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  • In the first episode, Grougaloragran sees Alibert let a bounty escape so as not wreck the criminal's family. That act of kindness made Alibert the ideal guardian for baby Yugo. Hypnotic message or not, Alibert instantly takes a shine to Yugo.
    Alibert: Well, I'll be darned. All I needed to do was hang up my shovel to find the most priceless treasure of all.
  • In season 1, episode 3, the Villain of the Week, the enigmatic Black Crow (in reality, the Henpecked Husband Karbrok) has his true identity discovered by his wife. While initially angry, she forgives him pretty quickly once it turns out that part of his motivation was to gather new supplies to stock up their shop with.
  • The flashback of Evangelyne cheering up a sick Amalia when they were both younger.
    • At the end of the episode, Amalia rushes to hug Eva after she's rescued.
  • The episode with Ruel's bag. Ruel was upset enough, naturally, the genie was going after his money. But it's only when Yugo passes out after saving Ruel from falling down a cliff that he gets angry and determined enough to fight the thing. With what appeared to be chocolate coins.
  • When Kriss' super-kick is headed right for Amalia, she sees her life flash before her eyes... and it's all memories involving Eva. You could read this as showing Eva's importance in her life, such that she can hardly remember a moment that didn't have her in it, or you could see it as her subconscious bringing up memories of Eva because she associates her with protection and safety.
  • In season 1 episode 12, at the end of the Bontarian Gobbowl tournament, after a ridiculously epic clash between Yugo, Kriss and their teams, everyone lies injured on the field, save for Kriss who has the gobball. He saunters over to the goal circle and showboats for far too long, purposefully not scoring the goal. While he's doing this, Sadlygrove picks himself up and uses the charge in his shield to knock Kriss flying. He then turns to Yugo on the ground, offers his hand and says, "Let's become legends, Yugo," and carries him to the goal. He then sets him down and allows Yugo to score the final goal. *sniff* For all his attempts to be recognized as a hero, Sadlygrove is one of the most selfless characters on the show.
    • The post-game is nice, too. Despite being furious at losing, Kriss swallows his rage and holds Yugo's hand up in recognition of his Worthy Opponent. And even though it was just a ploy on Amalia's part to get Jay's help, Eva still goes on the offered date with him, even giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek goodbye. The heroes present the trophy from the game to the memorial of Ruel's now-dead teammates. During all of this, we hear a voice-over of Yugo's letter to his Alibert.
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  • The story of Nox's "dog" Igôle: After being sent after Yugo and Adamaï, he finds a home with a young girl who reminds him of one of Nox's children.
  • Season 1, Episode 22: At the height of a Despair Event Horizon after breaking Eva's bow while under the Demonic Possession of Rubilax, Sadlygrove stumbles into the tomb of his former mentor, reminiscing on happier times. Then his master promptly comes back to life just because his pupil was so down on himself, giving Sadlygrove a pep talk and helping him regain his sense of purpose again.
  • Season 1, Episode 24: Sadlygrove's return and apology to Eva.
  • Season 1, Episode 25: At the beginning, just as everyone's taking off to intercept Nox, Eva pulls Sadlygrove back for a moment and kisses him gently on the cheek.
    Eva: (With a smile) Sometimes you're cute when you get all silly.
  • The end credits montage for Season 1, much needed after the massive Tear Jerker that preceded it. Among other things, we have:
    • Igole tolerating his new owner's girlish accessories (being a kid and all) with only mild irritance.
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    • Karbok and his wife are now expecting a child, looking delighted with the news.
    • Even The sight of Nox, dissolved to ash atop the graves of his family, counts—Tearjerker though it may be, at least his remains get to rest with the family he worked so hard to reunite with.
  • Yugo's reunion with Alibert at the start of season 2.
  • Sadlygrove's return in Season 2 Episode 4. The sheer joy felt by the group is undoubtedly the same way most fans felt.
    • And even better, the fight immediately after Sadlygrove returns, against his stone clones, is really sweet. The gang is just having so much fun fighting together again, even turning it into a game for a while.
  • Season 2 episode 7: King Sheran Sharm not only letting his daughter go with the rest of the Brotherhood(unbenownst to her of course), and even having his servants pack some food and whatever changes of cloth she might need. And as to why? Because as he puts it, "She's just like her mother". D'aww.
  • And earlier, after Amalia and her brother fighting, the King reveals that Armand was the most torn up about her going missing, and looked the happiest he'd ever been when they got a snowglobe from Bonta depicting Amalia and the rest of the Brotherhood of the Tofu, showing that she was all right.
