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Specific speculation on the Classic Series and/or the TV Movie goes into Doctor Who – Classic Series.

Specific speculation on the Eccleston era onward goes into Doctor Who – New Series

Specific speculation on the latest series goes into Doctor Who (with spoilers) (contains spoilers).

Archived confirmed/Jossed speculation for the final Tennant years post-"Last of the Time Lords" is in Doctor Who Series 4


Specific speculation of Matt Smith's first series goes into Doctor Who Series 5

General speculation on Doctor Who goes into Doctor Who – Whole Series


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Miss Kizlet was taken over during the Web of Fear
  • Apparently confirmed in The Doctor - His Lives and Times, where it is mentioned an eight-year old called Rosie Kizlet disappeared during the events.

The Ice Warriors will attempt to create a nuclear war in The Cold War.

The Doctor's Name will be The Un-Reveal.
He'll end up telling River because that's a Foregone Conclusion, but the audience and possibly every other character won't actually hear it.
  • Alternatively they'll reveal it, but it'll be a huge Jedi Truth that's difficult to understand
  • OR it'll be unrevealed because the Doctor doesn't have a name.
  • OR someone will ask the question, and in accordance to the prophecy, silence will fall when the question is asked, because the question should never be answered. Just before the answer is revealed (likely by the Doctor himself), the scene cuts to black and ends. We will never know.
  • Alternatively, the Doctor has forgotten.
  • Confirmed. In fact the Doctor never even says his name in the episode. River says it, but we don't hear it. Which of course also means that the question of how she knows it remains unanswered.
    • Unless, of course...

Strax will die in The Name of the Doctor

The Whispermen are the opposites of The Silence
  • The Silence doesn't want The First Question answered, and they will go to any length to stop it. The Whispermen, perhaps, WANT the Question answered. The synopsis says the Doctor is being lead into a trap at the Fields of Trenzalore. Maybe the Whispermen are drawing him there to answer the Question.
    • Confirmed. The Whispermen want The First Question answered to access The Doctor's tomb.

The Whispermen are working with the Great Intelligence

The Name of the Doctor will lead into the 50th Anniversary
  • Seemingly confirmed, considering that John Hurt is going to star in the special.
    • Confirmed. It even says "To be continued November 23rd."

The Whispermen are blank beings
  • Me again. They could be like the Chameleons from The Faceless Ones. The Great Intelligence has taken the form of Simeon using something connected to the Whispermen.
Confirmed. The Great Intelligence seems to be inhabiting the bodies of Whispermen, causing them to take the form of Doctor Simeon.

The Real Ninth Doctor
is the one who actually ended the Time War.Since the current Doctor refuses to call the Doctor just revealed as having broken the implied promise in the name he chose, it seems likely that what he did in the name of peace and sanity is something the others could not: act without being hampered by the need to save everyone.
  • It would then make sense that he's mentioned in The History of the Time War by his true name - he wasn't going by his alias at the time.

The Doctor is to blame for Clara's mystery
As seen in the Rings of Akhaten pre-title sequence, Clara Oswald had a normal upbringing with a normal family. However, the Doctor is concerned about the fact she may be Oswin and governess!Clara. So, what if the Doctor inadvertently does something to Clara, splitting her in time. That creates a Stable Time Loop. He ends up CAUSING the very mystery he's trying to solve!
  • Close enough The Doctor's death was the reason that Clara chose to walk into a Negative Space Wedgie and end up as she is, to prevent a universe without him in it.

The Claras from Asylum of the Daleks and The Snowmen are clones or split timeline versions of the Clara currently with the Doctor.
  • Basically, sometime in Present!Clara's future, she will be either cloned or divided into two people, and then her memories will be modified or erased. One will go to the future and end up dying as a Dalek, and one will go to the past and end up dying as a governess. Evidence? It's assumed that the three Claras are three separate people born in different time periods, but we only ever learn the past of the present-day Clara. In fact, quite a lot of emphasis is placed on her childhood, but none on the childhoods of the other two (which, admittedly, wouldn't have fit with the themes of their episodes, but is still relevant). Next, in The Bells of Saint John, Clara gives herself the nickname Oswin, which becomes her first name in the future, and her middle name in Victorian London.

