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Nightmare Fuel / Final Fantasy VI

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Face it. The Nightmare Fuel seen in the Final Fantasy series may well have debuted in Final Fantasy IV and popped up again in Final Fantasy V, but this is where they got serious for real.

Keep in mind this game inspired the less fantasy-ish route the series took with further installments, with a parallel route filled with increasing horror following the former, and as a result the game's sequel holds the dubious honor of having one of its abominations as the image representing the scariness of the whole series.

Bring your brown pants. You'll need them.

  • One of the most prominent examples is the fate of the Returners. They are never seen again in the World of Ruin and the fates of the officials such as Banon are never revealed. Just what happened to them?
  • The Cultists' Tower. First off, its theme is fucking disturbing; it sounds like some religious death march music with some eerie chanting in the background. Next, we have an entire cult that sprung up out of complete fear of Kefka and they march in a circle in front of this tower without end. The most disturbing thing? Strago is amongst them; believing Relm to be dead, he was so overcome with grief he actually turned to worshiping the same man that caused her "supposed" death. She's alive, of course, and comes to snap him out of it, but damn.
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  • The poisoning of Doma Castle. This is where Kefka firmly first establishes himself as such an utter and soulless psychopath that even his lord doesn't look fondly on this action. Granted, his dialogue is a little over-the-top and enjoyable, but then you see the water turn purple and all the citizens of the castle dropping dead. It's not a pleasant sight. But the worst is when Cyan, retainer of the castle, finds not only his king, but his wife and child all dead due to the poisoning. Seriously messed-up.
  • Narshe, a bustling mining town in the World of Balance, revealed to be a monster-infested ghost town in the World of Ruin, with only one human inhabitant left.
  • Doma Castle in the World of Ruin and Cyan's Dreamscape where you have to venture into the guy's dreams and literally help save his soul from these psychopathic triplets who want it. Even worse, he was willing to relinquish it out of deep despair, and it takes the souls of his wife and kid to snap him out of it.
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  • Kefka's backstory is quite terrifying. He was the first test subject of the Magitek Knight program and was flooded with magical power, but it led to the secondary side effects of losing his sanity and empathy (oh, and thinking he was a ''god''). Kefka's insanity and nihilism, and everything he has done, are result of an imperfect experiment. Kefka most likely was decent - or at least sane - but due to this experiment he turned into the psycho clown he is in the game. It is frightening just to think that Celes could have become like him had she been the first test subject.
  • Shadow's various Flashback Nightmares, especially if you didn't know about them, happen to sleep in an inn with Shadow in the party, then hear that godawful buzzing sound....
  • The scene after the three-team battle in the fields of Narshe provides a bit of Nightmare Fuel. Right after the fight, your team goes to examine the Esper they just saved. However, Terra, reacting to the Esper, blasts them instinctively, all of them either knocked out or hanging off the edge of a cliff. Then a faux battle starts, complete with creepy music, and Terra transforms into another being entirely. Battle ends, Terra spins around a bit, and then unleashes a BLOODCURDLING scream and flies away.
    • This piece of official artwork is even more scary.
  • The death of General Leo. Kefka says he's going to "exterminate a traitor," leaps into the air, and drives his sword home, as the screen turns blood red, and Kefka stands laughing and saying "DIE...DIE...DIE!"
  • The method to finding hidden character Gogo. You literally have to allow this worm to swallow your entire team up and then venture through its stomach until you find the aforementioned character, who apparently has been living here for quite some time.
  • Some of the enemy sprites in this game are pretty nasty. Humpties are pretty grotesque, looking like round, wrinkly, naked humanoid shapes, and they also use hugs/their own odors as a special move, which is so disgusting it confuses whoever they try it on. Brainpans could easily be images from a drug-induced nightmare, honestly being smiling flying zombie Buddha heads, and Crullers resemble twisting intestines covered in discolored tumors.
  • The World of Ruin. The music, with that bone-scrapingly discordant pipe organ. Discovering Narshe has become a ghost town. Its inhabitants decimated except for that one old man, the mines left abandoned and filled with monsters, and that CREEPY-ASS MUSIC driving it all home.
    • In the original release and the Game Boy Advance version, the waters of the World of Ruin were a sort of rust-brown, giving the impression they were filthy and polluted. Th iOS remake of the game, the water looks like an ocean of vibrant blood.