  • Amalia choosing to save Yugo first in "The Thirsters", at first justifying her decision by citing his competence and heroism, but the hug she immediately gives him after she frees him was so heartfelt that it prompted the nearby Pandiego to ask if they were quite done "counting each other's teeth with their tongues."
  • Also from "The Thirsters," we see that the rest of the gang—recently-zombified—still retain aspects of their real selves. While a zombified Ruel is trying to scoop up kamas, Sadlygrove and Eva are seen standing under the moonlight, trying to embrace one another despite being unable to thanks to their quasi-ethereal condition. It's a bit of a Tearjerker, but it shows that not even brainwashed undeath can stop these two from loving one another.
  • Season 2 episode 16: The moment between Eva and Yugo when she finds herself unable to leave the village without helping them. He just takes her hand and smiles, and they have a silent moment of understanding.
  • Eva and Yugo hugging after she and everyone else tell him they're not letting him go into battle alone.
  • Sadlygrove, having just recently been stopped by his master from jumping into battle with Rushu after he absorbed all the Shushus to increase his power, asks Eva if maybe they should take the next few months off, just the two of them. The fact that Eva is apparently pregnant probably had something to do with it, proving that Sadlygrove values being a family man just as much as fighting.
  • During the final episode of Season 2 between helping strategies the attack against the invading Shushus, Amalia is listing everything she plans to do to Yugo when she sees him again, considering that he left them behind to keep them out of the battle with Qilby. When Yugo returns and greets his friends, Amelia screams out his name and charges at him head first, looking ready to cream him. But after a moment or two of chewing him out, she drops to her knees and hugs him tearfully.
  • Much like the last season, Season 2's final credits give us glimpses of characters we've seen;
    • Justice Knight and his father are enjoying a roller coaster in Brakmar.
    • Yugo and Albert tearfully hugging each other, reunited.
  • In the comic, we get a big one from seeing how many people showed up to celebrate Adami and Yugo's 14th birthday party.
  • From the specials, Tristepin and Eva's wedding. Also qualifies as a happy Tear Jerker.
  • Yugo saving Amalia from being assaulted by Count Harebourg after exposing his scheme, while simultaneously confessing his love for her after hiding it for a good while. "I've always wanted to save a princess..."
    • This moment is enhanced even further by the events of the 3rd season, when Oropo explains his origins and the origins of the Eliotropes, he explains that as fragments of Yugo, they share in all of his loves as well as his powers and appearance. The 2 greatest loves are the love that Yugo feels for the Brotherhood and the romantic love he feels for Amalia, which if the flashbacks are to be believed, stretched clear back to season 1 from when they were both kids. Yugo has loved Amalia before he even started to notice girls!
    • Also from the special, its ending with it appearing that despite Yugo's condition of Older Than They Look, he and Amalia appear to be willing to try a solid relationship.
  • Everything about the Percedal family.
  • In Episode 7 of Season 3, Yugo and Amalia finally share their first Big Damn Kiss. The moment is spoiled shortly after by a fight with Black Bump and further still by Yugo trying to convince Amalia and himself that they can't be together because of his fears over being able to have a full life with Amalia due to their racial differences. Fortunately, the 2 make peace shortly after and by the end of the season have fully reconciled and accepted each other,finally becoming an Official Couple
  • Episode 10 of Season 3, Tristepin is finally reunited with his family and in time to see his thirdborn. After all the trouble they passed, they can finally enjoy some short-lived solace, and even Echo can't help but smile.
  • In the final episode of season 3, When Yugo start to cry for Oropo's death and the Eliotropes' Cessation of Existence, Amalia comforts him with a touch in the shoulder, then he sees the Sadlygrove family finally reunited, Ruel happy with Arpagone, Adamai, Gouldtard, Ush, Dathura, Black Bump and Vile with an unconscious Mishell, smiling at him. All accompanied with an emotional soundtrack, only to end with yugo returning the smile at them and preparing himself to travel inglorium with the new brotherhood.
  • Also from the final episode of Season 3, though counting as a Tear Jerker: Oropo unable to bring himself to sacrifice his Brotherhood in order to follow through with his plan to wipe out the gods. Instead, he teleports the Wakfu bomb he created back to his lair, and himself with it, just so Lady Echo - who basically ruined his plans in the first place be sending the Brotherhood to the bomb's location in order to call his bluff - wouldn't have to die alone. The two make up in their final moments, sharing one last kiss before the bomb detonates and destroys them both.
    • From the same segment: The memories of Oropo with some of his companions, which includes spending time with Mishell and her pets, playing cards with Ush and even giving one of his underwear to Black Bump, all with a warm smile on his face. It's nice to see that under that dogmatic and extremist facade he hid a heart of gold and that Yugo genuinely passed him something.

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