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Season 2

  • In "The Client", Michael Scott manages to completely blow Jan's expectations away by attracting another client to Dunder-Mifflin. Keep in mind that this is the first moment in the entire series to depict Michael as a competent businessman.
    • This becomes even more awesome in hindsight when you remember he does so by being exactly the same bumbling, rambling borderline-incoherent Michael he is normally.
      • To go into more detail Jan had set up the meeting to be short and quick at a fancy hotel restaurant but Michael changed it to a Chilli's. He tells jokes and sings the Baby Back Ribs song with the client and the meeting goes on for hours. But towards the end, when the client has loosened up, Michael begins talking about living in the town, growing up there, and what big chains do to home town companies. You can see the light bulb turning on in Jan's head as she realizes that everything Michael did was designed to get the client to be relaxed and open to Michael's pitch and in the end he closes the deal.
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  • Dwight's speech receiving acclaim from the entire audience.

Season 3

  • In "Traveling Salesmen", Dwight and Jim, the two archenemies, have to go on a sales trip together... and absolutely nail it with some impressive teamwork. Jim does the talking, while Dwight asks if he can use the phone, and calls another paper company. After Jim is done, the prospective client tells them he'd rather stay with the big guys. Dwight asks him how important customer service is to him, and points out that the other paper company he called - one of the big guys - is still having him wait. Jim grabs his phone, calls Dunder Mifflin and immediately gets Kelly on the phone. Dwight proceeds to tell the client how dedicated he is, but the latter has already heard enough: they have a deal.
    • Through it all Jim and Dwight NEVER have to communicate their strategy. They instantly fall right into sync, working flawlessly to prove their point and win the client.
  • In "The Return", after Andy gets Dwight fired, Jim hides his phone in the ceiling and calls it during the day. This proves to be the trigger for Andy's total self-destruction in front of Michael and his wall-punch. Kick the Son of a Bitch indeed.
  • Dwight pepper spraying Roy in "The Negotiation" when the latter attempts to attack Jim. Even better after one hears his talking head interview.
    Dwight: Every day for 8 years, I have brought pepper spray into this office to protect myself and my fellow employees. And every day, for 8 years, people have laughed at me. Well, Who's Laughing Now?
    • Even the fact that he's in tears because he accidentally sprayed some into his own eyes doesn't take away from the awesomeness.
  • A small one from "Initiation": Given how Stanley feels about Michael in general, seeing them high-fiving one another after they both chide Phyllis for what they see is an attempt to cut the massive line for free pretzels is a small awesome moment between them to see.
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  • In "Business School", Kevin's expression after he traps the bat inside the office.
    Kevin: I'm... a hero...
  • Pam being the only one to willingly run across the hot coals in "Beach Games", before finally gaining the courage to speak up about everything that has been bugging her.
    • Note that while Dwight attempts it he is only doing it in hopes of getting Michael's job. Pam does it just because she wants to be more daring. There is no prize for her... she just wants to do it.

Season 4

  • In "Launch Party", Dwight manages to outsell the computer machine Ryan made to help with sells at the company. To note, Dwight made 1,270 sells, while the computer made only 1,218. And this was in one day.
    • Made even more awesome by Michael's announcement to Ryan in New York via webcam:
    Michael: Hey, I just think you should know that one of my salesmen beat your stupid computer. So take that, ass-fuck. (followed by Kelly throwing a slice of pizza in Ryan's face on the screen)
  • Andy's epic way of asking out Angela. She even smiled.
  • The writers get one for "Dinner Party" for subverting Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male, clearly showing Jan's emotional and physical abuse of Michael is NOT okay.
    Michael: (after plugging in his neon beer sign, Jan plays One Night by her former assistant) Jan thinks Hunter is very talented. You know what, I don't think he's that good.
    Jan: At least he's an artist.
    Michael: BFD, I'm a screenwriter.
    Jan: And I'm a candle maker, but you don't hear me braggin' about it!
    Michael: No, all you do is you get me to try and work on my rich friends.
    Jan: For an investment opportunity!
    Michael: Man, I would love to burn your candles!
    Jan: You burn it, you buy it!
    Michael: Oh good! I'll be your first customer!
    Jan: You're hardly my first.
    Michael: (after Jan throws a Dundy into his TV) That was a $200 plasma screen TV you just killed! Good luck paying me back on your zero dollars a year salary plus benefits, babe!
  • In "The Chair Model", Kevin helps everyone in the office get their parking spots back.
  • In "Did I Stutter?", Michael is in denial that Stanley undermined him by refusing to listen to him during a meeting and being unapologetic about it, then when he orders everyone out of the room to talk to Stanley alone, he turns into a pathetic "Why don't you like me?" mess, which gives Stanley an opportunity to deliver a long-gestating The Reason You Suck speech about Michael's bumbling boss ways. But Michael is not a Bunny-Ears Lawyer without reason; just when that looks like that will break Michael, he instead takes the words to heart, sacks up, looks at Stanley, and firmly tells Stanley that while he respects his opinion, he cannot talk to his superior that way under any circumstances. Stanley respects the authoritative order and gives a half-hearted yet appreciated token effort to involve himself at the next meeting.

