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The Monster World

  • Sunshine Gardens, which is Katy Mc Crea's hometown, was considered one of the worst places to live in due to the poverty and high crime rates there.
    • According Cartuneslover 16, it's about a thousand miles away from Monstropolis.

Own Characters-Related

  • Exceeda Zeta Sorority
    • Laura, and the EZ sorority, in some way, is like "a third Boo" to Mike and Sulley, since the OK Fraternity during the film, was labelled as "second Boo".
    • Due to the fact the Exceeda Zeta (EZ) Sorority did not have their own Sorority House, their official meeting place was eventually agreed upon to be Laura's personal Dorm Room, which has the number 1219.

  • Laura Scanlon Sharp
    • Growing up very close to the Scarers her father worked with, Laura gave them family-style names like "Uncle Frank" (Frank Mc Cay), "Grandpa Terror" (Earl "The Terror" Thompson), "Aunt KC" (Carla "Killer Claws" Benitez) and "Uncle Bob" (Bob "Bobby" Dagon).
    • Laura's pet monster dog, named Doug, has blue furry skin and blue eyes, two horns, six legs, and a furry coat of fur. He apparently licks a lot, just like Archie the Scare Pig. However, the monster dog passed away around the summer before Laura was to begin studying in Fear Tech.
    • Laura's favourite book cafe in Monstropolis is the Page One Cafe, located at Gravity Falls Street, Block J-15 No. #02-12.
    • Laura was born in Monstropolis. More specifically at Monstropolis General Hospital. (the same hospital the Perry twins were sent to due to their science lab accident.)
    • Aahs Sharp, who appears in the prologue of Life's a Scream! , is a cousin of Fillmore Sharp.

  • Darla "Dot" Pressler
    • Dot's bandanna was bought during a sale at Rot Topic. It had a red sticker on it, which immediately had her buying it since it was 50% off. It's original price was nine dollars.
    • Dot reads a lot of Fanfiction on her eye-phone, and always wrote about her own characters in those cartoons and movies on her special notebook which she keeps locked inside her desk drawer in her own dorm with Colette.
    • Dot's favourite cartoon show is Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
    • Dot's room in her home is stuffed from top to bottom in various cartoon and animated movie memorabilia, trinkets, toys, magazines, posters and essential guide books. Her prized collection is her BOOM! Figurine sets which are encased in a glass cabinet beside her study table.
    • There had been one time Dot ALMOST fell for someone who wasn't a cartoon. But her love for animated guys was too strong, and the guy proved to be a rather jerkish figure by the end of her third year in high school. He was, after all, a student teacher for her History class.
    • In elementary school, Dot was often a loner and had been bullied a couple of monsters before informing the principal who ended it. The same thing applied in middle school when a boy who liked her kept invading her personal space and throwing insults in her direction. In high school, she often butted heads with another monster from a bad neighborhood and reputation. A family member of hers threatened the bully before the faculty stepped in and ended it.
      • She's the only one besides Laura to apologise to ROR, and her kindness is rather unlimited, even though the frat monsters make her nervous. Her mom warned her about Greek monsters because they're not nice...and they're not from Fear Tech.

  • Katrina "Katy" Mc Crea
    • Katy is usually messy when it comes to sorting socks, especially after doing laundry. On her side of the dorm, all her socks are usually either stuffed in a backpack or hanging on the end board of her bed. It's the reason why her socks are always mismatched.
    • Katy's clothes were actually from a donation box she "shopped" before coming to MU.
    • Spending so much time away from home, Katy mastered the high score on the dancing machine in the arcade that she usually hangs out at.
    • Katy had been in a number of fights since elementary, and has been sent to the Principal's office quite a number of times. She won every single one of those fights though.

