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Season 1

  • "Diversity Day:" After losing out his biggest sale of the year to Dwight, we then see a clip of Pam falling asleep on Jim's shoulder and his reaction to it.
    Jim: Not a bad day...

Season 2

  • In "The Dundies", most of the workers gripe about Michael's annual Dundies awards and the show doesn't go over well, until a couple of patrons near them heckle Michael and throw food at him. Michael dejectedly starts to wrap it up when Pam (very drunk) begs Michael to continue because she hasn't got an award yet and cheers him on, with the rest of the workers following suit, who then get more into the ceremony than before.
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  • In the early S2 episode "Sexual Harassment", Jim feels the usual awkwardness when Pam, Roy, and Pam's mother are together in the office, getting along. After Roy leaves, however, he does overhear one exchange from his desk that gives hope that his feelings for Pam are not as one-sided as it seems to this point in the series:
    (in whispered tones)
    Pam's Mom: So which one is Jim?
    Pam: Mom!
    Pam's Mom: I just wanted to know.
  • "Halloween"'s penultimate scene involves a furious worker storming out of the office out of being fired, with several other workers following him to the bar instead of going to the office Halloween party. In the last scene, we see Michael, visibly upset at home over having to make this decision, before ending on him opening up the door and happily greeting some trick-or-treaters. A more quiet, subdued moment in the show, and one of the first throw-a-bone moments for Michael.
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  • Jim does take the piss a lot, but it's always nice to see how he does stick up for Michael and Dwight on occasion, the 'Closing Ceremonies' at the end of Office Olympics where he gives them the gold and silver medals respectively is arguably the best example of this.
  • In "Email Surveillance", everyone has been trying to avoid Michael for the entire episode. Everyone but Michael is invited to a barbecue at Jim's, and his entire improv class goes to a bar without him. He shows up to Jim's barbecue, amid groans. Finally, Jim takes pity on him and joins him in a karaoke version of "Islands in the Stream."
  • "Christmas Party" shows us a lot of Jerkass , selfish behaviour. In particular, Michael hates the present Phyllis gave him: an oven mitt she knitted. Phyllis is dejected through the rest of the gift exchange. When Meredith sees this, she takes the oven mitt during her Yankee Swap. (Of course, it's after the iPod is unavailable, but still).
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  • The ending of "Booze Cruise." Michael has spent the whole episode wanting to give a motivational speech to his employees but ends up thrown in the brig (It Makes Sense in Context). Meanwhile, Jim is depressed about Roy and Pam setting a date for their wedding and admits to Michael that he has feelings for Pam. And Michael gets his chance to give a genuine motivational speech which actually makes Jim feel better.
  • The ending of "The Carpet". After the prank in Michael's office, Jim has to move to Kelly's neighboring desk. He spends the rest of the day having to choose to suffer from either Kelly's twittering or the interactions between Pam and Roy. At the end of the day, he goes back to his desk and listens to his messages...and smiles when he finds seven messages from Pam, calling him just to talk to him. He walks back to his car and leaves, still smiling.
  • The 'Bring Your Daughter To Work Day' episode, where Michael is initially uncertain about being around the kids the other workers bring in, but then proves capable of keeping them entertained across the whole day and thoroughly enjoys his time with them.
  • A bit of a throwaway moment, but seeing Michael helping Carol's kids learn to skate in 'Michael's Birthday' really shows just how much he loves children and how he desires being a father.
  • Also in 'Michael's Birthday', the entire office - except oblivious Michael and Dwight - are worried and concerned for Kevin, who's waiting for results from a skin cancer biopsy.