Season 5

  • "Business Trip". Michael calls out his boss, David Wallace, via cell phone about him unfairly transferring Holly.
  • "The Duel" has Kevin gives a short "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Angela for her cheating on Andy with Dwight, also noting her hypocrisy.
    • This episode also has David Wallace tell Michael that his branch is doing the best compared to everyone else. He even asks Michael to tell him what he's doing right.
  • During Dwight's "fire drill" in "Stress Relief," Jim declares that he is not dying in the office and gets Toby and Andy to try to ram the door with the copier.
    • The entire fire drill scene is one awesome moment for Dwight, since the reason he did it was because everyone ignored his fire seminar from the day before.
  • In "Broke", The Michael Scott Paper Company (Michael, Pam, and Ryan) is out of money due to offering such low prices to undercut Dunder-Mifflin that turning a profit is impossible. However, their tactics have caused Dunder-Mifflin to lose customers to TMSPC, forcing David Wallace to offer a buyout as DM can't afford a money loss either. As the show goes to break before the final-act negotiation, Ryan and Pam beg Michael not to do his usual backfiring methods, which seems to suggest that Michael will indeed flub this as he flubs most meetings of this nature up to this point. However, in one of the best displays of Bunny-Ears Lawyer moments ever, Michael doesn't step wrong once. While Wallace and Charles Miner try to lay out how bleak TMSPC's financial future is, Michael stands his ground and plays the same game, noting that it looks much worse for the duo if they lost what's left of DM to a fired manager and two meager salespeople, pointing out that worst case for him he just starts another company while worst for them is they both are fired and DM is STI Ll in the same mess they are in now. The result? Michael gets their jobs back, and in turn, Pam goes from receptionist to sales member, and as icing on the cake Michael gets Charles Miner banished from Scranton. After Wallace finally concedes and leaves the room, all three of them are in disbelief that Michael pulled it off.
    Michael (after David lays out that TMSPC is in trouble): I'll see your situation and I'll raise you a situation. Your company is losing clients left and right. You have a stockholder meeting coming up and you're going to have to explain to them why your most profitable branch is bleeding. So they may be looking for a little change in the CFO. So I don't think I need to wait out Dunder Mifflin. I think I just have to wait out you.
    • When Michael is giving the above speech, Pam gives an Aside Glance to the camera and is beaming with pride. Michael can be extremely difficult, but he knows when to bring the awesome when everything is on the line.
    • And then there is his incredibly satisfying send-off to Charles. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
    Charles: (Turns to address the office) Hey, guys—
    Micheal: No, no. You're done. (Big smile)
    • Related to the above situation, Jim gets an awesome moment of his own. A client calls Dwight after David Wallace has given Michael a big money offer, but before Michael has accepted. The client lets it slip that Michael's company is on the verge of bankruptcy, and Dwight immediately runs off to inform Charles Miner. Jim knows exactly what's going on. When Dwight attempts to inform Charles of this new information, Jim needles him by questioning his 'detective skills', or how Dwight came to the conclusion that Michael is going broke when all the client said was that he asked for more money. It's not an unreasonable conclusion to make, but Dwight gets sidetracked and snarks at Jim. This causes Charles to write it off as yet another insane Dwight shenanigan, as Dwight had previously come up with a crazy plan to threaten Michael with a swarm of bees in their earlier meeting with David. Charles doesn't tell David of Dwight's suspicions, the offer goes through, and Michael gets his old job back (albeit at the expense of the big money offer). Jim saved Michael's hide (and got Pam a better job as a sales rep in the process) with just a few well-chosen words and the hard-won knowledge of how to play Dwight like a puppet.

Season 6

  • Michael's response to being called a moron by one of his superiors in "Shareholder Meeting".
    Michael: Uh... I'm not a moron. Time after time, my branch leads in sales. I have personally won over seventeen Dundy Awards, so I am not a moron. And I'm just trying to help, you know? So, you're the moron.
    • Even better was Michael outsmarting said superior's attempt to deny him the limo ride home, by rapidly gathering up everyone he came with and getting to their limo before the driver could get the message. They're the only ones with anything to celebrate, indeed.