  • Colette Creouture
    • Colette's parents were very unsure of a name the moment she was born. They had originally thought of something plain and simple like Jane or even Sally. Fortunately, her aunt (known as Aunt Ra Ra) had been present during the birthing and highly insisted they give her a very original and fascinating name. The aunt arrived straight from Scaris (the monster country equivalent of Paris) just to see her new niece, and the name Colette came to mind, meaning "necklace". Because her niece is a precious jewel in her eye.
    • Colette's aunt, who was known as Aunt Ra Ra, was well known among the monster fashion design world due to her winning various fashion awards for SIX consecutive years, and even had a bust statue of her placed in the Monstropolis Fashion Designers' Hall of Fame. Her most famous dress design was known as "The Heart of the Remembered".
      • Aunt Ra Ra attended college after high school, her sister just "lived life" after finally graduating (she almost dropped out in Junior year).
    • Colette's aunt had also helped pay the mortgage for her sister's house...despite her sister and brother-and-law constantly telling her they can do it themselves.
    • Colette had been wearing heels since she was 6, which around the time she moved with her aunt to Monstropolis. Before when she lived in Hornsville, she was barefoot.

  • Monroe "Monnie" Monstre
    • The glasses Monnie is wearing are her third pair. She broke her first one in Freshman year of high school trying to skateboard, and her second pair broke due to someone accidentally dropping a heavily-filled lunch bag on it.

  • Marbus Dagon
    • Marbus had won a few Iron Monster competitions while representing his high school back in Kaijuville.
    • Besides his interest in sports, Marbus can brew tea perfectly and build toy model sets, the latter of which had won him a few awards due to the exquisite details he had made on them.
      • Marbus learned his tea-brewing skills from his mother Helen Dagon, who had an affinity with tea.
    • He's also an avid gamer, having played MonsterHammer 40K and Virtual Robot Fighters.
      • His username for the latter game is Golden Crusader Knight.
    • Marbus loves chocolate, mostly gloopy milk chocolate.

  • Seya Aurora Sephira
    • Seya Sephira has an uncle named Gilbert (which she affectionately called as Gill) who served as a major and martial arts instructor in the Kaijuville Defense Force (KDF). He taught her various types of martial arts and self-defense techniques, including Chewjitsu.
      • Gilbert has a scar on his face, which other draconic monsters thought he got it from fighting in conflicts, but actually Gilbert got the scar when he tripped over a wayward pebble during an inspection of a sparring lesson and landed face-first onto some gardening tools.
    • Besides her impressive swimming skills, Sephira can draw pretty well and writes calligraphy.
      • Sephira mostly draws during her free time, and had quite a number of nice drawings in her personal sketchbook which she often shows to Marbus.
    • Sephira loves all sorts of berries, but her personal favourite is blueberries.

  • Theo dore 'Turbo'
    • Theo comes from a long monster family line of Tomato farmers.
    • He has an elder brother named Jackson.
    • His father is the most successful tomato farmer back in his hometown.
    • Theo "Turbo" has a personally signed poster of the famous monster athlete Thunder Lane in his possession, and he only got it after managing to queue up a few days before the official meet-and-greet session to avoid being late for that particular event, since he was meeting the monster who inspired him to do his best in everything he does.

Other Original Characters

  • Bonnie Dolly was chosen for the position of Greek Council Secretary from over fifty candidates after showing the ability to defuse heated arguments and discussions, as well as having eidetic memory when taking notes during Greek Council Meetings.
  • Marlin (the dreadlock monster from drama class deleted short) and Art are best of friends in the New Age Philosophy Class. They often attend meditation sessions together held at The Mini-Quad with other like-minded students.

Canon Characters-Related

  • Monsters University
    • MU's cheerleading squad has the smallest amount of cheerleaders in college history. They only have a number of four, while most universities, like Fear Tech, have far more than a dozen.
      • Not many monsters bother about joining the Greek Life: the various other clubs offered are a lot more interesting compared to mere frats and sororities, especially the Basements and Babies and Art ones.
    • A number of Frat Row Monsters including Dirk, Taylor and even Sulley had a habit of raiding the fridge in the middle of the night to sate their hungry stomachs at times.

