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The Fanfiction Post-MU Life's a Scream! has plenty of Crowning Moments Of Awesome for both the main characters and supporting characters!

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     Life's a Scream Prologue 

  • Young Laura Sharp sneaking across the entire Scare Floor without anyone noticing her to watch her father Fillmore Sharp at work, with only her father's advice to aid her. Not only did she somewhat succeed, she also made it back safely to the monster world.
    • Before that, she overhears some of her classmates mocking someone for not being scary enough and after visibly showing her temper, to their obvious fright, calmly and intelligently shreds that attitude without raising her voice a bit.

     Chapter One: A Day for the History Books 
  • The entire university pitching in to make Sherry Squibbles and Don Carlton's wedding an intensely memorable event.
  • Mrs. Squibbles asking Dean Hardscrabble to be her Maid of Honor. She succeeds.
  • While it crosses over with Funny Moment, the Perry twins dancing with Dean Hardscrabble in front of the whole university while trying to get away from Naomi Jackson, certainly deserves credit.

     Chapter Two: New Arrivals 
  • The OK Fraternity, along with Mike and Sulley, managing to catch Archie the Scare Pig from Fear Tech (aka MU's rival university).
  • Laura managing to catch Archie when the latter escapes from the OK Fraternity throughout Frat Row in Monsters University, and what did she use to stop Archie on his tracks? Her signature legendary roar.
  • Laura replacing Archie's Fear Tech symbol with an MU sticker and happily declares Monsters University to be number one. Keep in mind that Laura was originally from Fear Tech (and that Oozma Kappa thought that Laura was going to pummel them for stealing Archie when she reveals that she was Archie's caretaker).
  • The entire OK Fraternity had a minor one when they introduced themselves to Laura Sharp (and saving her from Johnny Worthington in the process) , as well as Mike and Sulley... allowing her to meet her heroes at last.

     Chapter Three: A Brand new Sorority 
  • Laura Sharp managing to get her last-minute Sorority made right on the spot mere moments before the sign-ups for the RENEWED SCARE GAMES close.
  • Randall Boggs, in a flashback, refused to rejoin the ROR Fraternity when Johnny and the rest of his ROR brothers came back to offer Randall a place in that Fraternity again, instead choosing to join OK instead because they managed to appeal to his kinder side. That takes a lot of confidence and bravery there.
  • Monnie Monstre gets one when she stood in front of Johnny Worthington when he was about to berate Randall for the latter's so called "betrayal".
  • Though initially Played for Laughs, given her reason, Laura Sharp breathing fire at the Exceeda Zeta Initiation Ceremony deserves bit of a mention.
  • Archie the Scare Pig gets one for showing off some of the tricks he learned from his caretaker, Laura Sharp.

     Chapter Four: Explosive Difficulties 
  • Don Carlton giving Laura Sharp a initiation tour of Monsters University, with the both of them sneaking into the School of Engineering using fake ID cards, and Don even managed to open a door to the human world!
  • The Perry twins both managed one when they talked back to Johnny Worthington and Chet Alexander at the University gym when the ROR President mocked them for their athletic skills.
  • Monnie Monstre gets a minor one when she drove Johnny Worthington, of all monsters, away with a Death Glare.
  • Terry Perry managed to outright scare Margaret Gesner, as in the 50 foot tall tentacled monster who manages the Monsters University Library, into leaving him alone during his argument with Naomi Jackson about what the latter's semester did during last semester. If this was the last semester, he and his younger brother would be immediately thrown out of the Library without another word.
  • During the first event of the Scare Games, we have a number of awesome moments:
    • Laura Sharp carrying almost all of her entire Sorority on her back single-handedly while flying. Yes, she's THAT strong.
    • Randall Boggs swatting an explosive poison urchin back at a student who shot it from his catapult, which turned out to be Theo "Turbo".
    • Colette Creouture, who got left behind accidentally due to being distracted by her adoration for George Sanderson, managed to finish the rest of the way and narrowly saved her Sorority from elimination.

     Chapter Five: Heart Pains 
  • Laura Sharp gets one when she managed to reduce Sulley, of all monsters, during her heart-to-heart talk with him till the point the latter fell to his knees crying for forgiveness by calling him out on his arrogance and disregard for others who are trying to support him, as well as making use of others as means to his ends.
  • Laura again, showing off her legendary roar during Sorority training. It was so good that it made Colette scream so loudly other students around them had to cover their ears from the excruciating noise produced by the latter.
  • Carla Delgado gets a minor one when she dragged Johnny Worthington away when she saw that he was clearly making Laura uncomfortable by flirting gently with the Sharp Heiress.
  • Katy McCrea dancing together with the Perry twins to the music of Happy Heart in the Sunshine. Bonus points for Terri Perry managing to persuade his elder brother to join in.
  • Carla again, when she intervened to "save" Laura again from Johnny's flirting when the latter used a fishing rod and snacks to reel Archie in so as to get a chance to talk to Laura.
    • Brynn Larson gets a minor one when she rebukes Chet for using the "Cute-Ma Kappa" Mug and mentioning that Randall was better off with OK than with the RORs.
  • Mike managing to prep-talk George (by using Scaring a human child as an example), who was a shy monster, into going forward to talk to Colette during the JOX Fraternity party. Too bad he trips on his first step towards Colette.
  • Mike and Katy managing to persuade Laura to go to the JOX Party. Keep in mind Laura mentioned she wasn't much of a "people monster". They succeed.
  • Mrs. Carlton managing to defeat ROR's Javier Rios in a game of ping pong, immediately becoming the Life of the Party. Keep in mind she was only using one paddle to hit several ping pong balls against Javier who had four arms, hence four paddles. Despite being at a disadvantage, Mrs Carlton outright won against him.