Season 3

  • Jim reassuring Michael in "The Convention" that he's a great boss, and he didn't transfer to Stamford because of him.
    • He ends up reasserting this in "Branch Closing", after the younger, more competent boss in Stamford, Josh, who Jim admired, used Dunder Mifflin's promotion offer as leverage to get a better job at another company, thus putting most of his employees out of work. Jim proceeds to comment in a talking head:
    Jim: Say what you want about Michael Scott, but he would never do that.
    • Once Jim explains to Michael that he transferred because of Pam, Michael immediately understands, drops his grudge and even offers to talk to her on his behalf now that she's single. Jim declines but thanks him for offering and tells the others at the party that Michael's his friend.
  • In third season's "Branch Closing", when everyone in the office learns that they're keeping their jobs because it is the Stamford branch that is closing and not theirs, Kevin and Angela, of all people, immediately hug each other out of relief, with the huge smile on Angela's face particularly telling.
    • In the same episode, Dwight and Michael drive to the CFO's house to convince him not to close Scranton branch. While this act in itself is heartwarming, the real heartwarming moment comes when Michael and Dwight (who have been waiting for the CFO to return home all day) discuss their favorite moments from the office. Dwight's favorites include his first day, his first sale, the basketball game, and Michael driving him to the hospital. Dwight then asks what Michael's favorite moments were:
    Michael: All of them. I loved them all. Every single one.
  • Another hug in the next episode, "The Merger", when Jim finally returns to Scranton. Pam has been acting giddy about it all morning and the look on her face when he walks into the office is priceless. He first tries to make a joke about it ("Hi, I'm Jim... I'm new here") but Pam just Glomps him.
  • The end of season's 3 "The Job". In a talking head, Pam expresses her regrets about how it never worked out between her and Jim, but that she's OK with it and that she knows they will still be friends, even if he gets the job in New York City. As she is saying all this, however, we see Jim cancelling the job interview and driving back to Scranton—alone, without Karen. He barges into her talking head interview and asks her out for dinner. Completely surprised, Pam automatically accepts and Jim says it's a date. Cue Pam turning back to the camera, positively beaming and with tears in her eyes.
  • "Back from Vacation": Pam is crying in the hall as she has just helped further Jim and Karen's relationship by talking some sense into Jim. Sure, I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, but it still hurts like hell anyways. Dwight walks in and sees her crying. His first reaction?
    Dwight: Who did this to you? Where is he?
    • He then gives her his handkerchief, sits down besides her, and puts his arm around her. It's awkward, his last remark doesn't help ("So you're PMSing pretty bad, huh?") but hey, it's the thought that counts.
      • YMMV but that last line could be Dwight truly believing that... or telling a very Jim-like joke to make Pam smile. Pam does make a sound that could be crying or could be a laugh.
  • In "Traveling Salesmen", when Dwight quits Dunder Mifflin, he runs into Jim on the way out. He says nothing, but hugs him tightly.
  • Special mention has to be made to "Business School", where Pam has spent the entire day at her art show unsatisfied as no one from the office as come to offer strong support for her work (the only familiar faces to show up were Roy and Oscar, the latter of whom criticizes Pam's work with his boyfriend). Enter Michael, who, after dealing with the conflicts of Ryan's business class, responds enthusiastically to Pam's work, particularly the drawing of the office building's exterior.
    Michael: I am really proud of you.
    Pam: (hugs Michael) Thank you.
    • One thing that makes it really nice is that Michael has no idea how Pam is feeling. He shows up, takes one look at the art, and starts gushing, asking if he can buy it. The way he behaves makes it clear that he assumes everyone has been this excited to see her work. He doesn't even know he's making her day.
  • The ending of "Beach Games". Following a rather awkward scene, the entire cast is singing The Flintstone's theme song. No one seems annoyed, either, they seem like they're genuinely having fun. Even when Michael screams "WILMA!" everyone's just smiling instead of being annoyed.
  • After hearing about Jim and Pam's kiss, Roy comes into the office to attack Jim, and Dwight sprays him with pepper spray in two seconds flat. After all the pranks Jim is constantly pulling on him, Dwight protects Jim without even thinking. Sure, maybe it was a bit of an overreaction, but it's still fuzzy.
    One could make the argument that Dwight's reaction was less about defending Jim than about his own desire to enforce order in his territory. His later reactions to Jim's attempts to thank him would seem to bear this out.

  • Michael's song parody, "The Diwali Song." The lyrics are mostly dumb, and he's been an insensitive asshole the entire night, but the thought put into it and his passion as he sings (along with Dwight's intense back-up on guitar) show that he really does care about his colleague's holiday. The appreciative response from the crowd shows they know this.

