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  • A commercial for Energizer batteries that tied in with the original movie featured the Energizer Bunny wandering through the Jade Palace's training hall, and Po suffering a series of Amusing Injuries from trying to keep the Bunny safe.

Comic Strips

Films — Animated

  • In the fifth Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf film, The Mythical Ark: Adventures in Love & Happiness, Bieber the panda who's actually a snake in disguise is carried away by a bird who claims he's his father and thinks he's been practicing kung-fu too hard. Bieber's response is "This is a mistake! I'm not Kung Fu Panda!"

Video Games

Western Animation

  • Arthur: In the episode "The Agent of Change", a poster is seen for a movie called "Kung Fu Koala".
  • The Simpsons:
    • At one point in "Angry Dad: The Movie", a poster is seen for a movie called "Kung Fu Koala" (just like in Arthur, ironically enough), complete with a koala bear wearing Po's shorts and making the Dreamworks Face.
    • One scene in "A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again" has a DVD called "Kung Fu Person" featuring a caricature of Jack Black.
  • MAD:
    • The sketch "Are You Karate Kidding Me?" features Po and Shifu.
    • At one point in the sketch "Naru210", Teddy Montgomery claims that he's seen Kung Fu Panda twenty-seven times.
    • Kung Fu Panda 2 is spoofed in the sketch "Kung Fu Blander". Po, the Soothsayer, Lord Shen, and the Furious Five all appear.
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    • The sketch "Poblivion" crosses the franchise over with Oblivion (2013).

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