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Choosing a title is an important part of marketing an anthology. Some anthologies take their title from one of the stories they're reprinting, in a strategy to capitalize on the audience's familiarity with the original work. Audiences seeking the original work will find this anthology and may decide to purchase it to read the other stories that are (usually) somewhat similar.

An Anthology sharing the same title as one of the works within the collection is always deliberate, although it may be inverted by an author being asked to write a story based on the name, rather than choosing the anthology's title based on an already-written story.

Sub-Trope to Title Drop, which includes multiple ways a title affects the writing of the work or when the work itself affects the title, as well as Recycled Title, where two different works by the same creators use the same title.

Sister Trope to Title Drop Chapter, where an installment of a single work (such as a chapter or an episode) shares the title with the whole work; this often is used for important developments. The anthology signals that this story is the best/most-famous amoung the collection, rather than the containing the biggest revelation.

Super-Trope to Title Track, where a music album shares the title with one of the songs in the anthology.

Examples of this trope within works:

Anime & Manga


Tabletop Games

  • Call of Cthulhu supplement The Asylum And Other Tales, a collection of adventures that includes "The Asylum".

Western Animation