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  • In Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG, if Evil Ogel ever gets angry, somebody's going to be tossed out a window. This joke was carried on in its Spiritual Successors, Dino Attack RPG and Alpha Team RPG: Ogel's Last Stand, and was even referenced in Scene 24: Johnny Thunder Blows This Taco Stand.
  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • Michal being advised to be careful and responsible with his ability to create fire, and then promptly ignoring it in favour of carelessly flaming up in public areas.
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    • Jenna getting flustered, in turn causing her swarm to dissipate and leave her clothes in an empty pile. And then, upon realising that she's naked, freaking out (not that anyone else can tell).
  • Destroy the Godmodder has several.
    • Things failing to hit the godmodder in extremely ludicrous ways.
    • The godmodder blocking attacks in even more ludicrous ways.note 
    • The creepy dummy.
    • Split personalities are suddenly extremely fashionable. Then the GM got one too...
  • Dino Attack RPG:
    • Anybody order the super-spicy-tongue-melting-jail-cell-door-opening-hot pizza?
    • You should never EVER under any circumstances allow Enter and Return into an operating room, because their first move will always be to try and replace the equipment with sharks, trees, and/or umbrella. On Adventurers' Island they even got separated from the team just so they could stop by a river to catch a shark, never mind the fact that sharks only live in salt water.
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    • Rex has tried on numerous occasions to propose to Amanda. Every time, a more urgent matter comes up and distracts him. He only finally managed to succeed during the final battle.
    • "Lance Williams, the surfer?" is the most common response to anyone hearing his name, regardless of whether they should logically know a thing or two about surfing.
    • A bit of a Running Gag with Adventure during the final battle is that he kept trying to deliver Pre Mortem One Liners to Dr. Rex, but the trope would always be subverted.
  • In the second BZPower Pirates RPG, Elizabeth often dealt with Imperial soldiers by shouting "drinks on the house", a statement which the soldiers would promptly take literally, leading them start climbing on top of a tavern roof while Elizabeth would make her escape.
  • Pokemon Legends RP has Focus Miss. And a character whose whole moveset is Focus Miss.
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  • Rock, Paper, Anything has Tombstone(the battlebot, not the gravestone) being used to destroy something, before promptly being destroyed by a mine.
  • In We Are Our Avatars:
    • Mega Man sometimes has a tendency to drone off of something related to the subject, such as an adventure he had.
    • Link used to break any pots he came across, before he Took a Level in Badass.
    • Lip tends to chase after the talking lime after saying "Ooh, a fruit!" whenever it appears.
    • "Die, monster! You don't BELONG in this world!"
    • The Black Hole Bomb and it's constant uselessness.
    • Unusually Uninteresting Sights.
    • Ozzy and petrification.
      • And now, Mega Man's joined in on the fun.
    • Characters tend to attack Mega Man or one of his friends... Without realizing that they can't feel pain.
    • Luigi usually enters by crashing through the wall and shouting "Nobody expects-a-the Second Bananish Inquisition!", or some variant.
    • Ever since their respective Balloon Belly incidents, if Carter/Catherine or Michael decides to eat, Bass would warn them not to eat too much.
    • Silver being called a bird.
    • Yggdra missing with Crusade.
    • Tenshi winding up in Darker and Edgier worlds (usually Castlevania and Aventheim).
    • Duo getting blown apart.
    • For a short time, Hydronix chasing Scourge around.
    • Kouji in his genderbent form giving a Marshmallow Hell to Joey.
      • Catherine's also joining in on the fun of giving a Marshmallow Hell, but she does it to nearly everyone, even those who ask her to give such a hug.
    • Joey being mistaken for a girl, it's not really all that hard, though.
    • Bassy will hug or tackle hug everyone, and you will like it.
    • Pianos falling on Ed Bighead.
    • Characters being bored.
    • Hydronix's characters being ignored.(no lie, it happens)
    • "Raven"'s love of cats. Starting to be played down, well, just a bit.
    • Before Iron Amy got a girlfriend, she hit on a lot of women, and none of them felt comfortable with it.
    • Newcomers getting freaked out by Mana, usually with a variation of "You're huge..."
    • Random bystanders not noticing Anne.
    • Jurgen offering Cain a mug of tanna after a battle.
    • Sapph fainting at or otherwise reacting unpleasantly to the sight of blood.
    • Hilarity posted his message in the discussion instead of the main topic. Sapph and Raidou seem to be his apprentices.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! East Academy, Jacques being unconscious limits what he can do.


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