Clara was created specifically to save the Doctor
  • The trailer makes it sound like this. Two versions of her saved the Doctor elsewhere, she will save the Doctor on Trenzalore.
  • Something like this. She scatters herself through time to save the Doctor.

Clara is involved in a stable time loop

Clara Oswin Oswald will at some point be involved in a Bad Wolf-like event that scatters copies of herself across time and space.
Probably in the season finale, or 50th Anniversary Special.
  • Bonus points if at some point two different versions of her meet each other.
    • The trailer for The Name of the Doctor makes it look like she does so, despite River Song telling her not to.
  • Like City of Death with Scaroth, he became 12 beings.
  • Confirmed.

Rory will get sent back in time by the Angels
This will be why the date on his hospital ID is wrong— and there's supposed to be some important foreshadowing in Eleventh Hour. Unless, of course, the Angels don't do that any more like in Series 5...
  • They only send people back in time when they want to consume the person's temporal energy; they didn't in series five because why devour the light snack of one person's temporal energy when there's a big honkin' rift right there to gorge on. Unless things go horribly, horribly wrong again (which, granted, they usually do, but not the same way twice like that), they'll be back to their usual diet, which makes Rory fair game for them...
  • Confirmed.


"Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS" will involve something imprisoned in the TARDIS breaking out

In The Rings of Akhaten the Doctor will make a reference to Pyramids of Mars

Clara is impossible because:
  • Everything the Doctor said about supernovas and molecules in "The Rings of Akhaten"? He can see that. In each of her three (so far) different bodies, she's had the exact same set of molecules. She isn't just an Identical Stranger to human senses, Time Lords can't tell the difference.
  • She's the living incarnation of the many-worlds interpretation. The "infinity of unlived lives" isn't just a metaphor, but refers to herself. Think of the idea of the Alternate Self, and how there's an infinite amount of histories happening in universes diverging from the main because of outcomes that did not happen there-she's that, happening in a single universe. Normal people may have versions of themselves as converted Daleks or Victorians, but Clara uniquely has these versions in the same universe. Such a thing goes against the laws of physics and common sense in itself.

The Fall of the Eleventh and the Fields of Trenzalore will occupy the 7th season finale, but have little to nothing to do with the 50th Anniversary.
Reading the summaries of upcoming episodes suggests that the big Question will be asked in the series 7 finale, but the 50th Anniversary is indicated as a separate televised event. The summaries may be misleading, however.

Each episode will have a Chekhov's Gun for the next episode
Starting with The Bells of Saint John each episode will set up Foreshadowing for the next episode.

Clara is a clone and "Orphan Black" is a ripoff of her backstory.
For some reason that we don't know yet, she was cloned, with her duplicates scattered throughout space and time. BBC America picked up "Orphan Black" to lead us astray!

Songs will play a major role.
So far there have been 2 stories that have mentioned songs, with the Rings of Akhaten and Cold War.

Clara is Susan Foreman's descendant.
In The Rings of Akhaten, during one of the flashback scenes, Child!Clara can be seen wearing a shirt with two hearts on it. In that same episode, Susan is directly referenced for the first time since Five Doctors. The Doctor says himself in Curse of Fenric that he doesn't know if he has any family, meaning he doesn't know what happened to Susan. It's entirely possible that everything inexplicable about Clara can be explained by her being part Time Lord, and the Doctor just doesn't realize it yet.

The Doctor's name is "Please"
  • River was just covering for him.

Clara is River
In the Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS episode, the doctor is teaching Clara how to fly the TARDIS. Also, Clara finds a library in the TARDIS and apparantly finds out the doctor's real name. It's been mentioned that River knows the doctor's name and how to fly the TARDIS. So based on that, Clara could be River song (somehow, through some timey wimey thing...)
  • Jossed.

In Nightmare in Silver the Doctor will be partially Cyber-Converted and revive the Cybermen while like this
  • The trailer does make partial Cyber-Conversion look obvious. And the Doctor is called 'Saviour of the Cybermen.'
    • Though now it seems this applies to a duplicate of the Doctor.
  • Jossed. The Doctor is partially Cyber-converted but the Cybermen are already revived.

