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"The Levers of Power" is a Short Story by Jason Fry set in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. It first appeared in The Rise of the Empire omnibus released on October 6, 2015.

It's an important day for Admiral Rae Sloane. The Emperor's grand strategy to destroy the rebels is nearing fruition; the trap is ready above Endor. However, as the battle progresses, things get steadily worse for the Empire.

This short story contains the following tropes:

  • Asshole Victim: ISB Colonel Emarr Ottkreg is executed by Sloane as she gives the order for the Imperial fleet to retreat from Endor in order to prevent him from interfering with her command. Since he is from the ISB, nobody cares.
  • Call-Back: As the Rebels get more bold in their attack, Sloane finds herself drawing on the teachings of Count Vidian.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Many of Sloane's interactions with Colonel Ottkreg.
    Ottkreg: We're under attack!
    Sloane: That's a common hazard during space battles.
  • Expy: Sloane continues to take on the role of Gilad Pellaeon, as she is the one who orders the Imperial Navy's retreat from Endor.
  • Know When To Fold Them: As the battle starts to turn against the Imperials, Sloane orders a hyperspace jump calculated to Annaj, as it's the likely destination for a rebel retreat. However, once they lose communications with the Endor garrison, the Death Star overbridge, and the Emperor's throne room, she realizes the battle is lost and recalls all TIE fighters before ordering the retreat after the Death Star explodes.
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  • Number Two: Nymos Lyle is Sloane's executive officer and her confidant.
  • Oh, Crap!: The reaction of Sloane's bridge crew when they see that the Executor is going down and again when the Death Star explodes.
  • Perspective Flip: Shows the Battle of Endor from the perspective of Imperial Admiral Rae Sloane, who views it as the ultimate chance to destroy the Rebel Alliance and restore order to the galaxy.
  • The Political Officer: Ottkreg is a loyalty officer assigned to the Vigilance to monitor Sloane and the crew's performance and reaction during the Battle of Endor to see if there are any signs of disloyalty or incompetence.
  • Smug Snake: Colonel Ottkreg, Sloane's Political Officer. She ends up shooting him when he becomes annoying one too many times (specifically, thinking the rebels are retreating when they're actually getting clear of the doomed Death Star).
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  • The Stoic: Sloane projects this image, knowing that maintaining proper command discipline is necessary to prevent her crew from panicking, especially in as dire a situation as Endor.
  • Villain Episode: The Battle of Endor, told from the POV of the Empire.
  • You Are in Command Now: With the death of Admiral Piett and the destruction of the Executor, and sporadic communications from the Death Star, Sloane finds herself to be the ranking officer and so orders the fleet's withdrawal.


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