Season 4

  • When Jim and Pam are forced to admit that they are dating the entire office celebrates, with Andy pumping his fist, Phyllis near tears, and several people clapping. Michael is ecstatic and even Dwight doesn't say a negative word.
  • The ending of "Dinner Party." After Michael and Jan get into a fight that culminates in her smashing his TV, the cops suggest that he stay with someone else. Dwight, without a second thought, offers to take him home and gently takes him away from his horrible home life.
  • A moment that goes from Tear Jerker to funny to this is when Michael, at the end of his rope trying to manage his finances with his unemployed girlfriend and a bad house investment, decides to declare bankruptcy and does so by stepping out of his office and stating "I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!!" Oscar, one of the accountants, comes in and spends a while trying to help him with his finances.
    • Later in the episode, after she berates him, Michael runs away. Jan catches up with him and we're treated to the one nice thing she ever says to him on camera. She tells him the company screwed him over and no one, even her family talks to her anymore. Yet Michael was there for her...and that's the kind of guy you stand by in bad times. D'awww!
  • Season 4's "The Deposition" is an exercise in Cringe Comedy. It starts with Jan trying to sue the company for wrongful termination and turns into a Humiliation Conga for Michael. Near the end, David Wallace's assessment of Michael for a corporate position is quoted:
    Counsel: Was he in the top five of contenders?
    David Wallace: What do you want me to say? Come on. He's a nice guy. I considered many people.
    Counsel: Was he being seriously considered for the corporate job?
    David Wallace: No.
Ultimately, Michael sides with the company, and afterward Wallace apologizes to Michael for speaking negatively about him, and dragging his personal life into the proceedings. Despite everything...
Michael Scott: Hey, David?
David Wallace: Yeah?
Michael Scott: I think you're a nice guy, too.
David Wallace: Thanks, Michael.
  • A small one, but in "Dinner Party", after it's revealed how abusive Jan is to Michael and how terrible his home life is, Jim steals Jan's Hunter CD which she obviously proudly played during the party and plays it in the car at the end to mock Jan. Note that Hunter is Jan's former assistant who Michael is obviously jealous of (which Jan cruelly uses against him). Pam and Jim might not have wanted to attend (and wanted to ditch) the party, but in the end they are still loyal to Michael and are distressed at his situation.
  • The commercial that Michael produced for the branch; you expected it to be awkward and terrible and it turned out to be much better than the corporate version. Something about the slogan — "Dunder Mifflin: Limitless paper, in a paperless world" — seems to perfectly sum up Michael's desperation and forbearance up to that point in the series.
  • In Season 4 after Andy has started to date Angela, Dwight is crushed and goes and sobs in the stairwell. Jim, who has spent 98% of his time in the office making fun of Dwight, tormenting him, or both, goes in there and tells Dwight the following:
    Jim: Did I ever tell you why I left Scranton? Yeah, I didn't think I had. Well, it was all about Pam. Yeah, I mean, she was with Roy...and I just couldn't take it. I mean, I lost it, Dwight. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't concentrate on anything. And then weird stuff, like, food had no taste. So my solution was to move away. It was awful. And it is something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. And that includes you.
    • After this, Jim, remembering what it took to get to this point in his relationship with Pam, cuts off her attempt to make dinner plans by giving her a long and passionate kiss.
      Pam: (beaming) I'm sure Jim is just really passionate about Italian food.
    • ...which is followed by Jim's utterly fantastic "I am passionate about Italian food. In fact, I'm in love with Italian food."
    • Following Jim's talk, Dwight returns to his desk resuming his overbearing personality. Jim is actually pleased at this, realizing that his words really did get through to him.
  • The heart-to-heart between Michael and Jim at the end of the season 4 episode "Survivor Man".
  • Jim and Pam's vacation at Schrute Farms, especially the scene that shows Dwight reading Harry Potter to Jim, Pam, and Mose. Pam gives Dwight a good rating for Schrute farms. Despite some weird moments, she and Jim really did enjoy their stay there.