Jenny from Victorian London is the same Jenny that is the Doctor's daughter
  • Their names are Jenny, they keep running into each other, they're also both major sexy ass-kickers skilled in close combat. The reason she looks now could be because she regenerated after an amount of resurrection. The reason she wouldn't react strongly to seeing him in Victorian Times could be because she didn't recognize his new regeneration or because she didn't want to freak him out too badly.
    • That could be another reason why she slapped him after he kissed her.

The Claras from Asylum of the Daleks and The Snowmen are clones or split timeline versions of the Clara currently with the Doctor.
  • Basically, sometime in Present!Clara's future, she will be either cloned or divided into two people, and then her memories will be modified or erased. One will go to the future and end up dying as a Dalek, and one will go to the past and end up dying as a governess. Evidence? It's assumed that the three Claras are three separate people born in different time periods, but we only ever learn the past of the present-day Clara. In fact, quite a lot of emphasis is placed on her childhood. Next, in The Bells of Saint John, Clara gives herself the nickname Oswin, which becomes her first name in the future, and her middle name in Victorian London.

An amusement park machine will create a duplicate Doctor in Nightmare in Silver

The man in the "Next Time" trailer for "The Name of the Doctor" is a young First Doctor.
The preview has the Doctor saying he's crossing his own timeline in a way the TARDIS doesn't like. Going far enough back possibly to before the Doctor was stolen by the TARDIS (and thus risk altering that event) would definitely suffice.

The Whispermen have some connection to secrets
  • Hence the name and why they are involved with Trenzalore, where truth must be told.
  • Seemingly Jossed. The Whispermen are hollow forms which The Great Intelligence can take control.

Clara is a physical manifestation of an ideal Companion.
  • There was a scrapped idea to reveal that Rose had been created by the Doctor to be the perfect companion. The writers kept the idea tucked away and decided to use it with Clara. That's why she's impossible. That's why she tends to listen to the Doctor a little more than past Companions. He created her based on Oswin and Clara-the-Governess out of guilt because he failed to save them. The TARDIS doesn't like her because she isn't real. That's why the TARDIS wouldn't translate for her. The Doctor noticed she wasn't translating for Clara, and so he tweaked Clara so she'd have the translation ability.
    • One slight problem with this theory, though; the Doctor clearly has no idea who Clara is or what's going on with her, thus suggesting that if someone did 'design' her to be the perfect companion — itself not an unlikely theory — then it was someone else.
    • There is something in both of these points. The Doctor points out in the prequel to 'The Name of the Doctor' that Clara is perfect "in every way for [him]...always exactly what [he] needs". She is "too perfect" because her presence across the Doctor's timeline is specifically there to ensure that he - and all the good he does - is preserved when the Great Intelligence tries to Retcon it.

The Whispermen are related to the Silents
  • Their names sound similar and if the Fields of Trenzalore is coming up in the 50th anniversary it would be a good way to lead into it.
    • Perhaps they're the hired muscle of the Order. The Silence probably called them Whispermen because they thought it would be funny.
    • Alternately, the Whispermen ARE The Silents. What better way is there to get around the human race being told to kill you on sight than to change your appearance.

The Great Intelligence will still have a link to Clara or the Doctor
  • This could lead them to him.

Trenzalore was effected by the Time War
  • Writing these last 3 ideas less than half an hour before it starts. Just felt like getting this idea out.
  • Jossed.

The series finale confirms the "Morbius Doctors" as actual previous incarnations
  • The Doctor plays No True Doctor, and the number of incarnations who have used the name "Doctor" doesn't constitute all of his incarnations. If there is an incarnation - the real "Ninth" for our purposes - that the Doctor doesn't consider to be a "Doctor", then the faces seen in The Brain of Morbius really are incarnations of the Doctor, possibly predating his use of the name.

Alternately, John Hurt's "Doctor" is an older Eighth Doctor
.One regeneration, he just cast aside his name at the start of the Time War and died of shame for what he did to end the war (involving killing the other Time Lords), consequently regenerating into the Ninth. Same result as the above, though it doubles as both a Take That! to that specific incarnation and as a means to give that incarnation closure.

