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The Fanfiction Post-MU Life's a Scream! has quite a number of Heartwarming moments, especially the Shipping Scenes between the Oozma Kappas and the OC (Own Characters)

  • Prologue:
    • Laura defending a fellow classmate who was being teased by another for "not being scary enough".
    • Seeing the adorable father-daughter relationship between Laura and Fillmore counts as this.
    • After Laura pulls a "Mike Wazowski" at her father's job, neither Fillmore or Frank McCaynote  are mad in the slightest. Instead, They encourage Laura to follow her dreams of wanting to be a scarer like Fillmore.
  • Chapter 1:
    • Sherry and Don's wedding. It's the most adorable thing, and such a happy moment for them, OK, and the University as well.
  • Chapter 2:
    • Laura's brief reunion with Archie the Scare Pig, after getting stolen by Oozma Kappa.
    • Laura finally gets to meet Oozma Kappa face-to-face for the first time, and praises them for their bravery and diversity. She even calls them her heroes.
  • Chapter 3:
    • Katy, Monnie, Dot, and Colette all helping Laura form a last-minute sorority just so she could be in the scare games. Especially considering that Laura... didn't exactly make a very good first impression towards them in chapter 2.
    • Monnie running to Randall's aid just as Johnny was about to pummel him for choosing OK over ROR.
    • Mike, Sulley, and the rest of Oozma Kappa helping out Laura's new sorority (named "Exceeda Zeta" from this point on) with their initiation.
  • Chapter 4:
    • Sherry and Mike attempting to make Randall believe that the prank ROR pulled on OK was not entirely his fault. The sweet words Sherry had to say did lift Randall's spirit a bit, but it's the conversation he had with Mike that really made him feel at home. Randall even hugged Mike, while trying to fight back tears.
    • The interactions between Oozma Kappa and Exceeda Zeta definitely boosts their Love Interest status.
  • Chapter 5:
    • Sherry loving on the entire student body.
    • The JOX members inviting the Oozma boys and the EZ girls to their party for no reason other than to be nice. Lovable Jock trope we love thee!
  • Chapter 6:
    • Though crossed with Tear Jerker, it's nice to see everyone worried about the Perry twins and going out of their way to help Oozma Kappa. They even postponed the scare games until the twins make a full recovery (all houses voted to postpone it).
      • Heck, just even the fact that practically the ENTIRE university stood outside the medical center, waiting for news about the twins is extremely heartwarming.
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    • A flashback displays Terry giving Johnny a "The Reason You Suck" Speech for badmouthing Mike and Sulley. And then Dean Hardscrabble tops it by insisting that Mike and Sulley return to OK.
      • And a minor Perry twins one in the above scene: all it takes for Terry to start calming down (even after Don and a few others have tried) is his twin timidly calling his name.
  • Chapter 7:
    • Big Red comforting Mrs. Carlton at the beginning of the chapter.
    • The whole entire flashback featuring the entire Greek society (sans ROR) trying valiantly to throw an apology party for OK... and OK accepting it.
    • Though it's mostly crossed with tearjerker, the rest of the PNK sorority trying to help calm down the ever so broken Naomi counts, as it shows just how much they care about each other.
    • After Laura sheds some light onto him earlier in chapter 5, Sulley gives Mike an extremely deep apology over his lazy and selfish behavior in the past.
      • While on the topic, Mike and Sulley's boss sending them home early after being surprised they were at work in the first place due to the horror their friends are going through.
    • The OK boys and EZ girls going out of their way to help Mrs. Carlton with chores and errands.
    • Johnny giving the twins expensive gifts is technically this trope right now. Time will tell if it remains so.
    • Katy sneaking into the hospital (alongside Naomi and Lane) just so she could see if the Twins were truly okay.
    • In a flashback to the Perry twins' high school years, Terri realizes that Terry's crush on Merida Malicestorm will end in tears but tries his best to help his brother anyway.
  • Chapter 8:
    • Art and Dot painting their own little canvas using condiments from Art's lunch, which while constitutes as one big funny moment, is also a very adorable moment to read about. Especially as the two end up sharing their interests with each other.
