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Nightmare Fuel / Oz

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Here be the Nightmare Fuel page for Oz. With examples like the following, it is not at all hard to see why this show was one of the most disturbing of its time.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Tobias Beecher's entire storyline. Sure, all the inmates suffer, but he is the character people would sympathize with most, because he is vulnerable, tries his best to stay sane, and goes through so much. All through season 1, you watch a respectable man (a lawyer, how ironic is that) being sent to jail, getting raped and humiliated in many ways by a Nazi who threatens his family, and who wants then to have him dead. Beecher's breakdown is both awesome and terrifying, because of what Oz turned him into. And it worsens in later seasons: his wife kills herself, his children are kidnapped, one of them and his father are killed, he loses his chance to leave Oz, and falls in love with a manipulative Serial Killer who commits suicide to get him charged with murder and possibly put on death row. You'll see few to no episodes where Beecher doesn't suffer in some way.
  • The season two finale, which is jam packed with High Octane Nightmare Fuel:
    • Alvarez gouges out a prison guards eyes, complete with gratuitous shots of his bleeding, empty eye sockets.
    • A pedophile priest is nailed to the floor in a crucifix position.
    • Beecher gets his legs AND arms broken after finding out that the man he fell in love with was working with his arch enemy all along (and never loved him).
    • Said loses all of his faith towards making a difference behind bars.
    • Adebisi's guru, who is trying to redeem him, is murdered and Adebisi goes batshit crazy as a result.
    • Two skinheads Buried Alive in an escape attempt when the tunnel collapses on them.
    • A guy is unknowingly injected with a needle full of AIDS-infected blood.
  • Johnny Post being dismembered, his penis cut off and mailed to the Homeboys, as a retaliation for burning Dino Ortolani alive.
  • Alvarez succumbing to Torquemada's drugs and sexual advances after reaching his Despair Event Horizon.
  • Reverend Cloutier, who is sealed inside the cafeteria wall by Timmy Kirk and the bikers, remains there forgotten for what must be at least several days, is caught in an enormous gas explosion, survives, sustaining horrifying burns, then as his throat begins to recover so that he can almost produce more than a raspy gurgle, the bikers pick up his charred body and brick him behind another wall to keep him from naming names. As if detaching him from life support wouldn't have been enough. Father Mukada finds his decaying corpse in the final episode, only to seal it back up, figuring he's better off left where he is.
    • And remember this guy was only in prison on a charge of embezzlement. Serious crime, yes, but what a cruel fate to wind up alongside serial murderers who rape and torture people for fun.
  • It is revealed late in the series that despite Cyril O'Reilly's brain damage, he sometimes has the abstract thought of his former self. But it seems impossible for him to communicate in an intelligent manner, as if he's trapped inside of a five year old instead of having the mind of one.
    • And don't forget the split personality brought about by the sock puppet Jericho. While speaking as Jericho, he uses his pre-brain damaged voice and the personality difference is enough to disturb Keller.
  • Schillinger. Holy shit, just about anything and everything involving him qualifies. And of course, the Aryans. Robson comes to mind, but only in the shit he endures as a side-effect of his own assholery (having the tip of his penis bitten off, a spoon rammed up his ass, not to mention the subplot with the dentist).
  • Ryan's obsession with Dr. Nathan.
  • Timmy Kirk takes a woman's baby from her, and proceeds to place the crying infant in a nearby dumpster filled with rats while the mother is forced to watch, horrified beyond belief. Reverend Cloutier confirmed it was Kirk's own baby.
    • Add the weird Sexophone playing on the soundtrack after Cloutier rejects Kirk and reveals this little tidbit, and you'll be afraid to sleep for a while.
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  • Adebisi, even when he's not being evil.
  • Ryan and Chris at times. Plus their tendency to manipulate people, use them, and how you can never completely tell if they are good guys or bad. Or what they're planning on doing next.
  • The nightmares that many of the inmates have while in prison.
  • Of all the gangs, the Christians are arguably the most psycho and nightmarish of the gangs. Despite their seemingly saintly and non-violent nature, they are the epitome of Light Is Not Good and Corrupt Church. Their members are usually guilty of the worst crimes, mainly sex crimes or crimes against children. Only two Christian inmates don't fall into this category and one of them is an Anti-Villain who dies a horrific death. Arguably the most creepy thing about them is that they have an utter lack of self-preservation, to the point of becoming death-seekers.