There is a version of Clara that helped the John Hurt Doctor
.And she's still alive! Or it is his greatest failure.

The John Hurt Doctor
is The Valeyard.

The Great Intelligence is Nyarlathotep.
Granted, the EU claims he's Yog-Sothoth, but the Great Intelligence doesn't really share much in common with Yog-Sothoth. He does, however, share a lot with Nyarlathotep: both take many forms but seem to ultimately be pure consciousness, are defying physical laws while taking human form, highly manipulative and unlike fellow Outer Gods do not possess Blue and Orange Morality-they recognize humanity and love screwing around with them. Part of his beef with the Doctor is that he's a "mere" Time Lord who manages to, as he sees it, out-manipulate him and step in his territory. The fact that the Doctor(and the Master, for that matter) resembles Nyarlathotep makes him angrier still.
  • The episode that reveals The Great Intelligence's origins reveals that The Great Intelligence is Dr Simeon's subconscious mind which mirrored by the alien snow. When Dr Simeon loses his memories his subconscious mind/The Great Intelligence transfers to the alien snow mirroring it only to be kicked out by the an entire family mourning on Christmas Eve. It seems that the carnivorous shapeshifting mind-mirroring alien snow is Yog-Sothoth while The Great Intelligence is Dr Simeon's subconsiousness. How Nyarlathotep would react to another being being of pure consciousness is unknown.
    • Maybe they're both. The Cthulhu Mythos states that Nyarlathotep is the soul of the Outer Gods, and Yog-Sothoth is essentially the alpha dog of their kind

Matt Smith isn't going to leave the show.
It's a work.

The John Hurt Doctor is the 13th and last incarnation.
In his future, the Doctor fights in the war on Trenzalore, and dies in it. By this time, he no longer uses his alias of the Doctor, having turned to the dark side as foreshadowed by the Valeyard. Since we know that John Hurt won't end up as the 12th, and due to the (still not done with) 13 regenerations limit, it would seem that before (or while) regenerating into the 13th, he becomes a self-righteous, dark man, who no longer fights to make people better, but for his own sake.

The reason the Cybermen are like the Borg is due to Assimilation2

The John Hurt Doctor fought in the Time War and sacrificed an innocent race. He didn't end it, however.
The Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors have all copped to doing what they felt was necessary to end the Time War and save the rest of creation. They feel guilty about it, but none of them feel that it was something that would make in necessary to stop calling himself The Doctor. When the Eleventh thought the only option to save Spaceship UK and the space whale was to lobotomize the whale so it wouldn't feel pain, he said he'd have to find a new name. Knowingly sacrificing an innocent is where he draws the line. From a medical perspective he's doing harm and therefore can't be a doctor. The Hurt Doctor did something similar. It's probably the event that made him decide to regenerate into Eccleston and put an end to the Time War so that universe and The Doctor could go on.
  • And that race was none other than the Gelth. It's why they refused his help and decided to massacre the Earth-they have quite the Freudian Excuse

Trenzalore is where The Valeyard died.
In his very last life The Doctor becomes The Valyard and goes on an truly epic plot to takeover the universe, cashing in all the good will of all his past lives and calling in favours from all his old allies. He is exposed and eventally taken down by an alliance of his former friends and companions and killed, for real, on Trenzalore.

The "woman in the shop" is River Song
Exactly how Clara got in touch with the Doctor wasn't properly explained, other than a woman in a shop gave Clara a phone number to get technical help with her internet connection, someone who said it would put her in touch with the best help in the universe, which somehow puts her in touch with the TARDIS. The "Best in the Universe" line sounds like something River would say about the Doctor, and it's plausible she could get Clara in touch with the Doctor like that given her connection to the TARDIS. If this is the case, presumably River will meet Clara later in her journey with the Doctor and discover she needs to meet Clara and give her the contact number in Clara's past and River's future.
  • May have been jossed by The Name of the Doctor, as Clara apparently doesn't recognize River when they meet.

The "woman in the shop" wasn't talking.
Someone was talking through her the same way as happens several times in The Bells Of Saint John.

