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Nightmare Fuel / Kung Fu Panda

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"Tai Lung will return."

You wouldn't think a movie called Kung Fu Panda could show you how terrifying the eponymous martial art can be... yet somehow, it really does.

  • For starters: TAI LUNG. To wit:
    • He is a rogue kung fu master so scary that an entire prison was built specifically to hold him. When he escapes from said prison, everyone in the Valley is afraid of him, including his former master, the Furious Five, and The Chosen One... even Vachir loses his cocky bravado once it becomes clear that Tai Lung has made it past all Chorh-Gom's defenses.
    Zeng: Can we run now?
    Vachir: (whimpering) Yes.
    • Speaking of Vachir... yeah, he was an asshole, but the only thing we ever see of him again after Tai Lung breaks out? The metal cap he kept on his horn. What the hell did Lung do to him...?
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    • "Tai Lung will return." Cue a brief but brickshitting flashback to a rabid snow leopard - teeth bared, claws slashing, eyes glowing solid gold - attacking the Jade Palace, the camera positioned to look like he's charging directly at you (Lovingly detailed in the page image). And this is the very first glimpse we have of him in the entire movie.
    • The Curb-Stomps he dishes out are completely and absolutely brutal.
      • The aforementioned prison escape features him serving one of these to a 1000-strong army! Of rhinos!
      • His fight with Tigress starts off like this, but things even out once the other members of the Furious Five start to join in. Unfortunately, towards the end of the fight, it loops right back around in his favor.
      Tai Lung: Shifu taught you well...
      (incapacitates Monkey in the blink of an eye)
      Tai Lung: But he didn't teach you everything. (pounces, cut to next scene)
      • Shifu couldn't land a clean hit on him at any point during the fight!
      • Not even Po could handle him at first. The start of their fight was basically Tai Lung getting injured by Po's attempts to secure the Dragon Scroll in an over the top game of Keep Away. Then Tai Lung got fed up and floored Po in one hit, with a followup that would likely have killed anyone else. If he wanted Po dead from the start, Tai Lung could've done so easily but luckily for Po, he instead focused all of his efforts on getting the Scroll.
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  • At some point during his escape from prison, Tai Lung shoves a mace in a guard's mouth... and proceeds to launch him straight up with a kick to the jaw. Imagine how bad that's gotta be for that guard's teeth... urgh...
  • Tai Lung's reaction to being denied the Dragon Scroll was destroying the Valley and possibly going on a killing spree, judging by the villagers running in fear from him in the flashback.
  • Whatever the Wuxi Finger Hold is. Each and every time a character threatens to use it on an opponent, the latter's reduced to a stammering, quaking mess, and when it IS finally used... the visual effects may be gorgeous, but until the third movie, it's Nothing Is Scarier incarnate.
  • Secrets of the Furious Five delivers a bit of Adult Fear when little Viper, with zero martial arts training, went up against a big hulking gorilla bandit. The fact that she manages to turn it into a Curb-Stomp Battle dispels the fuel fast, but still.

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