  • The squirrel-like monsters on the first island of the World of Ruin. The way they just... die without being hit. It really hammers home the fact that this world itself is dying.note 
  • The cutscene at the end of the Floating Continent, which depicts most of the world being destroyed. An entire continent is split in half by massive, city-sized explosions and people fall into the created chasms to their deaths. The entire thing is driven home when we see the explosions visible from space as the music fades out.... The intro to the World of Ruin just adds more despondent salt in the wounds.
    • If you look closely at the scene when the giant chasm appears and the people fall in, you can notice that the spilt pieces of earth slam back together as people fall through them. That's just terrifying with all the Fridge Horror applied to it.
    • The scene that probably horrified players the most was watching the party's airship split and all of them falling from the sky and scattering down to the earth. When Celes is the character the player first takes control of and she's stranded on a deserted island by herself, save for Cid IF you manage to save his life in time, you know something is wrong.
  • Celes's attempt at SUICIDE! . That's right, SUICIDE in a Final Fantasy game. While this scene only occurs if you failed to save Cid, the fact that it's easy to fail to save Cid means it's common for players to see it. Celes barely even knew the truth about him being her uncle until now and yet is so overcome with grief she attempts it. You even watch as she takes the jump off the cliff. She lives, but still, yikes.
    • There is also the text that appears when she ascends the cliff. When depression overcame the other survivors, they would jump from the cliff and "it perked them right up!"
  • The Light of Judgement. Kefka uses it in the World of Ruin to destroy any town or any person that opposes him (or even just For the Evulz), destroying them instantly, and he can direct it towards any part of the world.
  • FFVI is full of creepy bosses. One of them is Chadarnook. It is a painting of a sexy woman that transforms into a freaking demon.
    • The location where it's found, Owzer's Mansion is also really unsettling, since the paintings come to life without warning, there's a Creepy Changing Painting of Maria (Celes' lookalike opera singer), and you get sucked into one painting of a chair, where an old woman takes the chair.
  • Also, thanks to certain "liberties" with translating the script, what Kefka tells the Esper reinforcements when they arrive in Thamasa in the SNES and PlayStation versions absolutely reeks of Nightmare Fuel. He says "I'd say you're all charged up, boys and girls... or whatever... Say, remind me to show you my magicite collection! You might find a few familiar faces!!!", the implications being that, after killing the Espers, he's showing them other Espers that he killed that they knew personally, which would be a terrifying thought to imagine.
  • The backstory of Thamasa. The town was founded by human mages who survived the great War of the Magi, who were then blamed for causing it and fled the following persecution. When you first arrive, they try, without much success, to hide that they have magic, and this is Played for Laughs — but when you think about it, these people are very much afraid that outsiders will find out about their powers and decide to finish the job that nearly killed off their ancestors or try to exploit their powers for selfish gain.
  • Figaro Castle in the World of Ruin. The castle is intact, but the engines are gunked up by tentacle plants and can't move because of it. Everyone on the castle is stuck underground and are slowly suffocating from the lack of air due to either the underground not having enough oxygen, the tentacles absorbing the oxygen, or both at once. To make matters worse, the tentacles can poison you to make you suffocate even more and squeeze the life out of you (from a battle standpoint at least). The whole scenario is basically a horrifying version of being Buried Alive.
  • Zozo is a town of thieves, liars, and criminals, and it's always raining there. Random encounters are found in the streets and buildings, and on your first visit the giants and dancers can use magic to annihilate the party. Furthermore, if you talk with one of the people in Jidoor, you learn that the people in Zozo are all lower-class citizens that were expelled from Jidoor.
    • There also people lying in the streets who are obviously mugged by the residents of Zozo. You can even spot a young woman lying in a gutter. The implications are not sweet.
  • On the Floating Continent, Gestahl invites Celes to return to his side. In the GBA version, his plans involve Celes and Kefka conceiving children together to populate the new Magitek empire. If Celes had returned to Gestahl's side, Gestahl would expect her to sleep with Kefka. Brrrrr...
  • Even ignoring all the terrible things he does throughout the game and his psychopathic, nihilistic personality, Kefka still manages to be terrifying just by laughing. WOO HOO HOO HOO


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