Season 5

  • After Michael acts cold toward Holly in "Business Ethics", he immediately stops being so when one of the other HR Reps acts like a Jerkass to her. Then, when most of the employees refuse to continue the ethics meeting, it is Michael who loudly demands that they do and for the rest of the meeting, he doesn't act out. Letting Holly do the meeting her way.
  • In "Baby Shower," after having him try his hardest to help her, Jan orders Michael not to date Holly. Michael's response? To walk up the stairs, hug Holly warmly, and ask her if she wants to go out. Holly's expression is what does it, really.
    Michael: I didn't feel much when I held Astrid... but I got a good feeling from Holly.
    • In the same episode, Jan finally shows some tenderness towards Michael after months of one-sided kindness on his part.
    • And something else also great? Doing his interview with documentary crew, which was after the jerkass HR rep talked to Holly, Michael decided to tell her "I told you so" in a funny way, but in a sweet Pet the Dog moment, he doesn't.
  • Really, Michael's relationship with Holly in general. It's nice to see Michael in a genuine, healthy, mutually-loving relationship with someone who shares his sense of humor.
  • '"Employee Transfer". Michael is deeply depressed after splitting up with Holly. Darryl, who is often enemies with Michael cheers him up by inviting him to sing a blues with him in his car as they travel home. Doubles as Tear Jerker and Funny (Michael isn't an apt learner when it comes to singing blues - Darryl prompts him to sing about his problems by scatting a blues lick, but Michael just keeps singing the same riff back to him). Especially heartwarming since, after briefly trying to correct him, Darryl decides to just run with it, because it still seems to be getting his mind off things.
  • In "Crime-Aid", Bob Vance sets off a bidding war for a single hug from Phyllis, in order to raise money to pay for people's stuff which has been stolen from the office. David Wallace, Dwight, and Andy all join in. Phyllis, who puts up with crap from everyone, including Dwight, just sits with a delighted look her face. Everyone pulling together was terrific, as was Phyllis finally getting a boost for her self-image. It ends with Bob paying $1000 for a hug from his own wife, just to cheer her up and help out the company he shares the building with, so its a CMOA for him as well.
  • In "Stress Relief: Part 2", Michael is heartbroken by a comedic roast which starts out good-natured and becomes spiteful, leaving him feeling depressed. He spends a day off work in the park throwing bread to pigeons, while everyone in Dunder-Mifflin office feels bad about what they did to Michael. Michael then returns and roasts all his employees with one-liners, and the cameras pay special attention to the mixed looks of horror, offence and pity on their faces...until Michael roasts Stanley, who proceeds to crack up with laughter, and the whole office joins him. Michael smiles and gets his confidence back, telling his employees he's the reason he got into the paper business, and they all applaud him. It's a really touching example of how the employees of the Dunder-Mifflin Scranton branch really do like and care about Michael despite his obnoxiousness and flaws.
  • In '"Cafe Disco"' we see Phyllis confess to Dwight that she thinks Bob might cheat on her with his secretary. Dwight immediately stops what he's doing and gets down on her level to listen to her; the scene ends with them both sharing a laugh as she confesses that her worries sound silly now that she's given voice to them. The next shot we see of them is entering the party room, and Dwight dances with her, despite him saying that normally he wouldn't.
  • When Jim and Pam find out that Pam is pregnant in "Company Picnic", and the whole scene is silent but you know what is happening just by their reactions.
    Jim: Dwight? Send in the subs.
    • We can't even hear what Jim and Pam are saying, but we don't need to.
  • Oscar and Andy drunkenly bonding in "Business Trip".
  • When Toby begs Darryl for the last Princess Unicorn doll in "Moroccan Christmas." When he starts to break down you can tell he really does love his daughter.