Season 7

  • In Season 7's "Counseling" episode, we finally see Toby's chops. For six seasons, he's been Michael's Butt-Monkey; when Michael has to undergo six hours of counseling, Michael screws around for three hours. Then Toby gently turns the tables and gets Michael to talk to him. It doesn't last long, unfortunately, but it's brilliant to watch.
    • Also in this episode, Pam manages to bluff her way into becoming office administrator, by using manipulation and intimidation tactics (some of which she gained by observing World Poker) to get Gabe to acknowledge her "promotion".
  • Michael gets a minor one at the end of "Andy's Play." Andy feels like he did an amateur job and Oscar decides to point out that it was an amateur play, but Michael angrily cuts him off and makes it clear that now is not the time for him to be a pretentious asshole. He then tells Andy that he was awesome, and that he can be sure he's being sincere because he has no filter, backing it up by pointing out that he booed someone. Not only does this show a lot of self-awareness on Michael's part, it also has him use complete honesty to make someone feel better.
  • Dwight finally gaining the upper hand on Jim. After spending nearly all day pranking each other (by hitting each other with snowballs) he creates an elaborate prank at the end of the day, by filling the parking lot with snowmen, and it's implied that Dwight is inside one of them, waiting to attack Jim with more snowballs. He's actually up on the roof, watching Jim destroy each and every snowman.
  • Jim and Dwight team up to pull a successful prank on Todd Packer, making him believe that he's been accepted for a job in Tallahassee, Florida, to get him out of the office and get Dwight his spot back. Michael catches him and is about to force them to tell him the truth, but changes his mind and lets Todd go when Todd makes an insulting comment about Holly. As he watches Todd leave, he finally admits to Holly that Todd's an ass.
  • Michael's attempt to give heartfelt goodbyes to every single person in the office before he leaves.
    • Oscar's is especially great. Michael gives him a poorly-made handmade doll, giving a weak speech about how Oscar reminds him of Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz and Oscar forced to accept it with a smile. Cut to Michael laughing about how he got one over on the smartest guy in the office.
    Michael: It looks like... It looks like it was made by a two-year-old monkey on a farm. And he just... He just accepted it, that I... That I put all this work into it! Oh, man. He- He has the lowest opinion of me of anybody. Oh!

Season 8

  • Dwight taking care of the office's planking problem.
    Dwight: Kids, don't try planking. It's dangerous. (upends the table Toby is planking on) Especially with me around.
  • Andy's speech defending the rest of the office deemed "losers" by Robert California near the end of "The List".
  • Dwight's line to Andy in "The Incentive", giving him a moment of clarity borne out of Dwight's righteous frustration.
    "You wanted the job, the job is yours, just do the job!"
  • Andy gets another one in "Lotto", when Darryl confronts him with his belief that he was unfairly passed over for the Regional Manager position and that he should have it over Andy. Andy swiftly dismantles his argument with a low-grade "The Reason You Suck" Speech pointing out that Darryl was not the shoo-in for the position that he thought he was. Doubles as a minor moment of heartwarming when you remember that Andy knew all of that because he went out of his way to ask about Darryl beforehand, most likely due to being concerned about that very thing himself.
  • Threat Level Midnight. In all its glory.
  • Andy and Pam are attacked by a group of teenage girls in the parking lot. Later, the ringleader's mother brings her in to apologize. Said girl (who is a little on the chubby side) sarcastically apologizes after making a barb about Pam's leftover pregnancy weight. Pam responds with, "How about we wait until next year after you've had your kid?" Savage.
  • Jim learns that Dwight, who believes he is getting a huge promotion, is in fact being set up as a scapegoat for Sabre to publicly fire. Not wanting to see his friend get humiliated, he tackles Dwight and fights him outside the conference room long enough for mutual enemy Todd Parker to take the fall, with Robert California (when Todd tries to pin the blame on Dwight) telling him that Dwight was smart enough to avoid the meeting and the blame and Todd is fired. Dwight, realizing what Jim did, walks up to him, helps him off the ground, and even offers to buy Jim a drink in thanks.

Season 9

  • In "Vandalism", Pam gets Frank back for messing with her mural by drawing things on his car (that would very easily be washed off with just water). Unfortunately, Frank is furious and begins to stomp towards her with clear intentions of harm. Cue Brian—one of the cameramen that we hardly ever see—running forward and striking him with the boom mic. Brian continues to wail on him, calling him out for intending to hit a woman.
  • Kevin giving Senator Lipton a well-deserved verbal ass-kicking for cheating on both Angela and Oscar and using them as pawns to further his political career. It is also heartwarming for proving that, although the accountants frequently have their disagreements, they really do care about each other.
  • In the Grand Finale, Jim's best prank ever: bringing Michael back to be best man at Dwight's wedding. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • The farewells in the same episode. The remaining cast talks about how they will miss the experience as they go their separate ways. It is heartwarming, funny and sad at the same time.
    • Dwight and Angela's wedding theme is "Sweet Child O' Mine".
    • Andy's speech to the Cornell graduates. He ends it with his infamous "sit here and cry" line. Instead of humiliating himself further, it gains him the admiration of everyone present. The same guy who acted like a total Manchild for most of the final season has developed a sense of humour about himself.
  • Just how much better nearly everyone leaves the series compared to how the entered it.
    • Michael is married to Holly and finally has the big family he always wanted
    • Jim is running a successful company with Darryl
    • Dwight is the regional manager, has earned the respect of the office, and is married to Angela
    • Andy got his dream drop at his beloved Cornell
    • Oscar is running for the Senate
    • Kevin owns his own successful bar

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