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Shout Out / Death Road to Canada

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There are so many references in Death Road to Canada that it warrants it's own Shout-Out page.

  • Rare recruitable characters include: Alvis, Bort, DSYP, G*rf, George, Giga Guy, Gordo, H*NK, L*nk, Mason, Moody, Nimbus Ordeal, Octodad, Pyromaniac, Rambeux and R#ck Gr#mes.
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  • Billy from Vlambeer's Ridiculous Fishing also appears as a rare character.
  • In one event, you can shoot some cans left on a fence for shooting practice and a farmer starts yelling about your destruction of his antique can collection which is a joke in the "Marge on the Lam" episode of The Simpsons. An irritating character with a full COOL-IT meter can summon Bort during this event.
  • If Bort happens to die or another character uses COOL-IT with a full COOL-IT meter while he's in the party, he transforms into Just Like Bart.
  • On death, a party member's Last Words may be "BARF!"
  • During car rides, some characters may ask "where are the exploding zombies and the tongue ones?"
  • In one piece of dialogue where a survivor suggests trying to power up a game console, another survivor may chime in "No items, no bullcrap."
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  • If Santa gets too unhappy and you have someone else in the party, you can receive an event titled "THAT ONE TIM ALLEN MOVIE BASICALLY". This results in one 'dead' party member.
  • If you rescue a pig, your characters will take notice of a nearby spiderweb, and note that this situation is exactly the same as in Charlotte's Web.
  • The Pesticide Van is the spitting image of the Dale's Dead Bug van.
  • The Type 1 Muscle Car bears a striking resemblance to the Pursuit Special from Mad Max.
  • The rare Dog Van is just like that one from Dumb and Dumber.
  • Upon beating the strength trainer NPC in a flex-off, they will ask if your character is "The Swole that was Promised", a reference to the prophecy of "The Prince that was Promised" in A Song of Ice and Fire.

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