  • The disturbingly realistic portrayal of drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual abuse, rape, sadism, torture, bullying, suicide, murder, etc. Makes one want to avoid even entering a prison at all costs.
    • Even scarier, some death row inmates have claimed in interviews that the prison experience depicted in this show was BETTER than life in a real prison, saying that this show was cleaned up for television. HOLY SHIT.
  • The fact that the Aryans target the most vulnerable inmates and make them their sex slaves, for as long as they want, until they grow tired of them and just dispose of them. And the terrible truth that the inmates would have to endure that cruel and humiliating treatment for the rest of their lives. A few did deserve it... Still...
  • Robson and another Aryan killing Ahmad Lalar, the youngest and weakest of the Muslim 'herd' just to prove a point to Said. They slice him to death by repeatedly making shallow cuts with a knife, while his screams are muffled by his gag and he (as well as we, the audience) can only watch this horrifying scene.
  • Beecher's long nails that he deliberately does not cut while in the hospital and files to razor sharp points. Which he then uses to kill Metzger by slicing into his body, making huge gashes and leaving him to slide down the wall while he claws at his mutilated throat, trying desperately to stop the blood from spurting out and failing miserably before dying in a pool of his own blood. Horrifying doesn't even begin to describe it. Granted, Metzger had it coming.
  • After having arranged the death of Vern Schillinger, the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood, as a twisted display of his love for Beecher, Keller still was rejected, so he kills himself via purposely falling to his death while screaming Beecher's name in order to make it look like Beecher murdered him. Then, as Beecher waits to find out if he'll be charged with Keller's death (with the implication that he might face the death penalty), the second part of Keller's gift arrives, in the form of mailed packages of anthrax, which would kill all the mailroom staff — all of whom were also members of the Brotherhood.
  • Kenny: "Happy Birthday to me. Happy motherfuckin' Birthday to me. Happy Birthday..." Adebisi: "''To Kenny''...'''Happy birthday to you'''... *blows out candle and then later (off-camera) ties Kenny face down on his bunk and rapes him repeatedly in retaliation for how Kenny murdered his guru and framed him for said murder.*
  • Chucky Pancamo tying his girlfriend up in a body bag and throwing her into the river. While she's fully conscious.
  • Nino Schibetta ate grounded glass that Ryan and Adebisi secretly put into his food for months until he dies from internal hemorrhaging, suddenly realizing one day that he's bleeding from the ears, nose, mouth,...
  • One of the prisoners throwing a "blood-piss-puke-shit-cocktail" at a CO.
  • Beecher's little son being killed and his cut off hand sent to him into the prison...
  • When Schillinger's loyal right hand man, Robson, finds out that his gum implants came from the mouth of an African American, he is immediately cast out from the group. Desperate to return, he uses a shiv to PEEL OUT HIS OWN GUMS.
  • Aryan's interaction with Cyril when he first came to Oz. And then Schillinger's gleeful expression before him and the Aryan's gangraping of Cyril didn't help things either. This was one of the things responsible for Cyril's downward spiral that led to him being put on death row later just made that scene unsettling.
  • Much like Ryan's obsession with Dr. Nathan, Keller's obsession with Beecher fell into this at times. Keller ultimately commits suicide after Beecher rejects him for the final time.
  • Beecher's revenge on Schillinger in episode 7, while awesome, was this at the end when he takes a dump on Schillinger after beating him up.
  • Most of the sounds/music in the show is this.
  • In the sixth season a production of Macbeth is being put on by a number of prisoners with Schillinger in the lead role and Beecher as Macduff. Keller takes a job backstage managing the props. He tells Schillinger that they will kill Beecher then later tells Beecher that he is being friends with Schillinger to keep Beecher alive. He then kisses Schillinger and tells him that he will switch Schillinger's prop knife with a real one so he can kill Beecher onstage. However, during the final fight scene, Keller switches Beecher's knife with a real one. Beecher stabs Schillinger unintentionally during a fight scene, thinking the knife in his hand is a prop. Keller claims to have no idea how a real knife got onto the set. Schillinger's death is considered an accident.
