failed her test rather than let the other three know she was the only one who actually passed.
    • Crossed with an Awesome Moment for Janet - after struggling to pass off as a Bad Janet in the last episode, she's able to successfully pretend to be Bad through knowing she has do it to save her friends.
  • "Somewhere Else"
    • Michael defending the group to Gen as good people deserving of the Good Place and stating that the entire system of reward and punishment is unjust. Quite an amazing amount of Character Development for a demon. He isn't just saying what he says because he likes the humans and is trying to get them out of eternal damnation — he is honestly believing Chidi's teachings.
    • Chidi finally stops coming up with excuses and lets Eleanor know how he feels with a Big Damn Kiss.
    • Tahani tells Eleanor that all of Tahani's Character Development happened because of their friendship. Quite a heartwarming moment from someone set up literally by design to be Eleanor's Sitcom Archnemesis!
    • Michael and Janet realize that he needs to make sure that Eleanor and Chidi (and by proxy, Jason and Tahani) meet in order for Eleanor to stick to the better path that she attempted to go on.
    • Michael subtly giving Eleanor a nudge in the right direction at the bar.
      • In a meta sense, whose heart didn't leap with joy at the sight of Ted Danson being a barman again? Bonus points for "The Good Place" airing on the same network as "Cheers".
      • Also, the fact that the things he tells her are the same things she told him earlier, showing how well it affected him.
    • Chidi appears to have improved himself just as much as Eleanor after being saved from his death, confidently giving an hours-long lecture to a rapt audience with none of his usual dithering over the particulars.
    • Janet admitting her love for Jason, who reciprocates. Later, we see that she's the one tracking Jason's progress.

     Season 3 
  • "Everything Is Bonzer!"
    • Michael's determination to save his friends' souls is on full display in the first episode, offering consistent, kindhearted advice that push the gang closer and closer together.
    • Eleanor pushing Simone and Chidi closer together, fully supportive and invested in their dates. While she may be costing herself a relationship with him, she already wants Chidi to be happy.
    • The start of Tahani and Eleanor's friendship on Earth? Eleanor admitting to Tahani that she was never into Kamilah and offering her a space at her motel. Tahani's gleeful smile clearly show this is the first time anyone has enjoyed her company without praising Kamilah left and right.
    • The way the Doorman just lights up when Michael brings him a thermos with a frog on it from Earth as a souvenir. He's spent the entire episode as The Stoic but the moment he sees the frog, he starts chattering away about it like an excited kid, giving Michael a sincere "thank you" in appreciation.
  • "The Brainy Bunch"
    • Tahani and Jason's developing friendship. Not only does he think she's fun, this time around, she does tell him he's pretty.
    • After all the reboots where Eleanor asked Chidi for help, this time it was her turn to help him.
    • The fact that Eleanor is genuinely trying to be polite to Trevor and avoid outright hurting his feelings is a testament to how far she's come. The old Eleanor would've just told him to fork off.
    • Tahani drunkenly flirts with a flattered Jason. His response is to... call her a cab and make sure she gets home safely. Tahani greatly appreciates it and apologizes to everyone the next morning for her "boorish" intoxicated behavior.
    • When confronting Trevor after his attempt to break up the group fails, Michael says that the four humans are "all I care about in the universe".
    • As Michael and Janet run away from Gen they stop in front of the Doorman who stares them down for a moment...before throwing them the key to the door back to Earth, allowing them to escape. He even salutes them with the frog thermos Michael gave him in the previous episode.
    Jeff: Good luck, frog man. Pulling for ya.
  • "The Snowplow"
    • At one point, when explaining her distaste for group activities, Eleanor says, "To me, the single most awful sound in the universe is that mangled opening note of your co-worker singing "Happy Birthday." In one of the Time Skip transitions, we see her and the rest of the Brainy Brunch doing just that for Chidi.
    • Janet takes advantage of having total knowledge of, well, everything from before she and Michael arrived on Earth in order to get rid of an eyewitness. How does she do this? By informing him that his ex-wife still loves him, and that he should show her his poetry. The guy's overjoyed reaction makes it clear that Janet probably just changed two people's lives for the better in a major way.
