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YMMV / PostMU: Life's a Scream!

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  • Awesome Music: The author has purposed a number of music pieces for the story.
    • An example would be "King of Anything" by Sara Bareilles(P-Holla cover) , which is used in Chapter 4 for Katy's performance.
    • Another music piece is "Happy Heart in the Sunshine" from the Bust-a-Groove 2 video game.
  • Awesomeness Withdrawal: Has occurred for some readers due to the fact that it takes the author a considerably large amount of time to post new chapters (granted, the chapters are very long and the author has been very busy with her personal life as of late, especially with college and work). This is not helped by the fact that a lot of the chapters end on pretty massive cliffhangers.
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  • Broken Base: The Troll subplot in later chapters. Unnecessary or a good chance in direction?
  • Crazy Awesome:
    • Art, and how. Enough said.
    • Oozma Kappa as whole is sometimes this from time to time, and as well as Exceeda Zeta.
  • Creepy Cute: Applies to the team members of Oozma Kappa and Exceeda Zeta. Heck, essentially all the team members of the various Fraternities and Sororities existing in Monsters University.
  • Growing the Beard: For CartunesLover16, the author of the story; a lot of readers consider it to be some of her best work in comparison to her previous fanfics, all of which have received incredibly mixed reception.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • During an argument with each other, Terry exclaims that he sometimes wishes that he and Terri were separated. Immediately after said argument, the Twins get involved in a lab accident that results in both of them falling into a coma. Then when they finally wake up, it turns out that they had to be separated to survive...
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    • The ROR prank in the movie after the reveal that Terry had a similar prank pulled on him by a girl he was pining after in high school. This broke his heart and, because they strongly resemble the girl Terry used to crush on, is the reason he's so anti-PNK.
    • For that matter, the mere fact that the Twins were contempted by the rest of their peers before Mike and Sulley helped boost their confidence is even more heartbreaking when it turns out that Monsters University was the Twins' dream college, and hoped that they would be treated much better after years of being bullied in high school.
    • Terry's treatment of Naomi and the rest of PNK was already unpleasant to read about but now that it's been revealed that failing to reconcile with Terry could drive Naomi to take her own life from the emotional trauma, a lot of readers are cringing, especially when they contemplate his probable reaction if it comes to pass.
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    • Terry asking his brother to say "He's not here" originally was Cringe Comedy since the pair are conjoined twins and the attempt didn't really work. Now that the twins aren't conjoined anymore, it would work, but no one's happy with the situation.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Dirk's comment to Percy when the latter found out he has a crush on his cousin: "You mad?" most definitely counts. That is a meme phrase right there.
  • Ho Yay:
  • Iron Woobie: Terry Perry. He could ultimately be seen as a deconstruction of this trope; Terry was bullied throughout high school, previously shunned by the rest of his classmates at MU, and has had his heart crushed by a girl he used to be in love with. Terry tries to let the past just be the past and move on with his life, but eventually, the emotional pain becomes too much for him to handle before he finally reaches his Rage Breaking Point.
    • Jerkass Woobie: He also falls under this category a bit, considering that he's rather bitter most of the time but the above mentioned bullying makes it pretty obvious to see why (though it's debatable over whether or not this justifies him snapping at Naomi and hating the rest of the PNK sorority when they're clearly sorry).
  • Magnificent Bastard: Johnny Worthington is all but stated to be this, according to the author, due to the number of ways he used to try to get Laura's attention.
  • Moe:
    • The entire Exceeda Zeta sorority.
    • Oozma Kappa is this just as much (especially Squishy and his mom).
    • George Sanderson manages to be this thanks to his shy personality.
  • Squick:
    • When it was mentioned that Naomi was sickened by what she thinks that Sonia would do to Terry Perry if he chooses her.
    • Hinted at, Squishy also felt this way when he suddenly got the horrible thought of what if Johnny actually won Laura Sharp's heart.
    • Katy and Claire's reaction to the possibility of having to kiss each other in acting out "Entangled".
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: For all the tearjerker moments and occasional Nightmare Fuel, this remains a really sweet and adorable story. The characters always stick together no matter what and stand up for each other when something goes wrong.
  • The Woobie:
    • Naomi! Oh sweet merciful glob, where do we even begin with her? When we're first introduced to Naomi, she becomes depressed when she's unable to win the heart of her crush Terry Perry, who persistently ignores her and eventually chews her out in chapter 4. And her mental condition only worsens as the story goes on. Her depression practically reaches Stepford Smiler levels because of her pained obsession with Terry. It's gotten so bad that PNK's team captain reveals that she spends hours in her room crying and enlists Nadya, a self admitted Perky Goth, to help due to their Odd Friendship.
      • Oh dear glob Naomi just got hit harder then the rest of the incidents with Terry combined in Chapter 10. Out of all of the nightmares that Pyapi implanted about the treatment of the twins Naomi got one of the worse ones about the Perry Twins. The aftermath is not pretty and is a major Tear Jerker (and a possible What the Hell, Hero? moment for Pyapi considering she knew Naomi was already mentally unstable and broken in guilt over the twins). The author fully admits that she intentionally implied that Naomi might be considering suicide at this point. She is that bad of a Woobie now and it's safe to say Nadya and Carrie are completely pissed at Pyapi for possibly breaking her mental state.
    • Hell, PNK as a whole qualifies. It's been revealed that it's extremely hard for them to get dates and said dates often don't stick around. Taylor relates an experience of having her date ask out the waitress while she was RIGHT THERE.
    • Randall Boggs fits this trope due to his timid personality and how he had endured his humiliation (which is sabotaged by Sulley's roar) after the last semester's Scare Games. His naive personality has been exploited by ROR and he has been used to humiliate the OK Fraternity, and no one gave him the recognition and respect he most definitely craves to have.
    • Laura Sharp. Poor girl is filled with anxiety and fear over whether or not she's a good leader to her newfound sorority, or if she's even cut out for the scare games. What's worse is that she's very reluctant to talk about it, practically leaving many readers hanging over what had caused her to be so afraid.
    • Katy becomes one in the aftermath of the Perry twins' accident.
    • Debbie Gabler is implied to be one, due to her dates usually leaving her angry and sometimes in tears (mostly due to her having rather terrible taste in men). Violet even mentions some sort of incident that happened to Debbie's mother, something that she does NOT want anybody else knowing.


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