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The reboot of an old U.N.I.T. RP by Ende, the man behind Ivy and Pierre, which was the first Doctor Who RP in Nightkills Shit. It is also an unofficial Spin-Off of the proper Doctor Who RP, as it features all of the players (except Nightkill, for now) of the original and some of the same characters.

The year is 2012. The place is the United Kingdom. The state of earth, on a whole, is entirely normal.


Or, at least, that's what most believe. Everybody goes about their daily lives as if nothing's wrong, because, of course, that's what they believe.

But, unluckily, there's definitely something wrong. There are forces rising on the planet. People mysteriously vanishing from their homes. Strange objects hurtling through the skies at night. And nobody knows why.

That's not quite true, actually. You, and your fellow officers, are quite aware of these problems. You're the only people who really know the true extent of these problems. You are the only people who know why these problems exist.

And your job is to fix these problems.

Welcome to UNIT.

  • Ende:
  • Kouralia: RSM/Warrant Officer 1 Malcolm McDonald.
  • Astrolinium: L/Cpl Eli Manischewitz-Landsville
  • Nationstateslandsville: The Lieutenant Colonel
  • Glaswegistan: Sgt Duncan Greer
  • Lewina: Pte Greg Daniels
  • Johz: 2Lt Percival Stanley-Bottomly
  • Aqizithiuda: Sgt Thomas Greentree
  • New Waterford: Pte Johnathan Sullivan
  • Libartia: Scientific Consultant Dr Martin Lucas
  • Nude East Ireland: (Ex Capt.) Mortimer T. Billings-Clyde
  • Len Hyet: Sgt Benjamin Silva
  • Wolfmanne: Capt. Zanphos Delta
  • Felbah: Sgt John McCallen.

U.N.I.T contains examples of:

  • Actor Allusion: The Lieutenant-Colonel, a Kaled controlled by Nat, is identical to Peter Cushing.
  • Bayonet Ya: Both Malcolm and Thomas have bayonets attached to weapons which shouldn't really have them: a suppressed LMG and a semi-automatic grenade launcher respectively. While this would be an applicant for 'Exaggerated', both are trained SpecFor and their bayonets are actually sensibly sized and not used as a primary means to killing the enemy. On the same note; Duncan also has a great love of Bayonets.
  • Dysfunction Junction: At least one member of the team (Malcolm, as played by Kouralia) is certifiably insane and the Lieutenant-Colonel is a Space Nazi. The others aren't much better.


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