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Nobody understands how powerful the... Internet is.

"Welcome to our Computer Show. I'm Mars Argo"

Mars Argo was a musical duo consisting of a girl (also named Mars Argo—real name Brittany Sheets) and Titanic Sinclair (Corey Mixter). They produced indie rock songs together and also did a series of somewhat bizarre artistic videos in a series called Computer Show, with cameraman Tony Katai. Collectively, the music and videos were labeled under the name Grocerybagdottv.

It began when they wanted to start their own YouTube channel with Radiohead songs in the background, but YouTube began pulling the videos down because of copyright issues. So they started producing their own music to use instead, which people began to get interested in, leading to them producing full-fledged songs under the name Mars Argo.

Their Computer Show videos were intended to be interesting, unusual, absurdist, and also comical. The videos had a wide range—some of them were satirical (poking fun at society and political views), some of them discussed their depression and anxiety at the inevitability of death, and some of them were just them doing whatever for fun.


The project's creation of their own music lead to a surprisingly huge amount of surreal but incredibly elegant music, even dropping a debut album entitled Technology is a Dead Bird, followed up by a multitude of singles such as "Runaway Runaway", "Stuck on You" and even an EP entitled Linden Place EP.

The music project and Grocerybagdottv abruptly ended however after the messy fallout between Sheets and Sinclair, with most of the videos off of the channel vanishing as well. Sheets also seemed to vanish despite updating fans that she would continue Mars Argo on her own, while Sinclair found a new partner to create music and similar surrealism that Mars Argo/Grocerybagdottv is based on. You probably have heard of it; it's called Poppy.

In April 2018, Sheets announced her return to music, along with a few other events discussed on Poppy's YMMV page. Although development is taking a while, Brittany has posted several unfinished lyrics snippets on her Tumblr in 2020 and confirmed that she's still actively making the album.


Mars finally properly resurfaced in 2022, releasing the song "Angry" on the former grocerybag channel, now rebranded to "shouldicleanmyroom".

Due to the similarities of Poppy and Mars Argo, the tropes of her page will (somewhat) apply here as well.


  • Brittnay Sheets a.k.a. Mars Argo - vocals, synths, piano (2009-2014, 2018-)
  • Titanic Sinclair - vocals, guitar (2009-2014, went off to start Poppy)


  • Technology is a Dead Bird (2009)
  • 2012/112212/Medicine Man (speculated 2012 release) [Cancelled album]
  • Guppy (speculated 2016 release) [Cancelled album]

Other releases

  • Internet Sessions [EP] (2010)
  • Spider In My Bathtub [EP] (2010)
  • Linden Place EP (2011)
  • Mars Argo [Compilation] (2012)

Welcome to the TV Trope Show...

  • Ambient: Certain elements of the project's music gave this idea, in particular with the interludes of Technology is a Dead Bird.
  • Arc Symbol: The later established frowning/smiling heart symbol which while originally planned for the cancelled 2012 album became associated with the project.
  • Blood from the Mouth: Several videos and vines had this happening to Mars, similar to Poppy's "Oh No!" video. In the last video prior to her disappearance "Everybody Wants It All", she even points out that "sometimes, I just throw up blood."
  • Break the Cutie: Mars seems to be this in the video series and by an extent, this applies to real life considering the struggle Sheets dealt with.
  • Broken Bird: The Mars character.
  • Bury Your Art: Brittany took down most of the Computer Show episodes and music videos after the breakup, due to wanting not to be reminded of any of her work with Corey.
  • Central Theme: Deconstructing the internet perspective, mocking the worship of celebrities, and technology itself seems to apply for Computer Show and the music.
  • Crapsack World: Technology is a Dead Bird showcases this with sound clips of a woman named "Collie" feeling the world-weariness of life around her and the loneliness/isolation of a growing digital age.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": Mars was more comfortable being called "Mars" than "Brittany". It's a personal thing.
  • Drone of Dread: Similar to Poppy's videos, Computer Show gave very...very creepy tones compared to the abstract and surreal presentation.
  • Madness Mantra: "DELETE YOUR FACEBOOK"
  • Mind Screw: Everything. The music seems to be the less mind-screw elements, but if you come across the clips of Computer Show, it's all of this.
  • Minimalist Cast: The videos were mostly just Titanic and Mars doing...stuff.
  • Obfuscating Insanity: Brittnay Sheets is an intelligent and kind hearted girl, while Mars Argo is mostly reserved and seems to be out of it.
  • Product Placement: "Internet Candy Chips" features Lays and Doritos chips, Harbio gummy bears, Redvine Licorice, corn dogs, and pizza dippers. Yes really.
  • Series Fauxnale: The since deleted "Everybody Wants It All" video where Mars is implicitly about to shoot herself was her last appearance until Brittany returned.
  • The Singularity: It seems the concept of a singularity seems to exist within Mars Argo's music, even one of the songs off of Technology is a Dead Bird is called "The Singularity is Near".
  • Take That!:
    • Certain videos mock and parody the internet, the obsession with celebrity status, and overall The New '10s culture shtick. There'a also snark towards art in one of the videos.
    • "Runaway Runaway" has this line: "I wish I was a dumb pop star so the words didn't matter to you."
  • 20 Minutes into the Future: The Computer Show plotline is that Mars and Titanic were sent back from the distant future of 2012 to 2009 to spread a message of peace.
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