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Nightmare Fuel / Doctor Who Series 7

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The Time Zombie in all its glory
  • "Asylum of the Daleks":
    • How frighteningly blasé Darla is about being a Dalek puppet. The Doctor asks her if she remembers anything of what she was before being "emptied out", and reminds her that she had a daughter, and she simply replies, coldly: "I know. I've read my file." Doubles as a Tear Jerker, and hammers home just how vile the Daleks truly are.
    • The Sickening "Crunch!" that occurs when a Dalek eyestalk emerges from someone's forehead.
      Harvey: Of course. Stupid me. I died outside.
    • It also turns out that even dead people can become Dalek puppets.
    • Oswin's forced conversion into a Dalek.
      Oswin: I am not a Dalek! I am human! I am not a Dalek! I AM HUMAN!
    • Which is soon replaced with:
      Oswin: I AM A DALEK! I AM A DALEK!
    • After watching this episode, you'll probably think twice about having eggs for breakfast.
      Damaged Dalek: Egg-egg-egg-egg-egg-egg-eggz.
      Rory: Eggs? You mean those things? [the roundels on the Dalek's casing; some have fallen off onto the floor]
      Damaged Dalek: Eeeeggz.
      Rory: I don't, I don't know what you want. Those things. Are those things eggs? This? You want this.
      Damaged Dalek: Eeex...sterrr...miiinn...aaate.
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  • The Doctor entering the Intensive Care unit. The Daleks there are behind bars and chained up in the dark, lifeless. The Doctor asks Oswin what's so special about them and she tells him that they're survivors of particular wars. The Doctor works it out when she starts mentioning names: "These are the ones that survived me." And then the Daleks sense his presence and start waking up. They've had their guns confiscated, but this doesn't stop them. They tear out of their chains and advance on the Doctor, ready to tear him apart with their plungers. The Doctor finds himself crouched against the wall in sheer terror.
    Dalek: Doc. Tor.
  • "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship":
    • Imagine signing up for a mission to take dinosaurs through space to a new, habitable planet in an attempt to avoid their (and your) extinction... then being woken up from your centuries-long stasis sleep by a couple of demented, chattering robots... only to be immediately flushed out through an airlock into space. Alive. Because the dinosaurs have value, but Silurians don't.
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    • Solomon himself was such a monster, the Doctor killed him in cold blood. Nightmare Fuel for the bow tie wearing alien yet again.
  • "A Town Called Mercy": While the Doctor is understandably pissed when he finds out just what Kahler-Jex has done, the actions he takes after Jex hits him with an all-too-apt "Not So Different" Remark speech leave him sliding perilously close to becoming a Knight Templar version of his "Waters of Mars" persona.
  • "The Power of Three"'s mostly a quiet, emotionally-based episode. Then we suddenly get people with flesh cubes where their mouths should be. You could also add 1/3 of the human population suddenly dropping dead for a few minutes (including the ones we see die on CCTV).
  • "The Angels Take Manhattan": The Statue of Liberty is a Weeping Angel!
  • "The Rings of Akhaten":
    • Imagine what it must be like to be a chorister. You have to sing constantly and perfectly to keep this mummy asleep, because if you stop, even for a moment, it will devour your soul and move on to your home. "Do not wake from slumber, oh god, never wake from slumber." Can you hear the desperation in his voice?
    • The "Old God" makes his appearance, and he is a Genius Loci. He looks like some fiery demon and the Doctor is standing before him without any idea of what to do.
  • "Cold War":
    • The Doctor, Clara, and a group of Russian Marines are in a sinking submarine, all while an Ice Warrior is on the loose and is trying to fire a nuke from the submarine. Every creak and crash you hear could very well be the Ice Warrior ready to attack.
    • The team did an excellent job of making the Ice Warrior absolutely terrifying, with his deep, hissing voice, his unarmored form, and the security footage, with his menacing figure chained to the girders. Then there's the Animated Armor. The sounds he makes out of his armor are pretty scary as well, and the overall claustrophobic setting of the submarine is begging for this trope.
