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Trivia / PostMU: Life's a Scream!

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  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: The author is highly active, both in terms are artwork and writing, and has a tendency to go back and fourth between each project. While she has declared she has not given up on the story, she has noted that it's been difficult keeping up due to working with other content.
  • Meaningful Release Date:
    • Chapter 6 was posted on December 6, 2013, which was also the author's birthday.
    • Chapter 13 was posted on August 15, 2016, exactly three years after the story was first published.
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  • Schedule Slip: Chapters were usually posted at random times. However, as of late, newer chapters have been taking a very long time to come (case in point, the wait for chapter 13 took about a year). Reasons for this include the author being rather busy with her personal life and other projects.
  • What Could Have Been: Several examples.
    • Laura Sharp, during her planning stage, was supposed to have a crush on "Frightening" Frank McKay. That is the reason why she followed Frank into the human world during her introduction in the prologue.
    • The author has toyed with the idea of Laura actually meeting little Mike Wazowski, and having a scene in which young Laura Sharp defending little Mike against the other children monsters who told Mike he couldn't be on a Scare Floor, sneak in with Mike to watch "Frightening" Frank McCay at work, and she even purposed a scene in which Laura and Mike holding each other while hiding inside the human kid's room as Frank starts to scare the child.
      • The author has hinted that Mike and Laura might have found some attraction with each other as little kids if they had ever met...
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    • While Laura's design was still under construction, her original favorite color was going to be green. However, like ROR changing their color in the final cut, the author feels that blue works so much better for Laura Sharp.
    • The Exceeda Zeta girls (minus Laura) were originally going to consider joining other sororities, unlike in the current where they're just fine being on their own sorority.
      • Katy's jacket was originally going to be the same color of EEK, which would be a one-time joke mentioned when Colette first saw her and assumed she was part of that sorority.
    • The author had originally intended make a flashback of what Squishy's biological father was like before he and his mother separated, but due to lack of evidence/info, she decided not to.
    • The author once had an idea that Don was previously married before meeting Squishy's mom, and he had been divorced a few years prior to the movie. She eventually realized that it was a bad idea and was immediately trashed.
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    • Marbus Dagon was supposed to have a brother who went to Fear Tech and later turned up as his main rival due to a sibling rivalry complex in the Dagon family (partially due to the competition for Sephira's heart), but that idea was scrapped as the author has mentioned it diminishes Marbus's character and personality as a whole.
    • Johnny's nightmare, planted by Pyapi, was supposed to be more horrific and mind-scarring, but the author cut it out due to the concept being too frightening for readers.
    • The conversation between Laura and Marbus in their first meeting at the stadium was considered to be much longer, but was cut for pacing reasons.
    • Terry was originally going to be the only one to wake up while his brother was still in the coma. Terri wouldn't wake up until the day after Terry.
  • Word of God: Several Examples. Please refer to this page for more details.

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