Season 6

  • "Scott's Tots" has a bittersweet one. Near the end, Erin tries to cheer Micheal by telling him of the increased graduation percentage of the class. So even if he failed, he did arguably help the children.
  • In "Niagara: Part 2" when Pam accidentally tears her wedding veil, Jim cuts his tie in half so they're "even".
    • We find out that before the church wedding, Jim and Pam snuck away and got married on the Maid Of The Mist.
    Jim: I bought the boat tickets the day I saw that YouTube video. The boat was actually plan C. Plan B was the wedding in the church. Plan A was... marrying her a long time ago. Pretty much the first time I saw her.
  • The whole office dancing down the aisle at Jim and Pam's wedding.
  • Andy's 12 drummers drumming for Erin's secret Santa gift
  • The entirety of the episode "The Delivery". Next to "Niagara", this is undoubtedly the most tear-jerking, heartwarming episode of The Office. Seriously, you'll need tissues for this episode.
  • The adorable trainwreck that is Andy and Erin's relationship. A couple key examples being Andy successfully asking Erin out in "Murder", only to back out of it later when he believes he mistook her excitement as simply role-playing, and the 12 Days of Christmas presents in "Secret Santa" (which initially go horribly wrong, but end on a very sweet note).
    Andy: "I suppose a gentleman might throw in the towel, at this point. But guess what? Not gonna happen."
    • Not to mention this scene from Murder, when Pam becomes a Shipper on Deck for Andrin:
      Pam: "It was fun though because I got to hang out with Andy Bernard. He's really cool."
      Erin: "Yeah, he is!"
      Pam:(surprised) "Yeah, he is."
      Erin: "He's like the coolest person I ever met!"
    • Andy FINALLY asks out Erin in The Delivery and despite her being previously angry at him, she happily and immediately accepts.

Season 7

  • The ending of "Goodbye, Michael". Hell, the entire episode is rather heartwarming.
    • Jim, who figured out that Michael is leaving for good that day instead of the next, offers to get lunch with him then.
      Jim: And then tomorrow, I can tell you... what a great boss, you turned out to be. The best boss I ever had.
    • Dwight is often the Jerkass of the show, but it's occasionally nice to see something nice happen to him. Michael's recommendation letter is not only a nice moment for the audience, but Dwight is clearly affected by it, even as he complains about it being repetitious.
    To Whom it May Concern: The dictionary defines 'superlative' as 'of the highest kind, quality, or order; surpassing all else or others; supreme.' I define it as Dwight Schrute. As a sales executive, as a leader, as a man, and as a friend, he is of the highest kind, quality and order: supreme.'
  • What Dwight does in "China": He and Pam are fighting it out as building owner and office manager respectively. Pam realizes she's inevitably going to lose because she is just making things up as she goes along, and breaks down to Jim in the stairwell about how she fails at everything. Suddenly Dwight's assistant delivers her a book of building standards that Dwight has violated, and Pam uses that information to force Dwight to go back on his more draconian policies. Dwight talking heads about how he only capitulated to keep Pam from carrying through on her threats so he can keep leeching off her work. Under this, on screen, we see flashbacks of Dwight seeing the breakdown on the stairs, showing his assistant the law books, and making him give it to Pam so that she would win their fight and feel good about herself. Before he drives away he watches her smile in the rear-view mirror. Could double as a Moment of Awesome.
  • In 'Viewing Party' Erin spends the whole episode trying to get Michael to like Gabe. Michael can't understand why it so important to her and when she confronts him, he yells "I'm not your father!" Erin's silence makes it clear that she does indeed consider Michael to be a father-figure, and when Michael realizes this he starts saying typical dad phrases like "go to your room". They are both grinning the whole time and its such a sweet moment for Erin who's an orphan, and Michael who desperately wants family.
    • Doubles as a Tearjerker for the moment after Michael yells at her. She looks so vulnerable and scared, and if Michael wasn't the type of person he was, it could have gone really badly.
  • In 'Michael's Last Dundies' Michael goes back to the office with Deangelo, upset about a fight he had with Dwight. He finds the rest of the cast in the conference room who then sing him an incredibly sweet re-worked version of 'Seasons of Love' from 'Rent' based around 9986000 minutes; the amount of time Michael has worked at Dunder-Miflin. Doubles as a Funny Moment given some of the lyrics
    Everyone except Michael and Deangelo: 9986000 minutes, that's like watching Die Hard 80000 times!
    • Steve Carrell said in a interview he had no idea what the cast was going to sing to him, so his reaction to the song was genuine.
  • In 'Garage Sale', Michael tries to make proposing to Holly a grand romantic gesture and manages to pull it off beautifully; first, he gets her an enormous engagement ring after mistaking the three months salary rule as 3 years. Next, he brings her on a tour of the office building, reminding her of all the milestones they experienced there. Finally, he brings her to the hall that leads to the annex where all of his colleagues are gathered holding candles and he tells her that this is where their love will face it's greatest test. One by one, Jim, Stanley, Oscar, Gabe, Ryan and Angela propose to Holly and she refuses each of them. Then he brings her into the annex which he has filled with candles, gets down on one knee and proposes in a Yoda impression, as a call back to one of their first conversations, while the sprinklers go off, mirroring Jim's proposal. She accepts, again in a Yoda voice It's especially sweet to see Stanley and Angela, who usually appear to hate Michael the most, participating in his gambit, and being just as happy as everyone else when he succeeds.

