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  • Most gaming groups tend to accumulate these over months or years of play.
  • Many editions and supplements of Mekton have featured mecha pilots with similar names asking their (also similarly named) techs to build them either six-armed Humongous Mecha (because they "got a very good deal in a half dozen beam swords") and/or smaller infiltration units designed to look like a Coke vending machine ("It even gives change!"). They are also invariably hit on the head with a large wrench for their efforts.
  • Everything is treason in Paranoia. Everything.
    • You did not have clearance to make that edit, citizen. Unauthorized edits are treason. Please report immediately to your nearest Termination Booth.
      • The computer is your friend. Have a nice Daycycle!
  • Warhammer 40,000 has a few created by fans. Especially the Imperial Guardsman's standard issue flashlight. I mean lasgun.
    • Bjorn the Fell-Handed is the oldest Space Marine in existence, and remembers walking beside the Emperor and his Primarch ten thousand years ago. His chapter keeps him in stasis for his own safety, waking him up when they need spiritual guidance. Fans quickly noticed this is basically the same as "waking grandpa up when they want to hear stories".
    • Due to having a habit of "finding" relics from other chapters, the Blood Ravens have been called the Blood Magpies.
      • One 1d4Chan story includes the Blood Ravens "finding" Bjorn the Fell-Handed.
    • A canon example: whenever Magnus the Red shows up in or even near real space, the Space Wolves stab him in the eye.
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    • *BLAM*
  • The Pacifist from Cosmic Encounter has sort of become the default choice when the art for an alien shows them interacting with another alien.
  • Champions has "No-one knows what UNITY stands for."
  • The Toon sourcebook "Toon ACE Catalog" repeatedly makes reference to "small round paisley things that go 'poing'".
  • Every rulebook for Nobilis 3rd edition includes the word "fuck" exactly once.

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