The "woman in the shop" is Sally Sparrow
I don't know how she'd get The Doctor's number, but that would be awesome. Maybe Amy or River gave it to her.

The "woman in the shop" is Sarah Jane Smith

The "woman in the shop" is Donna Noble
We've already seen in the End of Time that she can subconsciously put together information regarding major events. She encountered Clara, recognized something unusual about her, and gave her the Doctor's number. Her buried Time Lord knowledge is what allowed her to know how to contact the Doctor at all.

The "woman in the shop" is Clara
Not exactly Clara, but of her thousand echoes created in "The Name of the Doctor". She could have disguised himself to not be recognized, and she knew the Doctor's number because she was given the doctor's number, ontological paradox!

The "woman in the shop" is Martha Jones
Who else could it be? Rose is in an alternate dimension, Donna had her mind wiped, Amy is in the 30s. The top guess explains why it can't be River. Martha's the only one who knows the Doctor's phone number and could easily be in 2013 London. That or...
  • Except for people like Sarah Jane Smith, Tegan Jovanka, Romana (any regen), Jenny Flint, Ace Mc Shane (even if she became a Time Lady she could have escaped), Peri, Melanie Bush, one of the Torchwood\UNIT women, including Jo Grant and Liz Shaw, Susan, Barbara, Victoria Waterfield (she went to live in 1968), and Polly.
  • All Jossed, the "woman in the shop" was Missy, AKA The Master.

Madame Kovarian is Clara.
Well, a Clara anyway. Clara was splintered across time, making thousands of copies. Nobody said all the copies had to act the same. A handful of the Claras remembered who they were, and one of them turned out wrong. One Clara was stuck in a situation that gave her a sense of resentment towards the Doctor. I'm guessing this was the Doctor in one of his darker moments-my bet's on Seven. The bitter Clara ended up joining the Papal Mainframe, and as the decades pass a combo of propaganda and some persuasion by the Silence made her into Madame Kovarian.

The Doctor had an encounter with Clara that he can't remember, which is very important.
Both times before her death, she told him to remember. Remember what, exactly? One could assume that some time before Asylum Of The Daleks he did something which was then erased from his mind, possibly intentionally. Ultimately, when he does remember it will end up saving the day.

Clara is connected to the Time War

Clara is a previous friend or family member of the Doctor
  • Maybe she is from Gallifrey?
  • She seems to have saved the Doctor on earlier occasions and convinced him which TARDIS to steal, so like an old friend.

The Big Bad of Asylum of the Daleks will be Caan
It's an asylum and Caan is a crazy Dalek.
  • Jossed.

Series 7 will introduce us to the Alpha Silent, the leader of both the Silent species and The Silence.

Amy and Rory are going to leave the Doctor so they can have children
  • They don't want to conceive a child on the TARDIS, lest what happened to River happens to her younger sibling.
  • Plus, being pregnant and having children while traveling through time and space is dangerous, even without secret organizations trying to steal your children.
  • And we know that they want children- it was part of Rory's dream in "Amy's Choice"- she was pregnant, remember?
    • Jossed by "Asylum of the Daleks", Amy can no longer have children.

The Monk in the Aot D: Prequel was the Meddling Monk
Or his ghost.

The Doctor's Christmas list is going to be significant in some way.
The Doctor has mentioned a Christmas list twice, so far; once in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and again in A Town Called Mercy. We also know that the new companion joins in the Christmas episode.

Clara will die every episode...
... and at the end of every episode, the Doctor will find a new version of her.
  • Jossed She doesn't die at the end of "The Bells of Saint John".


The Eleventh Doctor directly references Ashildr
in the "Rings of Akhaten" speech.
The Doctor: " I walked away from the Last Great Time War. I marked the passing of the Time Lords. I saw the birth of the universe and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained. No time. No space. Just ME!. "

The cubes from "The Power of Three" imitate their surroundings.
On their first activation, all the cubes did something different.
  • The one watched by Rory's dad moved a bit but did nothing else interesting, just like he had done for some time.
  • The one in Amy's room was I think next to items like hairbrushes and pins, and sprouted a bunch of spikes.
  • The one in the kitchen with Rory opened up in the same way a drawer or cupboard opens, right as he was opening drawers and cupboards.
  • The one that flew then attacked the Doctor had watched him leap about and around everything while playing the Wii, probably attacking things on-screen.
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  • The one held by the girl droid stayed still and just pulsed blue a little, as she had done (with her eyes being what pulsed blue).
Each cube that we know about was connected to activity nearby. Presumably the cube contained below the Tower that just played music had been left near a radio or CD player. Why they would imitate surroundings is a mystery, however. Maybe it was an effort to make people trust them further.