Season 8

  • In The List, the office spends most of the episode trying to figure out what a list of their names in opposing columns, written by their new CEO, means. When it turns out that he has divided them into 'winners' and 'losers', Andy, in his first show of confidence as manager, writes a new list of their names, explaining to the CEO why each of the 'losers' are winners in his eyes. While we only hear a few, they are all clearly quite touched by what Andy has to say about them.
    • At the end of the episode, Jim makes his own version of the List and then "accidentally" drops it for Pam to find. It puts her, Cece, and their new baby in the 'Winners' column and just says 'Everything Else' in the 'Losers' column. Pam, with tears in her eyes, says she's going to frame it.
  • Jim, in Last Day In Florida, decides to do anything that he can to stop Dwight from going into the conference and getting fired. And by that, we mean wrestling him to the ground and blocking his path outside the room, getting both of them hurt a few times in the process.
    • The look on Jim's face when he stops at the door at the end of the hallway is heartwarming in itself. He turns and looks over his shoulder and you can feel him realizing he really does not want Dwight gone. Cue tackle.
    • And, following that, the moment when Dwight realizes that Jim was telling the truth. He silently returns to the hallway and offers him a hand getting up, and they leave together.
  • In Garden Party, one of the better Season 8 episodes, Andy get chastised by his father for seeking approval. We see that Pam, Jim, Oscar, Darryl, and Erin had been listening into the conversation courtesy of Cece's baby monitor. Oscar and Darryl both confide to the camera that they understand why Andy was so eager for approval all the time. As Andy was about to leave, the other members of the office are sitting in the front lawn of Schrute Farm. Darryl and Oscar convince him to stick around to watch the closing ceremonies with them.
  • The episode where Andy is trying to get the office excited about sales, via incentive points. Jokingly, he offers to get his ass tattooed for 5000 points, forgetting the group is allowed to pool their points. In a show of exactly why Scranton has survived after so many company changes, the employees get together and hit their goals in a very short time. At first, they torture Andy with a terrible design, but after Jim reassures him privately that no one expects him to go through with it he puts on a brave face and actually does go through with the tattoo. In the end, Andy discovers they got him a design that suits him perfectly. It's an example of what they can do when they all put aside their bickering and work together, and one of few shows of respect for Andy as a boss and as a friend.
    It's a NARD DOG!
  • In Pool Party, Dwight spends the episode helping Erin get Andy's attention, flirting and playing with her and almost drowning in the process. In a one-on-one conversation, Dwight asks Andy if he'd mind if Dwight hooked up with her, playing it up to try and make Andy jealous. Andy insists that he doesn't care and Dwight tells Andy, very seriously, "you're an idiot" for not wanting to date Erin.
  • The fact that Roy turned into a perfect gentleman during his second engagement, taking piano lessons and throwing a beautiful wedding so that he could impress his second fiancé.

