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Space colonisation is a great idea, all things considered. Humanity will be able to survive even if Earth is destroyed, exploration will lead to new discoveries, and a whole host of other bonuses. However, space is a pretty hard thing to travel through; radiation and distance really screw it up.
So, in the year 2025, when some bright spark discovered a way to create interdimensional wormholes, people were very excited. Why bother flying millions of miles when there are thousands of worlds just around the dimensional corner?
Eventually, in 2030, explorers discovered what they thought was a pristine, alien planet, ripe for colonisation and filled with exotic resources. Several governments and organisation sent through colonists, hoping to secure themselves a piece of the pie. However, this new world was not uninhabited as thought. An alien civilisation lived there, one that didn't take too kindly to a bunch of freeloaders stealing all of their shit. They quickly took over one of the portals, located in Russia, with the assistance of large mechanical combat suits and massive biological weapons that quickly earned the nicknames 'Mecha' and 'Kaiju', after the first overtly offensive pair took a romp-a-stomp through Japan.
Fortunately for humanity, the portal in Russia is heavily damaged, and the aliens did not develop interdimensional travel, leaving them with a single weak lifeline back to their home dimension. However, the facility is heavily guarded by weapons and fortifications often beyond human comprehension. However, some mecha and materials were salvaged from earlier conflicts, leading to the discovery and creation of titanium-70, advanced fusion reactors, and humanities' very own mechanised combat suits.
That is where you step in, the pilots, as part of the recently formed UNMD (United Nations Mechanised Division), in control of your own mech. Your ultimate task is to push through the titanic Russian Defensive Line, and destroy the portal, ending the stream of invaders once and for all...
But for now, you just need to hold the line.
-The OOC thread's intro.

United Nations Mechanised Division- First Contact is yet another Bay 12 Play By Post Game hosted by smurfingtonthethird, GM for Rise Of The Magic Girls and New Dawn Academy. However, this time, his game has nothing to do with magic, instead taking place in a world 20 Minutes into the Future which attempted to colonise space through wormholes, getting invaded themselves by kaiju and alien Humongous Mecha. The eponymous protagonists- the player characters- jobs are to keep them from destroying the earth and if possible, destroy the wormhole.


The roleplay contains the following tropes:

  • Ace Pilot: The protagonists, obviously, but Kara, Trevor, Justin, Luzia and Ao stand out:
    • Kara was chosen due to having piloted several of the prototype mecha before.
    • Luzia was chosen due to being an excellent pilot despite being a nurse before the events of the game.
    • Justin, Trevor and Ao have all survived direct combat with the Kaiju, and Justin was a genuine jet pilot before he was in the UNMD.
  • Action Survivor: Trevor- he survived the sinking of the battleship he was deployed on in the Navy.
  • Animal Motifs: Butterflies for Ao, wolves for Maria.
  • An Axe to Grind: Kyle's Mech's melee weapon. Also a Blade on a Stick
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Luzia and Ao have the callsigns of 'Blue Dragoon' and 'Kamen Rider'. Also, Kara and Trevor's callsigns, Raptor 1 and Neptune respectively.
    • Also, the Thor, Exalt, ADAMANT and Rabid Hare, the mechs belonging to Justin, Ao, Charlotte and Sam respectively.
    • The Lone Wolf, Maria's mecha, also counts.
  • Bishōnen: Trevor, Kyle, Eren and Ao.
  • Blade on a Stick: Kyle and Sam use a pollaxe and Halbred respectively.
  • BFG: Basically, anything that ISN'T named 'Exalt' or 'ASR-066' will be primarily equipped with these, and the 'Exalt' even has this as its secondary armaments.
    • The Thor, ADAMANT and Lone Wolf use these mostly, as well as the Rabid Wolf.
  • BFS: The Exalt and ASR use them as their primary armaments.
  • Blue Blood: Luzia and Trevor come from a landed German family and a rich American family respectively.
  • Cool Mask: Ao wears one.
  • The Dreaded: The ASR-066 is this for the villains, and the Kaiju are this for the protagonists.
  • Expy: Ao is very heavily influenced by Lucina- he consistently wears butterfly masks with a blue theme, his introduction is similar, appearing out of nowhere to kill kaiju, his ridiculous skill with a sword is touched on, he's heavily hinted to be a Sweet Polly Oliver and his mech's armaments even include an Absurdly Sharp Blade called the 'Falchion'. His mecha is even a Lady of War-like mech called the 'Exalt' with a circlet on top- and to top it off? Most of his philosophy is Screw Destiny.
    • Maria is Sniper Wolf, and her mecha is Crying Wolf's suit.
    • Luzia has obvious influences from Kusuha Mizuha, such as her original dream of becoming a doctor, her cheerful and friendly personality, and working as a nurse before her piloting talents are finally recognized. As well as her sizeable bust. Her callsign, 'Blue Dragoon' is even a reference Kusuha's signature mech, Ryukoou.
  • Fantasy-Forbidding Father: Trevor's.
  • Fun with Acronyms: The ASR, Luzia's mech, stands for 'Awesome Super Robot'.
    • The Exalt's designation, FE-013, could be interpreted as Fire Emblem 13, or what game Ao's inspiration came from.
  • Homage: The setting is presumably one to Pacific Rim.
  • Humongous Mecha: The main draw of the game, although Luzia's ASR-066 stands out for being the largest mech used by the protagonists. The enemy is also utilising them.
  • Irony: Ao, the Lucina expy, has no idea what Fire Emblem is. Similarly, Luzia, the Kusuha expy, has never seen a mecha anime or video game.
  • Kaiju: The other main enemies.
  • Lady of War: Luzia. The Exalt is also designed by this aesthetic.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: The Rabid Hare loves inflicting these.
  • Meaningful Name: ASR, both its designation and nickname, 'the Dreaded'.
    • Ao has this twice over- his name means 'blue' and his call sign is Kamen Rider.
    • Lone Wolf resembles a headless wolf, and Rabid Hare is certainly very vicious.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Kyle, as usual.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Luzia. Even her player lampshades it heavily.
  • Mysterious Stranger: Ao- nothing about him before his introduction charging a Kaiju with a tank is known.
  • Posthumous Character: Trevor's fellow Navy men and Ao's brother, both killed fighting the Kaiju.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Luzia and Trevor, again.
  • Super Robot: The Exalt and ASR are both designed around this trope.
  • Unusual Euphemism: Luzia has excellent lung capacity. Her own personal floatation devices. Huge tracts of land.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Ao, again.

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