The TARDIS knows who and what Clara is, and sees her as a threat to The Doctor
  • In "The Rings of Akhaten", Clara doesn't understand what the barking alien woman is saying to her. This initially seems like a bit of comedy so that we can have Matt Smith barking his replies to her. But consider that it means that The TARDIS isn't using its Psychic Interface to translate for her. And later, when she's trying to get into The TARDIS, she senses that it somehow doesn't like her. The TARDIS even goes so far as to drop her off on the same day they originally left, which even The Doctor notices. The TARDIS has translated for other companions before, including Ian and Barbara from the very first, who were unwanted guests at the time, and even for Leela, who got aboard uninvited. But it won't translate for Clara, gives off bad vibes she can feel, and drops her off home again as if it couldn't wait to be rid of her. We know that the TARDIS can see all of space and time at once, and the revelation of what Clara is is something our favorite blue box is already aware of, and she doesn't like what that means for The Doctor.
    • There's also the recent-ish memory of the last time they ran into something impossible - Jack. The TARDIS ran to the end of the universe trying to shake him off, and that lead to his ex-BFF taking and perverting her into a weapon. Clara may not have the exact same affliction Jack does, but it's close enough to make Sexy wary from experience.

The Old God of Akhaten was one of the Great Old Ones
  • The Old God moved into a forming Sun and influenced the Star System so there were a multitude of races and an atmosphere round the asteroids so there were more stories for it to feed on.
  • Except that Akhaten is a planet.

The Doctor was lying when he said that the HADS was the reason the TARDIS disappeared at the beginning of "Cold War".
  • "The Rings of Akhaten" implies that the TARDIS doesn't like Clara, much like how she didn't like Jack, when she locks Clara out. The TARDIS went to the sub, instead of Vegas as planned, in the hopes that the Ice Warrior would kill her.

There's a more personal reason why the TARDIS dislikes Clara.
There's mention of an unusual/an averted love triangle in the future, between the Doctor, River and Clara (which makes me think River/Clara). Perhaps she's still prejudiced against "Impossibilities" (i.e. Jack)and wants to protect her daughter from falling in love with one (Clara)

The Special Weapons Dalek/Imperial Daleks in the Dalek Asylum turned Oswin
into a Dalek.Being Daleks, one wonders why even the insane Daleks converted Oswin into one of them. However members of the Asylum included the Special Weapons Dalek and Imperial Daleks, who are people converted into Daleks, which along with their loyalty to Davros is why they caused a Dalek civil war. Since they started out as non-Daleks and didn't go crazy in their first appearance due to this, they'd see nothing wrong with converting Oswin. Of course this raises the question of why the Renegade Daleks didn't kill them, but that's either because they didn't know that they were impure or that they were put there by the Imperial Daleks.

River is the author of the History of the Time War
If it were a Gallifreyan tome, it would be written in Galifreyan, which, as River pointed out in "A Good Man Goes to War", the TARDIS won't translate for others. If it were just written by any old historian, they wouldn't have known The Doctor's real name. And if it were written by The Doctor himself, he would have omitted that part, or at the very least written it in first-person format. It is likely a one of a kind volume, written by Dr. River Song, for The Doctor himself.
  • I think it was written by the TARDIS, or rather, was just a physical version of what the TARDIS knows (and wants Clara to know?)

The Gallifreyan Clara worked on the TARDIS.
One of Clara's numerous "echoes" through the Doctor's timeline met his first incarnation as he was stealing the TARDIS on Gallifrey. This Clara must have been Gallifreyan, perhaps a Time Lady, and have a job related to faulty TARDIS-es. She did something the TARDIS is still angry about. Also, Fridge Horror, the Time War claimed Clara as one of its victims.