  • The MU Greek Council
    • Pyapi was going to visit Brock and Claire and plant nightmare in their heads, but it seemed unlikely that either of them would be sleeping at any of the Greek houses.
    • Since Freshman year Brock Pearson had always flirted among the girls of MU. Even when he took the position as Vice President of the Greek Council he started flirting among his female staff and even some of the sorority girls. Surprisingly, he treats Claire Wheeler like a sister. Or a mom on occasion when she needs to get him in line and quit fooling around.

  • ROR Fraternity
    • Johnny had saved Carla's life once when he stepped in to stop a monster from finishing her off with a chair during a brawl. Apparently that monster had a sort of grudge with Carla Delgado.

  • EEK Sorority
    • Asking to win over Laura Sharp wasn't the first favor Johnny had requested from Carla. In Sophomore year, he took on the job of being the EEK Sorority's waterboy for a full week so as to get the Delgado Heiress to pretend to be his assistant to impress the precedent leader of ROR.
      • Before both became leaders of their Greek teams, Carla punched a monster who mocked Johnny that he would "lead his team straight into a child's door instead of to victory".
    • In high school, Violet Steslicki was crowned Homecoming queen and prom queen. Being one of the only girls in her wrestling club, she flirted with the guys to improve her campaign.
    • During one party the semester before the Scare Games, Debbie punched Dirk because she thought he had pinched her behind. She had worn an elegant red party dress during that moment as well.
    • Brynn has a family friend by the name of Maru, who works as a well-known race car mechanic. Carrie always get her car fixed at his workshop since the other shops she had been to have been unable to fix her own car, and she doesn't want to return to the previous mechanic since after he wanted to charge extra because her car was coming more frequently.

  • JOX Fraternity
    • Big Red's father was the current Monster World Record Holder for Heaviest Weight Lifted for an non Enormo-Monster.
    • During the summer, Dirk's sister Jane Pratt nearly told their parents about what how his frat had treated Oozma Kappa (including the incident at the ROR house), but she promised to keep it secret. Because things are now changed and he promises to be the one to confess when the time is right.
    • During one JOX party last semester, Mike dropped his retainer into the sandwich tray. He didn't notice it was missing until George Sanderson took a bite and ended up getting his tongue tangled. Art managed to pull it out for him, but in the process it caused George quite a bit of pain.
    • One time Omar Harris had been mistaken for George Sanderson. A monster commented "he looked like someone drew Sanderson with more teeth and had his arms and legs shrunk."
    • Last semester George met a girl from Fear Tech at The Growl and politely asked her out. She was immediately angry because he was an MU fraternity monster, and punched him. This was what quickly triggered the brawl at that bar.

  • HSS Sorority
    • In high school, Sonia Lewis won first place in her school's art competition multiple times.
    • Rosie Levin, the current leader of the HSS Sorority, enjoys reading romance novels, but she read them in secret.
    • Nadya Petrov is a huge Frostbite fan. Not because of the trolls, but because of Princess Brianna (aka Princess Anna), one of her new favorite Monstro princesses.
    • Nancy Kim has been considered the most attractive of the HSS girls, especially since guys are mesmerized when she gives her special "look" with that pretty single eye of hers. (Because her posture just SCREAMS "I'm sexy".)
    • One monster from Fear Tech held a grudge on Rosie Levin for scaring her brother during a date. When came a massive brawl at The Growl, she ripped off one of Rosie's earrings and now wears it like a necklace. This all took place last semester.
    • The chocolate fountain the HSS sorority brings to Greek parties (especially when they revolve around Oozma Kappa) actually belongs to Sonia Lewis.

  • PNK Sorority
    • Naomi Jackson did not have a good time in high school before coming to MU. Unlike the Perry twins who were immediately disliked since they started their first year and were sometimes picked on, Naomi's mean-spirited attitude and selfishness is what earned her the immense hatred of her classmates (and supposedly the teachers).
    • Britney Davis was kicked out of the MU cheerleading squad due to her constantly screwing up their performances and once accidentally setting the judges' table on fire.
      • She tried to cheat on a test but ended up getting caught because she wrote the file number of the sheet she secretly copied.
    • After first time before it blew up right in their faces when boys tried to date any of the PNK Sorority girls, they chose to avoid their sorority. Hence the PNK s were referred to as "succubi who get the opposite attention of what's expected of succubi".
    • When Carrie Williams was born, her parents had hoped for another boy since they had seven (which they all loved dearly).

