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Heartwarming / Wallace & Gromit

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A Grand Day Out

  • It's subtle, but Wallace's drafting table has doodles of Gromit. The man adores his dog.
  • The robot finally being able to go skiing, and waving to Wallace and Gromit. Seemingly catching on what's happened, Wallace happily waves back as well. Considering that earlier on the robot tried to bonk Wallace on the head for sampling some of the moon's cheese and that Wallace and Gromit misunderstood its intentions when it was trying to come back to Earth with them, it's really sweet that they part ways on good terms with each other.

The Wrong Trousers

  • The start of the short is Wallace trying to celebrate Gromit's birthday, getting a card for him and some presents. While Gromit really doesn't appreciate the collar and leash, and everyone comes to regret the creation of the Techno Trousers, they were gifts that Wallace still put time, effort, and more money than he could afford into.
  • After spending most of the short being ignored, Gromit fetches Wallace's slippers to which his master replies: "Thank you old friend, many thanks indeed."

A Close Shave

  • Wallace and the sheep showing their Undying Loyalty by plotting Gromit's elaborate escape out of prison.
  • Although it is a tragic scene, the fact that all the sheep (yes, all the sheep, not just Shaun) are crying along with Wallace shows that they are kind-hearted, empathetic animals.
  • Crossing over with Moment of Awesome, Gromit swings directly into Preston (knocking both of them onto a Conveyor Belt of Doom) to get him away from Wallace, Wendolene and the sheep.
  • The ending; "I couldn't pass by without saying thank you."
    • Wallace rebuilding Preston after all he'd done. True, the result was a rather pitiful husk of himself, but he did try to bring back the good dog Wendolene loved before. She even gives him a loving pat as they leave.
    Wendolene: He's just like he used to be.
  • Gromit and Shaun are surprisingly loyal to one another. One might assume Gromit would be jealous of Wallace taking on another pet (since their last guest gave them so much trouble), but Gromit never shows him any malice: when he sees Shaun being kidnapped, he doesn't hesitate to save him, and in doing so earns Shaun's loyalty, enough that he'll help break Gromit out of prison. During the climax, as Robot!Preston is advancing predatorily on Shaun, Gromit swoops down on his improvised bungie cord and snatches him to safety while giving Preston a look of "Don't you dare lay a paw on him!" The film even ends on Gromit, clearly having had enough of this nonsense, refusing Wallace's commands to chase Shaun away so he'll stop eating their cheese.
  • A meta example, Anne Reid (the voice actress of Wendoline) has commented in interviews that of all the roles she's played, and of all the people she's worked with, out of her entire career...the most wonderful experience she had was working with Nick Park on 'Wallace & Gromit'. On the back of one of her script pages, he drew a sketch of Wallace, Wendoline and Gromit, and a short thank-you message to her, which she eventually had framed and refers to as 'one of her treasures'

The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

A Matter of Loaf and Death
  • After the breakup between Wallace and Piella, Gromit does his best to cheer Wallace up, bringing him a cup of tea. Despite the entire event muddying their friendship, with Gromit getting punished for a crime he didn't commit, he stands firm by his master and maybe even forgives him for what he did.
    • Leads to Mood Whiplash when Wallace brings up being called a "fruitcake" and asks for reassurance that he isn't. Gromit just pats him on the shoulder, simultaneously getting off some snark and being nice to his friend.
    • This sentiment is repaid later after Fluffles seemingly leaves, with Wallace doing the same thing to cheer up his faithful hound. Again, there's some Mood Whiplash when Wallace jokes that at least Gromit's love interest wasn't "a bread-hating, baker-murdering serial killer like mine!"
  • According to Nick Park, Gromit having a Bagpuss toy was his tribute to Oliver Postgate.
  • Gromit gets the girl!
    • Every interaction between Gromit and Fluffles.
      • Before Gromit throws an exploding fit when he sees that Piella changed his entire room, and threw out his favorite things, he hears a knock on the door and he sees Fluffles returning his possessions. His expressions alone just tell you how eternally grateful he is to her. When Fluffles giggles at one of his CD albums titled "Puppy Love by Doggy Osmond", and Gromit blushes, this is where they hit it off.
      • As Piella leaves after giving Wallace the cake (which is really a bomb in disguise), she states "Fluffles isn't feeling too well", which causes Gromit to worry and check if she's alright.
      • During his attempt to see Fluffles, Gromit's initial and hers are seen carved on the tree. "F heart G".
      • When they are thrown into the storage room, Fluffles holds Gromit's arm in concern and Gromit puts his hand on hers to comfort her.
      • When Fluffles is taken hostage by Piella, Gromit's expression is one of fear and concern.
      • Fluffles hugs Gromit for comfort when Piella gets eaten by crocodiles.
      • At the end, Gromit invites her to join him and Wallace, when she has nowhere to go after her owner died.
      Wallace: Always room for a small one!


  • The whole premise of Project Zoo is Wallace and Gromit saving baby animals that have been kidnapped by Feathers McGraw in order to force the adult animals into working for him.
    • In the third level, two of the three baby gorillas will hug the duo once rescued.
  • A real-life example: in A Grand Day Out, Wallace only says "Wensleydale" because Nick Park wanted Wallace to say something that made him look toothy. Unbeknownst to him, at the time of production, the Wensleydale cheese factory was on its last legs and close to bankruptcy, so its mere mention in the short was enough to save the business.