    • What does the Ice Warrior do to his victims? Tear them apart. Not savagely either, but deliberately and methodically. All we see is the Doctor's reaction and a bleached, bloody, hand.
  • "Hide":
    • Let's start off with the ghost that appears. No matter the picture, where it's taken, the angle or the lighting, it's always caught in a photo the same way: Flailing its arms, screaming and towards the photographer. It's actually a time traveller, stuck in a pocket dimension which crumbles in a mere three minutes.
    • Then we have the weird, skeletal creatures which appear throughout the episode. You rarely ever see them, and when you do, they move erratically and suddenly, like glitches in a game. They're twisted somehow, like they spent too much time in the wrong place. Not to mention they feed on fear and reside in a haunted castle and a constantly misty forest full of trees. To top it all off, the Doctor turns around to face one and states out loud that he is afraid of these things. What are they?
    • When we get a close look at them near the end... *shudders*.
    • American soldiers left tins of spam as an offering to the "ghost" with a note that read, "Please stop screaming", and then they focus on one of the photos of the apparition with a wide, gaping black maw. The "ghost" may turn out to be an unfortunate time traveller at the end, but try looking at that image and not shuddering a little.
      • Not to mention the sheer number of both statues and shadows in that episode...
  • "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS":
    • The revelation of what the charred black zombies that chase the cast throughout the episode truly are. They're the future versions of the Doctor, Clara, and the salvagers that couldn't escape the Eye of Harmony and were burnt alive.
      • For bonus horror, one of the zombies that hounded the Doctor throughout the episode has its hand fused to its face. When the Doctor explains what the zombies are as he prepares to die, he rests his hand on his face in despair. Thankfully, he takes it away as he realizes a way out.
    • One of the two surviving scavenger brothers discovers his "tiny scrap of decency inside himself", and as his brother falls into the Eye of Harmony, he catches him and tries to pull him back up. He is promptly fused to his brother by the intense heat and becomes the Bad Future version of himself, chasing the Doctor and Clara while screaming madly.
  • "The Crimson Horror": The Body Horror of the titular fate — as we see when the Doctor is infected, the victims not only turn bright red but experience a total and excruciating-looking stiffening of their entire bodies, mouth frozen open, before dying.
  • "Nightmare in Silver":
    • This episode brings us the Doctor as the Cyber-Planner. Not only does Matt Smith embrace the madness playing the Cyber-Planner, but he does it so calmly, and sometimes gleefully.
      Cyber-Planner: Doctor, Doctor, Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor!
    • The Doctor electrocutes himself to get rid of the Cyber-Planner. The Cyber-Planner's scream of "That's cheeeatiiing!" is chilling.
    • The Cybermen have undergone some major enhancements which have made them even more dangerous and terrifying. They can teleport in an instant, operate without a head and scariest of all: CONVERT HUMANS WITH ONE TOUCH.
      • Before, there were cybermats, who were about the size of a rat. Now, there are cybermites, who are practically indistinguishable from a regular silverfish, and have all the same creepy crawly abilities. Convert with one touch? It's because that touch comes with dozens of cybermites that jump into any orifice they can find and turn you into a Cyberman from the inside out.
    • What makes the Cybermen even more dangerous is their ability to instantly upgrade themselves to counter threats. Shoot them with a massive cannon, electrocute the water, they will find a way to become immune to that strategy.
  • "The Name of the Doctor":
    • Imagine what the universe would look like if everything the Doctor had done throughout all of his lives were undone. We get a glimpse thanks to The Great Intelligence stepping inside the Doctor's timestream (basically the Doctor's entire life in physical form). Once the Intelligence goes to work erasing the Doctor's actions throughout time. Dozens of stars rapidly start to go out all across the sky. Jenny vanishes since the Doctor was no longer around to save her, and Strax reverts to a typical Sontaran and tries to attack Vastra. And that's just what we could see...
      • To sum up, there wouldn't be a universe.
    • Imagine having your very essence scattered all across time and space into thousands of copies of yourself. Each one is born, lives and dies, and sometimes gruesomely, and you are aware of each and everyone of them; all simultaneously. Throughout this whole experience, you don't know where you are and desperately trying to find someone so you can help them avoid a gruesome death.