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As a Headscratchers subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • A desert? On an archipelago?
  • If Nox can fly, what's the point of all those moving platforms in his base? He just hovers over them.
    • It's possible that he couldn't always fly, or at least couldn't when he made his clock-mech. This is supported in the prequel episode's climax, where he raises the earth he's standing on instead of simply levitating. Or perhaps he was thinking about his flightless minions when he had them installed. Just throwing it out there.
  • If, as Nox demonstrated, time-travel (beyond twenty minutes garnered from an omnicidal campaign for the means to do so) is impossible, why are Xelors considered masters of time?
    • Nox's spell did work, albeit far less than he wanted it to, so it's clearly not actually impossible. The cost is just far, far too high to make it ever worth attempting. But as to your question, you don't have to be able to do everything within one field to be considered the master of it, you just have to be the best. And Xelors are much, much better than everyone else at time-related magic.
    • Time-travel is possible and regularly practiced by Xelors. He's trying to rewind time, not just shift his position.
  • Okay, so I don't know Dofus, I just finished Wakfu, and I haven't read any of the comics (since I can't find them). So, by any chance, could someone explain to me who the hell is Master Joris and where does he come from? I mean, he completely destroyed an energy throwing machine that owned most members of the Five-Man Band, to the extent of killing one of them, and he did it in one blow! so he MUST be someone, and must surely have its own relevant backstory.
    • Though Razortime was already seriously damaged by the fight. All Joris did was deliver the finishing blow.
    • Joris does have a relevant backstory, it just hasn't been revealed yet. Ankama has announced that they are producing a feature-length film about him, which will then lead in to a Dofus cartoon. No word on whether or not he'll have any more of a significant role in Wakfu than he does already, though.
  • Where the hell can I watch this series? It looks very interesting, but I can't seem to find any episodes.
    • You won't find it streaming online outside of the official website (1 episode/week, generally), but you can buy the first season on DVD from Ankama Shop (both being French-language only).
      • The whole series has just (very) successfully finished a Kickstarter for an English dub on Blu-Ray.
      • As of 9/17/14, the series is on Netflix in both the French and English dub.
  • Okay, a pretty minor one, but... why would Maude wear Facial Markings when she has to hide her face behind a mask at all time?
    • She only has to hide her face when on the field.
  • How can Anathar create portals to the Shushu realm (dozens of them!) when it took a monumental amount of energy and concentration for Adamaï and Qilby to do the same? Why does Rushu need his own Eliatrope at all?
    • The land of the Shushus is where Anathar belongs; I imagine it would have been easy for him to make a portal to there compared to Adamaï and Qilby, who have never been (?). Him being able to create portals was temporary, as well — he could only do it because he touched an Eliatrope, so Rushu's probably looking for the real deal.
      • Well, if you have both the "real deal" and a copycat, logic would dictate it's wiser to use the "real deal." Rushu didn't know Yugo couldn't open portals between worlds. On the other hand, he probably should've restrained the brat if he believed that. In that case he could've escaped Shukrute at any moment. And he definitely shouldn't've risked Yugo's life in the arena. Feels like the writers wanted Rushu to be a dumb brute.
  • This may seem like kind of a stretch, but the fact that Eva and Grovy had gotten that far in their relationship so fast was... kind of astounding. They'd only been physically together as a couple for four episodes, for three of those episodes they were in the company of all their friends and probably unable to find a reasonable place to get intimate, they are terribly awkward with each other at that point, not to mention Grovy didn't even know what sex was just a few episodes before (unless he took Ruel up on that 5 kama offer). I find it hard to believe that they'd just jump that far that fast, but who knows, heat of the moment... anyone else find this hard to believe?
    • No. They had plenty of time and enough intimacy while back at the Sadida kingdom to do the deed. And given Grovy's very close call with death, it's entirely believable that they would want to upgrade their relationship as soon as possible, considering they got a strong reminder that life on the World of Twelve is short and that they should seize the moment.