The Nightmare in Silver Cybermen are evolved from the Cyber-Legion Cybermen
Further, the Cyber-Legion Cybermen have their origins in the Mondas Cybermen and Cybus Cybermen interacting and one side or the other assimilated the other, whichever side won, if they didn't merge, recognised Cybus' designs as being most efficient at the time

Miss Kizlet is back inside the hell she put everyone into.
Miss Kizlet's erasure of memories almost certainly resulted in said memories going to the Great Intelligence(the true identity of the Data Cloud) despite what she might think(it feeds on human minds so if you think it's going to let go of free food your sadly mistaken).... The Miss Kizlet who did evil things(unlike the Kizlet with the mind of a child left after the memory removal) is back in that ironic hell and this time can't escape her worst nightmare.

The Phobos Heresy Skaldak vanquished worshipped the Monster from "Phobos"

The Dalek Asylum was an instance of Pragmatic Villainy on the Dalek's side.
Their esthetic of hatred was mainly justification. The Daleks sealed, with the exception of the Imperial and Special Weapons Dalek(who may have been dumped there by Davros) are technically pure. They fought the Doctor and survived, so in spite of their insanity would have a lot of military experience. The reason why they don't outright wipe them out is because the Daleks want an armada of experienced Daleks on their side, primarily to fight off the Doctor. The problem is how to cure their PTSD, so they simply dump them on the Asylum until a solution could be found. The apparent Villain Decay of Dalek!Oswin hacking the Daleks? Part of an experiment to try and cure their madness. Their decision to blow up the Asylum was because they were beginning to escape, and had become more trouble than they were worth. Another reason why the Asylum survived may have been an attempt to ensure their races survival. The Asylum Daleks didn't play a part in the Time War, and as such if no Dalek escaped the conflict an automatic system would begin restoring the inmates' minds

Clara's mother was killed during the 2005 Auton invasion.
This ties in with Clara's dates correlating with the show. Another thing I noticed at the time that struck me instantly was Clara's mother's grave indicated she died on March 5th 2005. That when Doctor Who returned to our screens and coincidentally when 'Rose' is set. Therefore Clara's mum was killed by an auton during the invasion. I makes perfect sense! She was 44 when she died and there was no logical explanation. She didn't die of old age, and no mention to an illness or shock death like being hit by a bus. Therefore it marries up pretty good that Ellie Oswald was killed during the Auton invasion, giving aliens a role in Clara's life really early on and foreshadowing her importance.

The TARDIS deliberately avoided Victorian London
An aside note in "The Crimson Horror" is that they were meant to go to Victorian London but landed in the wrong place. If the TARDIS genuinely doesn't like Clara it might have decided things would go worse if she was close to where the other one was encountered.

Strax speaks fluent horse.
  • Strax, being part of a warrior race, taught himself how to speak horse in case he ever wound up riding one into battle. In "The Crimson Horror", when he prepares to execute a horse, he genuinely understands what the horse is saying, but he hasn't stopped to think about whether or not it can understand him.

In a future Clara Episode, she will play a villain.
An offshoot of the "new Clara for each episode 'till she dies and we rinse and repeat" theory, there will be a point where a Clara ends up being the antagonist, and the Doctor has to stop her. This would be an interesting challenge for the Doctor, because he still wants clues as to what is going on, and he has to wring them out of her before her inevitable defeat and the Doctor has to start looking again.

Clara is a member of the Blackadder Family
Let's look at the facts:
  • She has the Blackadder black hair.
  • She has the Blackadder snark.
  • Though she never says the words, she had a cunning plan in Asylum which actually works for a change.
  • Most importantly, she appears virtually unchanged between at least three different time periods.
  • She knows someone named Nina in at least two incarnations. Her own Baldrick?

Why doesn't she have the name? Possibly her father was the heir, but as a bastard didn't know his legacy. Or possibly her mother was the heir and took her husbands name when she married.