    • Another flashback displays the aftermath of Terry's outburst in chapter 6, in which we're shown that Terry actually considered leaving Monsters University, having grown tired of all the constant bullying, but chose to stay thanks to encouragement from his brother.
  • Chapter 10:
    • After the twins wake up and discover they're now in separate bodies, they completely forget their anger at each other during their argument and desperately cling to each other, babbling apologies and sobbing in a mix of sorrow that they hurt each other and relief that they're both still alive.
    • Mrs. Squibbles/Carlton's delight that the twins are awake and can come home. After all the horrors she's been through, it's sweet to see.
  • Chapter 11:
  • Chapter 11 Part 2:
    • The excitement on campus as everyone waits for the twins to return.
    • Terry's insistence that he can immediately be ready for the Scare Games is sweet (if a bit unintelligent), especially since it's because he doesn't want to make all his friends wait and because he believes Terri needs more rest than he does. Everyone watching is touched, even if the Dean tells him he can't.
    • Dean Hardscrabble's mental statement that Mrs. Squibbles/Carlton is the twins' mother, blood or papers be damned.
    • The twins' delight over their new instruments from Johnny and the party thrown in their honor.
    • Katy and Terri's reunion full stop, especially when he thanks her for sneaking into the hospital to try and check on him and his brother. Katy gets bonus points for giving Naomi and Lane credit for their parts in the escapade.
    • The hug between Terry and Naomi is both this trope and a Tear Jerker. Carrie helps with the heartwarming by reassuring Naomi that she still has a chance and Terry's thoughts about her can't be as bad as she's thinking in a Cool Big Sis fashion.
    • The Dean accessioning to calling Mrs. Squibbles/Carlton by her first name.
    • Monnie finally getting some romantic time with Randall, despite him not realizing that's what he's doing.
    • Collette and George also getting some bonding time.
    • Reggie standing up for OK even though none of its members are present. Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    • Terri's method of dealing with the added head hole on the sweater Tammy made: turning it into a bow and claiming everyone will be jealous. This immediately soothes her worries enough to prompt her to ask Terry about his book which makes him quite happy.
    • Mike talking up Squishy's skills in front of Laura.
    • Just how happy Brynn is that the twins are happy with her fund, though they initially protest.
    • Percy's gift to the twins: an electric comforter that is apparently similar enough to a certain huggable nurse-bot that Dot dubs it by said name.
    • Archie shows up at the party and tackles the twins in delight, prompting Mrs. Squibbles/Carlton to declare "It's clear! Everyone and I mean, everyone is very happy you're home, boys!"
  • Chapter 12:
    • Despite his parents always being busy, Dirk has Cool Big Sis Jane to look after him and it's clear she adores him. Jane also makes it clear that she did not approve of the bullying Oozma Kappa had to endure even before they became popular, with Dirk also making it clear that he and the rest of his fraternity have changed for the good.
    • The OK family looks after their own no matter what.
    • Mike encourages Squishy to invite Laura to join them for ice cream and despite her reluctance, she ultimately accepts the gesture, even taking Squishy's offer to surprise her when she's struggling to pick an ice cream.
      • Said ice cream is not only specially made but is given to Squishy on the house by Guido.
    • George dutifully goes shopping for his aunt... and ends up meeting up with Colette while at it. And when Colette finds out why he needs the clothing article they accidentally tug-of-warred with, she immediately gives it up.
  • Chapter 13:
    • The twins' reaction to the ice cream parlor is too cute for words and with Don and Sherri escorting them, it has a total "family outing" vibe. Bonus for the parlor being the place where OK's tight-knit bond started growing.
    • Terri and Monnie are friendly enough that she trusts his opinion on her music mixes.
    • Big Red channels Tadashi in his protectiveness of Percy and his disdain for Percy's bot-fighting habit.
    • OK and EZ having a nice dinner and bonding over the food. Not to mention the playful teasing Terry receives over the number he got from a reporter and Laura telling Squishy how much she appreciates OK's influence on her girls.
    • The trolls obviously adore Nayda and despite their fawning bothering her, it's obvious she loves them right back, as shown when she accepts full responsibility for Papayi appearing before monsters.

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