  • Why does Nox's teleport spell fizz out at the worst possible times (when Grougal basically breathes a volcano on him in Episode 17 and when Yugo reaches for the Cube in the finale)? He's not even particularly hurt during the second one. I've yet to really see a clear explanation for this despite being such a critical plot point.
    • In first example, I always assumed Grougal had hit him with some anti-magic breath specifically so that he couldn't teleport out of the way. The second example isn't as easy to justify, but it helps to consider that while Nox is a genius inventor, he doesn't really seem to care too much for upkeep anymore. His magic and machines only need to last until he's ready to travel back in time, and he's perfectly content to run them ragged until then. The recent, nearby explosion probably didn't help either.
    • It could be that performing the teleport spell is just hard to do, so when panicking Nox can't concentrate enough to reliably cast it.
    • Judging from several scenes of his fights, he does not so much teleport per se, as more stops time and then runs very fast to where he needs to be in the next second.
      • Seemingly jossed from the commandments of the Xelors: "Thou shalt ensure thy bandages are fastened securely before each teleportation." Although they could've retconned this in the cartoon series, it seems canon that they're actually teleporting.
  • Little surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but why did Tristepin's mentor call him "Papa" in the season 2 finale?
    • He got Eva pregnant.
    • Also, as the special reveals, Tristepin is literally his father. Well, his father's reincarnation at least.
  • Did the prince of Brakmar really think he could convince the council that eliatropes are bad news because Yugo caused a revolt in his kingdom? If any one in that council has been to Brakmar, and saw the way he rules said kingdom, they'd know it was begging for some kind soul to wander in there and cause some kind of uprising.
  • Why did Count Harebourg want to use the Saddida's forests as fuel when he has a greenhouse full of trees, which are renewable resources? Also, why does he want to suspend Frigost in the air and leave the other kingdoms to drown? Isn't he a member of a group that wants to keep the World of Twelve safe?
    • For the second and third questions, Harebourg's conversations with the other members of his group imply that he's not as selfless as them and prioritizes his kingdom. Rather selfish, but somewhat explicable since he's the ruler of Frigost and doesn't have to care for the other kingdoms (that don't bother to help his cursed kingdom either, to be totally fair to him).
  • Why doesn't Qilby just kill himself in the White Dimension? This can have one of two results: A) Qilby is sent back to his Dofus, he and Shenonome hatch, and he can try his plan again. B) Let's say that the White Dimension is so cut off from the World of Twelve that the, er... signal or energy or whatever wouldn't be able to return to his Dofus, in which case, he finally gets the oblivion that he made it abundantly clear multiple times that he would prefer over existing forever in the WD. So, win-win. I mean, an extremely DARK win-win, but still.
    • It's possible that whatever keeps him from dying of starvation or something in that place may also keep him from dying by any other means.
    • Qilby says time doesn't exist in Enrub and the Blank Dimension. It's not literally a time freeze (as he wouldn't be concious if that was the case) but it's basically suspended animation without actual suspended animation. If that makes any sense. Can move around, think, etc., but can't die of starvation, can't dehydrate, can't grow old, can't kill himself.
  • When Qilby explains the Eliatrope Odyssey, he explicitly says that they used the Wakfu of inhabited planets to power their ship: while trying to wipe out all life from the world of Twelves is a pretty damn scary plan, Qilby didn't technically committed genocide on other people. Granted he DID played a major part for the extinction of his people but this reveals that ALL the members of counsil of six have being equally guilty about the Eliatrope genocide. And they get away with it ???
    • We could also consider that Qilby simply lied about the extent of his involvement in all of this and painted the Council members as equally guilty to cover his own ass. Not to mention that since no one else would remember what happened following their death and rebirth, Qilby could simply pass of his lies as gospel, since as the only Eliatrope with an unbroken memory, they would have to trust him entirely about their past exploits. But Islands in its entirety doesn't jive with material presented in both the manga and the show, both of which depict Qilby as the sole instigator in the great war as well as deceiving the Council in order to accomplish his own ambitions.
