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Tear Jerker / Wakfu

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  • The end of Episode 19 has a "friendly fight" between Sadlygrove and Prince Armand turn near-deadly. Severely beaten and feeling threatened upon his life, Percedal gives in control to Rubilax, becoming the large demon that fought Yugo in the first episode. Evangelyne, having had enough of the pointless fight, tries to get in Rubilax/Sadlygrove's way, and he returns the favor by destroying her bow. The shock hits both her and (when he regains some composure) Sadlygrove. The latter then flees from the Sadida Kingdom still in demon form, and is now viewed as an enemy by the prince and his men, leaving Evangelyne with some very empty eyes.
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  • The death of the Soft Oak in episode 13 is pretty sad too.
  • Percedal Sadlygrove's death to the guns of Razetime, a walking autonymous tank in episode 25 (Season 1). The sequence is full of common tropes, but with strong execution and somber reactions from the entire cast. The biggest reaction comes from Evangelyne; the series' more serious, mature and supportive character. The whole episode, she and (primarily) Sadlygrove have been rallying and encouraging the team past fear and uncertainty, to stop Nox. When Percedal falls, she ''breaks'' entirely; and her eyes show it immediately. She's so utterly destroyed that when Razetime marches straight up next to her to finish the job, she makes no effort to avoid her death - calmly giving her own tearjerking line to echo Percedal's: "Let's become legends together." Even Rubilax, the group's Deadpan Snarker, least concerned member and frequent antagonizer of his master Percedal, appears genuinely torn up.
  • Nox has spent 200 years of research, plotting, and genocide in order to gather the energy needed to travel back in time and stop his family from being destroyed partially due to his own negligence (thinking that it's okay to commit atrocities, since he'll erase them all when he succeeds). In the end, he manages to defeat the heroes, drain the Tree of Life (killing the Sadidas in the process), and uses all the energy gained over this time period to travel back in time... a whole twenty minutes. When he realizes that everything he did was All for Nothing, and that he won't be able to correct his mistakes, he completely breaks down. The ending would have been happier if he had completely won.
    • The last scene of the montage that plays during the credits of the Season 1 finale consists of Nox's now disintegrated body along with his leftover mask and armor, and it's implied that he used the last of his Wakfu to transport himself to the grave of his very family he wanted to bring back. Together in Death indeed.
  • Really, the entire season finale is a Tear Jerker where the tears are made of Hot Blood.
  • Season 2 starts off pretty rough, with Eva mourning Percedal's death and spending all her time in front of his statue. Then she starts hearing his voice and wonders if she's going crazy, soon deciding to head off alone to try and find him. Fortunately, he turns out to be alive.
  • Even at the end of the second season, Qilby's final breakdown (though a lot more earned than Nox's) is pitiful. After Yugo defeats him and his sister Shinonome rejects him, Yugo strands him in the Blank Dimension forever. Qilby's trapped in his greatest fear—being alone—one he's vainly been attempting to avoid the entire season, last seen huddling and whimpering in the middle of nothingness as he prepares for a very lonely eternity ahead.
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  • Most of Special Episode 3. It starts with Yugo and Adamai fighting over the Dofus, resulting in Yugo physically harming Adamai and Adamai rejecting his brother forever. Then we have Grovy losing his arm in the battle against Ogrest and Yugo being indirectly responsible for a hail of asteroids raining down upon the World of Twelve, resulting in widespread devastation. It ends with a happy tear jerker, though: Eva and Grovy's wedding.
  • The first episode of season 3 begins and ends with the apparent murder of Sadlygrove. Adamai forced Yugo to watch
  • In season 3 episode 3 Oropo makes the brotherhood see their greatest regrets and fears WHILE their bodies age with each waking movement in the time trap, with Dally and Ruel getting the short end of the stick (with their bodies becoming of that of old men with a foot on the grave)
    • Yugo sees Nox and Qilby who both accuse Yugo of being just as monstrous a person as they.
    • Sadlygrove sees his family turn on him and demand to know how many wives, sons, and daughters he had and abandoned as the Iop god.
    • Ruel sees his one and only love condemn him for choosing money over their marriage.
