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Dan: Ever since we were kids, my mom always made me walk Johnny to school first day every year, and every year, I'd walk him to the wrong school. Hehe! —Just 'cause.
Dr. Cox: Boy, that's a great story, really. And I'm sure you're just a horrible big brother.
Dan: [smiles in mock humility] Well...
Scrubs, "my Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Even she, when she was with her sharpest tongue, had called him Loki Cowardson more often than not, drawing a chuckle from Fandral and a bemused head shake from Volstagg each time she had done so. Thor often told her to save her bite for the battlefield in such moments - for he was always as quick to shield his brother as he was to jab his own taunts. But, such was the way of siblings.
Narration, "Steel in Your Hand, a Thor fanfic

Dante: (While pointing his gun at Virgil) I guess this is what they call a heartfelt family reunion.
Vergil: (Partly draws his katana) You got that right!

Mycroft: You’ve met him. How many friends do you imagine he has? I am the closest thing to a friend that Sherlock Holmes is capable of having.
John: And what’s that?
Mycroft: An enemy.
John: An enemy?
Mycroft: In his mind certainly. If you were to ask him he’d probably say his archenemy. He does love to be dramatic.
Hexadecimal: Me and Megabyte come from the same viral strain.
Bob: The same family?!?
Hexadecimal: Oh it's much worse than that I'm afraid. He's my brother hahahahaha!
Bob: But you're always trying to destroy each other.
Hexadecimal: Oh that's just sibling rivalry.

Thor: [Mother] wouldn't want us to fight.
Loki: ...Well, she wouldn't exactly be shocked.

"There's no rule that brothers have to get along. Look what Cain did to Abel."
Mike Trevelyan, Night of Error by Desmond Bagley.

Stocking: You always have to fuck up everything don't you?! This is my room, yours looks like a hoarder's asshole exploded. Look at your toilet, look at your bathtub, look at what you put in your mouth and I'm not just talking about dick! You're nothing but a filthy ho-bagging thief!
Panty: Remember when I told you to relax, you need some inner fucking peace.
Stocking: I do not understand how I can ever be related to you.
Panty: Try these, I'll let you steal some of my food if it makes you feel better, we cool? (Stocking slaps it out of her hand) Look hooker I'm trying to be fucking nice here.
Stocking: You know I don't like spicy food.
Panty: You do realize that if you're going to eat sweet shit you'll end up as a Fatty Mc Fatterson.
Stocking: Well here's the news flash Flatty Mc Flatterson. All the weight I gain goes straight to my boobs and I am okay with that.
Panty: Yeah and your nipples are the size of dinner plates, mine are small, fierce and oh god are they sensitive.
Stocking: Like I freak out over your titters, I say titters because your boobs are so small they actually make me laugh.
Panty: Yeah that's cool, your tits keep you from looking like a little girl I get it. Then when he gives you candy you won't feel like you'll be hooking up with a pedophile.
Stocking: You mean like that idiotic muscle-head piece of shit you keep on the back burner? Oh by the way, I diddled him. I diddled him real hard and he said I was the best FUCK he had ever had, way better than you! Not that he should procreate but I would totally have his abortion.
Panty: And I fucked that masochistic freak you like so much, he was tying me in up, so heads up, Buttercup. His fat ass was all jiggly, just like your fancy pudding and giant skin sacks. KEEP YOUR MOUTH OFF MY THINGS!


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