One of the reasons that the Doctor chose the Victorian age to retire in the episode The Snowmen is that he was planning to get around the time paradox so he could see Amy and Rory again.
Remember the Eleventh Doctor is quite possibly the longest lived version of the Doctor; it would be relatively ease for him to wait from 1892 until the late 1930's as that's only forty years.
  • But why not materialise closer? Like the 1920s?
    • Maybe 1892 is the closest he can get.
  • More importantly, why not materialize on the right continent, if he'd wanted to get to 1930s New York City? It would save him a long sea voyage, as well as an awful lot of dodging and weaving to avoid all the times his prior selves have popped in and out of Britain's past.

The Clara duplicates don't just appear out of nowhere when they enter the timeline
They're born, and this supports the idea that CAL is another Clara, as they don't all have the same names, or CAL could be a descendant of another Clara OR spacial genetic multiplicity like with Gwen and Gwyneth... which would make CAL basically a clone of a Clara duplicate.

Amy and Rory meet Clyde and Rani at some point
Yes, I'm going somewhere with this. Let's say... Amy and Rory are at a restaurant. Clyde and Rani are seated not far away. They overhear Amy and Rory mention the Doctor, and when they confirm that the Ponds are in fact companions, they reveal that they're friends of Sarah Jane. They swap stories of the things they've seen and done, including the events of The Empty Planet. Years later (or ago), after Amy and Rory are taken by the Angel, Amy is trying to come up with a new book idea. She starts thinking about what she's seen, and recalls Clyde and Rani telling her about The Empty Planet, and uses that tale to write a bestselling children's book called Summer Falls.I'm sorry, but three kids, one girl and two boys, one of whom is younger than the others, alone in a city/town do to some alien thing connected to the younger boy? A café as their headquarters? And a ring that proves to be significant in some form? Off the top of my head? That's a little pushing it for coincidence.

Amy and Rory led to their parents' existence.
When they lived The Slow Path, they helped play matchmaker for their grandparents, eventually ensuring their own conception. Amy's parents have such fantastical names because she suggested them to her grandparents, who decided they'd be a good fit for their mother and father. Hey, River Song helped get her parents together, so it's not a stretch that Amy and Rory tried the same thing. We don't see their grandparents, so pairing them wouldn't cause any continuity flubs.

She has thousands of splintered selves, scattered throughout the timeline. It's not implausible for one of those Claras to procreate. One or more of the Claras ended up having a child in the distant past, who had a child of his/her own... and eventually, we get the original Clara. Her timeline is one big Stable Time Loop anyway, so what's one more? Also, My Own Grampa is the one time-travel trope Doctor Who hasn't done before, so why not do it here?

Gwen is one of Clara's duplicates.
One of Clara's duplicates was born in 19th century Cardiff and named Gwyneth. She dies saving the Doctor by stopping the Gelth. Eventually, another duplicate is born just over a hundred years later in the same area, named Gwen. After joining Torchwood, she helps the Doctor by defending the Hub and with the subwave network when the Earth is stolen. The two actresses even have a slight physical resemblance.

The Nano Cloud from Asylum of the Daleks is having an affect on the Doctor
The Doctor has been getting more and more aggressive with each episode. First he just let Solomon die and in the most recent episode he drew a gun on Kahler-Jex, and as we know the Doctor despises guns and is normally a pacifist.

Clara Oswald is related in some way to Lee Harvey Oswald.
That name can't be coincidence. Clara Oswald is actually the grandneice of Lee Harvey Oswald, making her father his nephew and gran his sister-in-law. Her paternal grandfather migrated to the British Isles to get away from the crimes of his brother. Her relation is a family secret. Alternatively, one of her splinters was close to Lee Harvey Oswald and may have even had a role in the Kennedy assasination.

The Doctor and Clara in 1983
The two of them would have been stuck in 1983 after the end of "Cold War" for at least a few months, since the TARDIS had gone off to the South Pole, the episode is clearly set in Northern Hemisphere summer and no one flies to the South Pole in the winter for non-medical emergency reasons. So they would have been stuck in that year until late October or so.
  • Also, just imagine the South Pole Station winter-over crew's confusion when the TARDIS turned up.

Every role that Jenna Coleman has ever played or ever will play are avatars of Clara.
Yes, that includes Queen Victoria. Meaning that Cla-vatar technically met the Doctor onscreen all the way back in Series 2.


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