    • Really the entirety of the Macbeth play storyline. Keeping in tradition of Macbeth being a cursed play, all the inmates who take on the title role die.
      • Initial Macbeth Father Daniel Meehan is cursed by Peter Schibetta and dies of an aneurysm in his sleep.
      • Schibetta is killed by Chucky Pancamo after O'Reily tricks him into thinking he will be the next cursed.
      • Wolfgang Cutler accidentally strangles himself attempting autoerotic asphyxiation.
      • And then Schillinger.
      • You might also consider all the deaths in the final season a part of this. Said, Glynn, Morales, White, Hoyt, Cyril, Schillinger, and Keller were all main characters who died. Did the Scottish play bring death to all those we loved and hated?
  • Claire Howell's and Chris Keller's Yandere sides.
  • Richie Hanlon has just come off death row and returned to the general population. First night back, he's in the shower when another man starts coming onto him. Both Richie and the audience are expecting some celebratory "off-death-row" loving, until the other man slits Richie's throat with a razor blade he had hidden between his teeth.
  • Shillinger telling Beecher "You belong to me. I make all your decisions."
  • The life of prags (sex slaves) in Oz.
  • The numerous rapes and attempted rapes. One of the worst ones didn’t even occur in prison but in a flashback of Adam Gunzel and Franklin Winthrop’s crime of brutally raping Gunzel’s girlfriend and then beating her within in a inch of her life. Gunzel raped and beat her while Winthrop held his hand over her her mouth despite the fact she was crying and screaming for them to stop. Even though Gunzel and Winthrop get a well deserved taste of their own medicine later on both of their rapes and repeated rapes by the Aryans do venture into this territory as well.
  • Yuri Kosygin who is a quiet, subtle and troubling man. Even though he doesn't look it, he is a very deadly cunning infamous hitman. Nikolai Stanislofsky found that out the hard way: He nearly was his 50th victim in the library by being stabbed by his makeshift reading glasses. Yuri was later Put On The Bus for the rest of the series but seeing him just one time will leave quite a mental scar on both the viewer and the inmates of Oz.
  • One inmate in solitary confinement kills himself by eating pieces of himself.
  • Peter Schibetta's downfall.
  • Dino Ortolani's death in season one (being burned alive while not able to do anything about it)
  • Timmy Kirk and his little "accident" with the spotlight.
  • Was Timmy possessed or just crazy? And if it was just insanity, where did that demonic voice come from?
  • The fact that the entire staff that runs the Oswald Penitentiary's "Emerald City" cell block are filled with jerkasses left and right that it's enough to make one heads spin. The Nightmare Fueled part? None of them care for the health or sanctity of the inmates' well-beings from season one and onward; hell, they don't barely care for themselves unless if it conflicts and effects their positions. The fact that this series has no heroes or any decency (logic is nearly and completely thrown out the window along with the inmates and the viewers given state of sanity) and with only one character depicted to being as close to The Woobie (Tobias Beecher) as possible is even hard to sympathize with him; in fact, he is just as worst if not the worst of the rest of the prison population. The whole time one watches this series is good enough to cause some well deserved paranoia after every viewing. Sweet Dreams!
  • Mondo Brown's flashback, which shows him with a fully skinned human torso.
  • Malcolm "Snake" Coyle. Though he got into Oz on relatively minor charges, he later revealed he's actually a deranged killer who murdered an entire family, the father by stabbing, the mother by stabbing before raping her corpse, two children, an old grandfather, and a baby by gutting it in its crib, all for fun. Worse off, he never got caught for the murders and threatened anyone who even thought of ratting him out. Hill and the others were visibly disturbed by this and tried to have him killed immediately.
  • The entire Season Finale episode of the first season "A Game of Checkers" is this. It really gets intense and unnerving as the episode goes on from beginning to end as the violence and tensions between the CO's and rival gangs/inmates explode out of proportions. It really hits the nightmarish spots when one takes into account that there were real riots in the past that were just as bad and brutal as it was portrayed here in this show.


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