Season 9

  • "Lice". After all the shit she has been through, Meredith finally gets the respect she deserves as a single working mom. And that comes from Happily Married Pam of all people.
  • A weird example, but when Angela enlists Dwight's help to get revenge on the man sleeping with her husband (by hiring someone to break his kneecaps), Dwight is horrified to find out that Oscar is the intended victim and goes out of his way to save him, even telling the hilariously nervous hired goon, Trevor, that "he's my tribe".
  • Even after years of verbal abuse from them, Kevin still considers Angela and Oscar his friends and admonishes Senator Lipton for exploiting them for his political campaign.
  • Darryl goes to interview with Athlead in "Suit Warehouse" and struggles to answer questions. He loses his confidence and wants to give up, saying that he's not qualified to be there because he's just a warehouse manager. The rest of the employees all reassure him and cheer him up, helping him regain his thoughts and ace the rest of the interview, and later is told that he has the job.
    Employee #1: Darryl, I was a newspaper editor.
    Employee #2: Science teacher. Volleyball coach.
    Employee #3: I work at a home shopping network.
    Employee #4: I’m a laywer. I’m the only one here who can honestly help!
    Jim: And as you know, I'm a paper salesman.
  • Brian's relationship with Pam. The girl is going through a lot and it's sweet to see that she still has at least one friend to help her keep it together.
    • In "Vandalism", Pam mentions to be feeling like she is all by herself in the fight whoever messed her mural. The boom guy Brian lightly bumps her in the head. She laughs and says that she is not toally alone, remembering that Brian had been her friend when she was sad. Later in the same episode, a warehouse guy tries to attack her, but is stopped by Brian.
    • In "Couple's Discount" it's revealed that Pam has been hanging out with Brian and they have been breaking down in front of each other and support each other as Pam's life is going crazy while Brian's relationship is going downhill. Jim even realizes that Brian has been there for his wife even more than himself.
  • In "Moving On", Dwight recruits Angela to help him with his Aunt. The woman is used to being treated like a farm animal, including being hosed off in a pen. Angela loses it on both of them, including knocking Dwight over with a fire hose.
    I'm gonna give your aunt a proper bath and a haircut. Like a lady! And you two are gonna shut up about it. Do you have a bathtub?
  • After Brian got fired for interfering with the documentary, the rest of the documentary crew decide to do likewise and help Jim perform a romantic gesture to Pam. They've clearly grown fond of them if they're willing to jeopardize their careers.
  • "Livin' the Dream: Part 1" ends with Dwight finally getting his longed-for Regional Manager position, at least in part due to a recommendation on his behalf from Jim to David Wallace. After the promotion is announced, Jim congratulates Dwight, who thanks him. And what's his first action as Regional Manager? He orders Clark to "get out of Jim's seat" across from Pam. Then he names Jim as Assistant (to the) Regional Manager.
    • Dwight first tries to make Jim Assistant Regional Manager but Jim refuses, recalling the old joke that Assistant Regional Manager isn't a real job. He says what is a real job is Assistant To The Regional Manager and he would be honored to have that job.
    • Part 2 has Andy say goodbye via his version of "I Will Remember You". The song is so touching that some of the employees rethink their opinions of him.
  • Dwight's proposal to Angela in A.A.R.M. And the scene preceding it, when Jim convinces him to do so.
    • Dwight, when debating about asking Angela to marry him, goes to Jim who tries to joke around but when Dwight tells him it is serious and he isn't in the mood for jokes (revealing that he knew Jim was goofing around with him) Jim instantly gets serious himself. They then have a conversation with no insults and jokes. From Season 1 where they couldn't stand each other to Season 9 where they treat each other like brothers.
    • In the same scene, Dwight finds out Philip really is his son. His reaction is just so amazing.
    • The ending with the cast watching the first episode of the 'documentary'.
  • In 'Paper Airplanes', just after the Tearjerker that is Pam and Jim being out of sync, Pam rushes after Jim. It takes a while before Jim hugs Pam and refuses to let go of her. They cut from this scene to the wedding, until Pam finally hugs back. Then they say "I love you" at the same time, finally showing they got back into sync after all this time. The next episode shows this sticking - Jim stayed in Scranton for Pam's sake.
  • In "Livin' the Dream", Angela was evicted from her apartment and had all her cats taken away. She is distraught and without a home. Oscar offers her and her son a place to stay until she gets back on her feet. This is from the man who was having an affair with her then-husband.
    • While in Oscar's car, Angela tearfully confesses to Oscar that she's still in love with Dwight. Oscar responds by hugging her.
  • Several in the "Finale" episode:
    • Michael showing up for Dwight and Angela's wedding to be Dwight's "Bestest Menschen". This time he's finally acting like an adult and Angela - the one who probably disliked him the most - is happy to see him.
