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"It is unknown what lies beyond the edge, other than nothing."
Unnamed dwarf

A Play By Post Game game set in a very subversive, World in the Sky over a grand yet lifeless ocean, with more magic than you can shake a stick at, gods more like politicians, and heavily subverting how all dwarves are alike.

This RP provides examples of:

  • Artificial Human: Atronachs, homunculi, and golems are such, typically created only for slavery despite their obvious sentience.
  • Familiar: Such exist, growing more intelligent and human as their contractor grows in power.
  • Fauns and Satyrs: Satyrs, obviously, the sentient and humanoid goat people.
  • Elemental Powers: Magic as a whole.
  • Expressive Ears: Cave elves, satyrs, and a fae's antennae may count.
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  • Gender Rarity Value: The Nereids. A male nereid being born is extremely rare, and when one is, they're practically spoiled beyond belief, but they're only used as breeding stock.
  • God: Or, gods. There's about 13 of them.
    • God Is Flawed: They all have flaws and are very human, in a way.
    • Jerkass Gods: Many of them, to a person that does not worship them.
    • Odd Job Gods
    • Physical God: The gods do occasionally return to the world that they are from, but are typically extremely sneaky about it and hide themselves, though will lend assistance to those of the species that worships them.
  • Half-Human Hybrids: While this doesn't count for humans/forest giants/dwarves/Nu-Mah'nnians, the entire race of Cave Elves is hybrids. Surprisingly, humans cannot breed with any of the beasts.
  • Harping on About Harpies: Birds given sentience. There's many different varieties... and the bird of prey ones eat other harpies.
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  • Immortal Immaturity: Justified for most Cave Elves, who often or not do not have any supplies to learn many things.
  • Lady Land: See Gender Rarity Value.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Satyrs, Nereids, Wyverns, Harpies, and Fae.
  • Loads and Loads of Races: *Takes breath* Humans, Nu-Mah'nnians, Cave Elves, Dwarves, a dwarven subspecies, Forest Giants, Constructs, Satyrs, Harpies, Nereids, Wyverns, Fae...
    • There's also a chance for more, as the gods do randomly bless creatures with sentience. The rest are just in extremely small minorities.
  • Older Than They Look: Many races. A good example are the cave elves, whose bodies age at a rate of one year every three years. This means that a 40-year-old cave elf will have the body of a 13-year-old.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Wyverns forced into (mostly) humanoid forms, only able to change their arms into wings.
  • Our Dwarves Are Different: Subverted. Dwarves are actually the oldest surviving sentient race, along with being the most technologically advanced. While many do drink, most prefer to make drugs and whatnot, their beards are often kept short or completely shaved due to accidents involving their weapons of choice(Drills and chainsaws), and they only ever trade weapons to get more supplies.
  • Our Elves Are Better: Subverted. True elves went extinct, and the only ones that exist are humans that gained immortality(But not the pointed ears) who call themselves Nu-Mah'nnians, and hybrids between these humans and goblins called Cave Elves who are wildly different from drow.
  • Our Fairies Are Different: Fae are basically insects blessed with humanity, though the amount of such varies between each. They also are often hunted, have their bodies dried, and are ground up for use in alchemy.
  • Unusual Ears: Let's see... Satyrs have obviously goat-like ears, nereids have fin-like protrusions(As do wyverns), harpies have no external ears, and cave elves have awkwardly long ears that act like a cat's whiskers. Added, if they have such, a fae's antennae may count.
  • Winged Humanoid: Harpies and wyverns, though they have to force their arms to change into such.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Hair colors vary between races, from normal to odd... and then there's dyes.
  • Younger Than They Look: Nereids and most other beasts, who age very quickly. Fae typically look like adults at the age of three!

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