    • Amalia sees her father dying while her brother accuses her of still being a spoiled princess.
    • And even when the trap was dispelled and their bodies aged to normal, their facial reactions of that mental attack show that it left a serious blow to their psyche.
  • Yugo and Amalia both have to go through a ton of confusion and heartbreak this season and it nearly causes their relationship to implode before they manage to get together.
    • Yugo is ready to completely buckle under the stress of not being able to find his brother, on top of already being worried sick about him and not being able to make amends for their fight over the Dofus and has been searching non stop for months with no leads.
    • Amalia's father has become gravely ill, though it isn't made clear if this is due to illness or just old age. In his stead, Armand has assumed the role of regent and his main priority seems to be to marry his sister off to any available suitor and pack her away. He and his new wife appear to have plans that they don't want his sister around to interfere in. Amalia's relationship with him is hinted to have completely turned sour due to his abrasiveness and constant manipulations to see her shipped off to the best possible political suitor (which seems to be within his wife's family). Amalia has more or less confined herself to her chambers and her father's bedside, but all she can do is watch him grow weaker and weaker, and she will have no family support once he dies.
    • During the journey through the tower, Yugo and Amalia are finally forced to confront their feelings for each other, but though Amalia is willing and desperately wants Yugo to be her lover, Yugo is still torn up by their differences. He claims he no longer worries about his appearance (though it's clear it bugs him), he also seems to think that Amalia will expect him to become some kind of regal, kingly figure to give her a good life, which he doesn't believe he'll be able to do. He also doesn't want her to waste her youth waiting for him to grow up and so tries to reject her, even after his true emotions compel him to passionately kiss her at the same time. Their friction is aggravated by their fears of not being able to communicate to each other and made worse by Sipho slipping among the team again and fostering further division disguised as Ruel.
    • During the battle inside of Oropo's subconscious, we finally understand the full weight of Yugo's emotional trauma. He's been carrying the guilt of all the previous seasons and the special episodes with him and the intense strain is literally weighing him down. He's also guilt ridden over his fear of the responsibility of being a good King and not having freed his people in the last 6 years in addition to his fear of not being able to live a normal life with the woman he loves, plus the frightening realization that even after he dies, it STILL won't end. He'll have to be reborn and go through the same heartache and uncertainty all over again. He's completely aware of the totality of his existence and it scares him to death.
    • Fortunately, in the final battle against Oropo, Amalia is able to make her heart clear, rejecting Oropo even as he tries to maker her love him, using his connection to Yugo to manipulate her feelings. In a cross with heartwarming moment, She comes to Yugo's aid during the final battle and states that though Oropo may want to try and take Yugo's life for himself, he will never be able to take her from him and Yugo, finally realizing the true depths of Amalia's love for him at last, embraces her as his lover/wife to be
  • Seeing Ruel's flashbacks in Season 3 Episode 8 can be pretty rough, as the viewer already knows that his relationship with Arpagone didn't work out.
  • During the final battle of the season, thanks to Oropo kissing Amalia and professing his love for her, a heartbroken and furious Echo reveals the truths about Oropo's plan that he had been keeping from the rest of the group. This shakes and ends up breaking his group's trust in him, as the revelations implied that they were all nothing but the latest batch of pawns in his attempts at attaining his goals.
  • The last episode of season 3: Inglorium, ends with Oropo incapable of killing the Brotherhood of the Forgotten, who were sent to Inglorium alongside the Brotherhood of the Tofu with the help of Lady Echo. Oropo decides to remain with Lady Echo while his Artifact of Doom explodes, destroying them along with his entire dimension, when they share one Last Kiss.
    Oropo: You take a great risk Echo.
    Lady Echo: I was sure about this *touches Oropo chest*.
    Oropo: I really want to do it. I would have liked another end.
    Lady Echo: I know.
  • When Yugo reaches Inglorium, what's the first thing he can see? An illusion of Oropo disappearing, then all the Eliotropes presences that were with Oropo also disappear and finally Oropo (in his original form) smiles at Yugo and they touch their palms, shortly after that Oropo disappears and Yugo start to cry, all accompanied with no music at all.

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