      • In the run-up to the finale, the show's producers had stated that Steve Carrell would not be involved at all. His name wasn't even shown in the credits. The writers broke the fourth wall and pranked us all.
      • The reveal that he and Holly have several children, which he is so excited about that he owns and pays for two phones just to hold all of the pictures he shows people.
    • Erin's long lost parents showing up at the panel session. Plus everyone's reaction to this. Phylis was shown to be crying, everyone is seen to be so happy for her. Erin's reaction is to instantly run up and hug them as soon as she figures it out, no words just a hug.
    • Dwight and Angela's first dance as a married couple. Angela's legs are cramped from being stuffed into a car trunk the night before so Dwight is holding her off the ground the entire time. Neither seem to care though, because they're both beaming at each other.
    • Stanley has retired to Florida and carves wooden birds, and it's clear that Phyllis misses her old desk-mate and friend. Later in the episode, Phyllis shows off the little statuette that Stanley carved for her as a gift — a small likeness of Phyllis with bird legs — and by the tone of her voice, you can tell how much it means to her. She even stresses that, buried beneath all the grumpiness, Stanley is really a very kind man.
    • After struggling for years to find a foster child, Nellie gets Ryan's.
    • Jim and Pam go into Dwight's office to give their resignations, Dwight immediately cuts them off and fires them. When they try to stammer out an explanation, he reveals he did it so they could have severance pay.
    • Jim's last prank of the series, "Guten Pranken", in which he uses his knowledge of all of Dwight's quirks to give him the best wedding day he possibly can. These include:
      • Paying for Dwight to use a bazooka to blow up a car while the gang smoke cigars
      • Getting a private room at Dwight's favorite restaurant.
      • Getting Mose to accept Dwight is getting married and getting him to help him get Kevin and Dwight talking again
      • Stepping down from his position so that Michael could take his place
    • Toby had it pretty rough in the end, but his spirits pick up a little when the office crowd invite him back to Dunder-Mifflin for one last party.
    • Andy has been something of a laughingstock since his failed audition at America's Next A Capella Sensation went viral. He seems to be taking things better now, but it's clear that he's still a little fragile when reuniting with his Office mates (for their part, many members of the Office are welcoming to him, with Phyllis giving a huge hug and Jim making him part of Dwight's bachelor party and defending him for a heckler at a bar). During the final panel, it looks like they'll be drawing a small crowd, and Andy - partially thinking it's his fault - goes to tell the manager that they should call it off. The truly heartwarming part comes when he's greeted by an enormous waiting line outside of the auditorium, with everyone shouting "Nard Dog" enthusiastically, raising his spirits immensely.
    • All of the final speeches. By this point, all the characters know that they'll go back to being nobodies the next day and decide to make the most out of their time.
    • Pam making a huge gesture to Jim, getting help from a realtor to sell their house so that the two of them can move to Austin and he can start working with Athleap.
    • In a deleted scene, the employees realise that the most senior member of their group is the office plant. They decide to take it out and plant it in the sun, so that it can have the freedom that so many of them have gained.
  • Despite not willing to admit it, Dwight does think enough of Jim to be genuinely upset when he leaves in "Dwight Christmas" to the point of cutting his Christmas party short, and is very visibly ecstatic when he returns.
  • Darryl playing along with Erin after she believes that he must sneak out of the office to go to his job at Athlead, just because it makes her happy. Which includes putting a giant stuffed bear wearing a shirt, called Bear-yl, in his office.
  • Also in the Finale, most of the opening scenes are this. Jim bikes to work and is completely happy doing so, which creates a contrast between his time in Stamford when he was unhappy doing it. Dwight institutes a sort of Tai-Chi exercise outside in the sun which everyone likes, especially Meredith as she's the only one in exercise clothes and her own yoga mat (this is also great because in the Season 4 episode "the Convict," many workers complained that they never got to go outside), Devon who was fired way back in Season 2 (Halloween) was rehired by Dwight, Oscar is running for State Senate, Kevin now owns a popular bar, and even Andy, who was a butt-monkey for most of Season 9 now has a great job at Cornell.
  • A.A.R.M. has Darryl saying goodbye to his coworkers just as they requested - in the form of a dance. It's so genuinely charming to see the generally quiet and reserved Darryl cut loose with each member of the office, and even sweeter when you see that each member gets their own personal dance with him (he and Nellie do a PG-grind, he and Toby do the cowboy, he and Oscar do a simple vogue... so on and so forth).

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