  • OK Fraternity
    • The inspiration for OK's brand new Fraternity House in MU's Frat Row was supposedly based on Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland.
    • Squishy is an avid comic book reader fan, and he reads the comics section in daily newspapers and magazines, collects small comics in cereal boxes, and follows Terri and Art on trips to the comic store in Monstropolis. His favourite monster superhero is Captain Slugger.
    • How Art exactly got into MU was a mystery no one knew, even from those in the OK Fraternity. But Art mentioned he made attached "a very impressive resume" to his university application that immediately got him into the renowned Monsters University on the day of acceptance.
    • In high school, after the incident with Merida Malicestorm , the school that the twins immediately transferred to was their former's main rival.
    • Terry has a total of four guitars: a regular one from before MU as mentioned in the high school flashback, an electric one he got for his birthday from Mrs. Carlton during his first year at MU, a cheap one he bought while he and Oozma Kappa were in Rashington D.C., and the guitar that was secretly given from Johnny. Terri has only two sets of drums, the one he had since his first year and the one Johnny secretly sent him.
    • Ben Rawrson was the appointed doctor who did the crucial operation to save both the Perry Twins by separating them.
    • The hospital which the Perry twins stayed at due to their science lab accident was known as the Monstropolis General Hospital.

  • Other Monsters University Students
    • Lane Picca originally had been a double major during her Freshman year, which were Photography and Scaring. But she realized how tough and dangerous (as well as how boring) Scaring was that she immediately dropped out before the semester had finished. She had become one of the very first students who actually dropped out of the renowned Scaring program.
      • Lane also didn't exactly associate with any of her classmates. She had been working too hard and focused on her two majors, which kept her from making a social life in her first semester. And before the semester could even end...she dropped out two weeks after the semester began. Keep in mind this was before she met monsters from Frat Row, and before she joined the news staff, where she did make a name for herself and monsters now recognized her as the "unorthodox" university photographer.
    • The ROR s paid Zane Xiao (aka the Ping Pong Champion) handsomely to place flyers of "Cute-ma Kappa" all over the kiosks on campus last semester. It was a decision he deeply regretted afterwards, and Ping Pong Champion donated his promised money which helped fund for Oozma Kappa's frat house.
    • Winning Beauty Contests was in Stephanie Dallmar's blood as her own family had quite a number of family members who won those contests. Her mother was actually a professional full-time model and undisputed winner of both Ms Monster World and Ms Monster Universe.


  • The author was disappointed on the lack of focus given to other fraternities and sororities, so one of the reasons she made this Fan Fiction is to focus more on those wide variety of colorful characters.
  • The author also refused to include Baboso Goretega (a blue, slug-like monster), a certain member of the JOX (Jaws Theta Chi) fraternity, in the Fan Fiction as he wasn't seen in the movie, even though he was mentioned in the Fearbook and Essential Guide.
  • Although most of the Fraternities and Sororities character have been fleshed out in the Fearbook, Essential Guide as well as other supplementary material such as the MU Monopoly Cards and certain details from the official MU webpage, the author had to take certain liberties with the characters that have not been fully fleshed out in terms of personality traits, hobbies and family details.
  • The author was initially unsure whether fans would accept the Trolls in the Life's a Scream! story, but since everyone has given fairly positive comments so far, she had gone ahead with more mentions and even a subplot with the trolls themselves within Monsters University. Also, it gave her the motivation to include more movie references and parodies.
  • The author mentioned that she's doing this from a Guillermo del Toro's perspective, meaning there's always something behind anything as well as any character.

Readers' Questions (Answered by author Cartuneslover 16 and supporting author Victortky)

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