    • After Eleanor publicly lashes out in anger over the study ending and the group breaking up, she and Simone have a heart-to-heart chat where Simone correctly guesses that Eleanor had spent so much of her life looking out solely for herself and now that she has finally made genuine connections and friends, she's terrified of losing that. Eleanor gives Simone a hug and lets her ride in her cab and then go apologize to the others for her outburst.
  • "Jeremy Bearimy"
    • When faced with eternal damnation, the humans ultimately decide to do what they can so others can get into the Good Place, even if they won't be able to. Even if they're doomed, saving their loved ones is the least they can do.
    • In a Call-Back to "Everything Is Fine", Eleanor finds a lost wallet at the bar and, instead of keeping it as in the previous example, she goes out of her way to return it to the original owner (along with a lot of his other stuff that was left behind when he moved). Even knowing that she's going to Hell when she dies and that there's nothing she can do to change it, she still makes it a point to do the right thing.
      • The owner of the wallet, Fred Booth, was less interested in getting his money back than in his daughter's drawing folded inside. She drew it when he moved away for his new job, and it reassured him whenever he felt down. It's enough to make the usually cynical Eleanor break into tears.
    • Tahani decides to make a massive anonymous donation to an opera company, which is already very nice of her, but then, Jason comes up with an even better idea. He and Tahani run up to random people on the street (some of whom are obviously struggling), and give them a few thousand dollars each. No questions asked, no strings, not even any explanation. Just going up to total strangers and offering them a huge wad of cash. They both have a great time doing this, and Jason explains to Tahani that, even though a few thousand is barely a drop in the bucket to her, that much money would've changed his whole life. This moves Tahani to (platonically) marry Jason, so she can share her fortune with him.
  • By the end of "A Fractured Inheritance," both Eleanor and Tahani have reconciled with Donna and Kamilah, respectively. Kamilah shares credit for her art installation with Tahani, who realizes that all of Kamilah's paintings are of pairs, symbolizing the two of them. Eleanor realizes her mother has genuinely changed, with a loving husband and daughter. When Eleanor still feels emotionally scarred by her upbringing, Michael reveals the time she told Chidi she loved him.
  • When Eleanor finds out about the time she and Chidi declared their love for each other, we actually get to see the full story: that reboot's new torture was giving everyone mismatched pets for eternity, coupled with Eleanor's lizard running away which could reveal she's a fake. So Chidi skipped out on being able to fly (in a nice Call-Back to his first real lesson to her) to help her look, leading to them kissing, and ultimately declaring to the still evil Michael that their love can conquer anything he throws at them.
  • A small moment in "Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By" - while giving Eleanor advice, Tahani assumes she and Eleanor were best friends in every Bad Place reboot, and Eleanor lets her believe it was true.
  • Eleanor and Chidi's first date. 4 Oreos from heaven, but that's unimportant, because they're together.
  • "Chidi Sees the Time-Knife".
    • This small but sweet exchange while Michael and Janet are rebuilding the neighbourhood:
    Janet: I have some ideas on how to design a sort of "basic" neighborhood, which we can then tailor to the guests as we learn more about them!
    Michael: Now, when you say "some ideas"...
    Janet: I have eleven trillion ideas.
    Michael: Yes! I'm so glad you're here, Janet.
    Janet: Me too.
    (Michael affectionately strokes Janet's shoulder.)
    • Jason's story to prove that life on Earth is complicated. He talks about a member of his dance crew who was always late for practice and Jason gave him a hard time about it... until he crashed at the guy's place one night and found out he was always busy working to support all four of his grandparents. Jason never complained about him being late again.
  • The whole scene between Eleanor and Janet at the end of "Pandemonium," in which Janet draws on what she's learned about being human to comfort Eleanor and give her the strength to carry on with the team's plan.
    • And the scene before in which Michael shows them clips of their time together over the reboots (several of which we, the viewers, also never saw before and including several Callbacks). Ironically, it was probably the purest torture he's ever done to them and goes to show how much he's changed.

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