  • Season 3... I have so many questions. Let's start with this: where did Oropo get the Eliacube from? Didn't we last see it left with Balthazar and the Eliatrope kids in their pocket universe?
    • A timey-wimey guess - if he gave it to Nox in the past, then he might have already had it (found in some Eliatrope ruins or whatever), and it only ended up in Emrub after the fight with Quilby, which was afterwards. Timey-wimey, all I'm saying.
    • Wait a second, what timey-wimey stuff? I always assumed that Oropo simply got there in Emrub and took it from Balthazar. It's not something beyond his skills, isn't it? And if he shares part of his memory and feelings with Yugo, I'd assume he knows about Emrub.
  • So Oropo left Nox the Eliacube and got Dathura to manipulate Ogrest. Got it. Was this active maliciousness on his part, or was he just trying to maintain a stable timeline?
    • The Voyagers (a special group of xelors) are the Time Police in this setting (according to the prominent fanfictioner Wish). Which means they'd have stopped him if this destabilised the timeline, but still. Pretty dickish moves.
  • So Oropo blames his existence on Yugo playing God. And his solution is to play God some more? How the hell does that make sense?
  • Ok, so What happens at the end of the last season? Like, okay, the team is in the Realm of the Gods, and the Big Bad blew himself up along with the Dofus and the Cube. But, are they the new gods, are they going back, What?]]
    • This abrupt end finds an explanation in outside factors. According to one of the show's producersnote , the third season was supposed to be longer. According to him, as Netflix prefers seasons of 13 Episodes with Japanimation and the likes, the original third season was planned to be divided into a Season 3 and a Season 4 that were the two parts of the same story. Season 3 aired, but they couldn't gather enough money to finance the next season, meaning that they could only air half of the original story they wanted to show and found a way to end the Season as best as they could.
      • So is season 4 going to be the second half, or will we get a timeskip?
  • From the first season, episode 4: the princesses were cursed because they insulted the Osamodas God. However, from what I understood of the series's background, the Twelve Gods were so depressed and despaired by their defeat at the hands of Ogrest that they locked themselves inside Inglorium. So, why Osamodas was there? Unless of course, the Curse was placed during the Dofus timeline when the Gods were more present, and a side effect of the curse included suspended time for the fortress.
  • Quoting from Brotherhood Of The Forgotten about Black Bump's collection of panties: " His pride and personal passion project. Perhaps the most notable is the fact that he has three of the six original Eliatropes' underwear stored away, only missing the three of the ones directly known to still be alive (Chibi, Qilby, and of course Yugo) . From this point, I'd like to ask two different but connected questions:
1: Considering that both Nora and Efrim are missing (presumably still in Dofus) and that Mina and Glip cannot be reborn yet because Phaeris and Balthazar are still alive (no longer the case with Phaeris after the manga), how on earth could Black Bump have stolen their slips? As far as I'm concerned, he's more likely to have taken the ones of Chibi and Quilby (the latter during his sojourn in the Sadida Kingdom). Yugo is still obviously out though.2: Considering that by the time of the third season the only "stuck" members of the Eliatrope Council are Shinonome (on behalf of her brother being sealed inside the Blank Dimension) and Glip (as Balthazar is still alive), why does noone tries to do something about Nora and Efrim/Mina and Phaeris, who at this point can possibly be awakened: true, that'll mean two more Eliatrope Babies and Dragon whelps to take care of, but still better than leave them like that. Or did the former two awakened on their own already? (ps: apologies in advance if I got the names wrong).
  • Now that Ogrest has been defeated, will the Gods come back? What happened to them?
  • If people started to pray to Ogrest, would he ascend to Godhood?
  • Do all Iops have a thing for blondes? Notably, the gobbowler iop from the first Dofus movie has a thing for a huppermage, who is coincidentally a blonde...


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