     Chapter Six: Old Sufferings 
  • We get the first-hand look at how incredibly efficient the Child Detection Agency (aka the C.D.A.) can be when it comes to knowing about contamination and the Monster World, by keeping track through ten thousand high definition video screens which constantly cycled images from every known video camera (and several unknown and hidden ones) from their classified headquarters, and mobilising within mere minutes of the explosion in the Monsters University Science Labs to perform search-and-rescue operations.
    • Since the author has mentioned that the modus operandi of the C.D.A. was based off S.H.I.E.L.D. from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they are indeed very efficient with their specialized fields of work.
  • As shown in a flashback that took place almost immediately after the film, Terry Perry chewing out Johnny with an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech after he insults Mike and Sulley and actually scaring the entire student body. Talk about taking a few levels in terms of badass indeed.
    • To further add insult to injury, right after this and the announcement of Don Carlton and Mrs. Squibbles' wedding, Dean Hardscrabble formally welcomes Mike and Sulley back to Monsters University, even encouraging them to further lend their services to the OK Fraternity.

     Chapter Seven: Recollections and Infiltration 
  • We're given yet another flashback, this time we're shown that the rest of the Greek Society once threw a party for OK as an apology for how they treated them, and they even call Johnny out for being a self-centered Jerkass after he mocks them.
    • What makes it even more awesome is that it eventually works!!
  • Big Red and George managing to persuade the OK Fraternity to come to their apology party. It takes a lot of courage to swallow one's pride and mention the truth.
  • Art manages one when he fixes the chocolate fountain which other monsters had no idea of how to even fix, and he likens the solution to hot-wiring a car.
  • Mrs. Squibbles managed to convince Dean Hardscrabble to attend the party by inviting her, much to the shock (and even fright) of the entire MU student community.
  • While it crosses over with Heartwarming Moment, Nadya Petrov convincing Naomi Jackson not to give up her feelings for Terry Perry, which somehow brought some much-needed confidence back to the heart-broken PNK Sorority sister.
  • A certain someone, later revealed to be Johnny Worthington, managing to send a fully-stocked drum set and guitar (in the OK Frat's colors no less!) to the OK Fraternity by putting them on the OK Fraternity House's patio without anyone else in Frat Row knowing (although it did not escape Laura's notice).
  • Katy McCrea and Naomi Jackson infiltrating the heavily guarded Monstropolis General Hospital to look for the Perry twins themselves. They managed to succeed through a combination of teamwork and intelligence gathering, as well as sneaking around and even managed to get into the secure sections of the hospital/
    • Katy McCrea manages one when she managed to convince the other CDA agents on duty that she was merely another agent doing a routine health checkup with a nurse.
  • Mrs. Carlton, tipped off by Claire Wheeler who knew of Katy's decision to infiltrate the hospital, arrived in the nick of time to rescue Katy, Naomi and Lane Picca (long story) from the stampede of medical personnel and CDA agents.
    • She even executes a perfect drift while stopping her van mere inches from the pavement in front of the trio!

     Chapter Eight: Causes and Consequences 
  • The EEK Sorority performing their acrobatic maneuvers for the second segment of the Scare Games, and they managed to perform their bridge maneuver almost perfectly.
  • When it was revealed that Johnny Worthington who bought those expensive instrument sets for the Perry twins.
  • Katy McCrea challenging the glop-darn C.D.A. Authorities about their acts of withholding information about the Perry twins to Mrs. Carlton and the rest of the OK Fraternity. Bonus points for saying this in front of Dean Hardscrabble and Mrs. Carlton themselves.
  • Dot and Art creating an excellent piece of scenery painting using tomato and mustard sauce, as well as varying colors of paint during Art Class.
    • Art gets another one by playing with his extra packets of sauces.
  • Monnie Monstre managing to get into the top 20 finalists for the MU Campus Roar DJ seat after showcasing her awesome music to a group of senior MU students.
  • Katy and Colette managing to convince Laura to go out with them to the MU Stadium and watch the mock football match, with Archie as the "third wheel".
  • Laura meeting Marbus Dagon, the son of her father's colleague Bob Dagon, of which the latter works on the same Scare Floor of Monsters Inc with her father.
    • He gets a minor one when he managed to direct Laura out of the maze of corridors of the interior of the MU stadium.
  • Don Carlton, as well as Katy and Colette, confronting Johnny Worthington when they saw the aftermath of the football incident involving him and Laura.
  • Carla confronting Johnny Worthington later after Marbus informed her about the football incident which happened back at the stadium.
  • Marbus Dagon being able to bench press enough weights to match up to JOX's Big Red's bench press record in the MU gym, and that's only his standard workout!
  • Seya Sephira managing not only to hold her ground against Rosie Levin in Chewjitsu, but managing to defeat the HSS member once.
  • Sonia Lewis of the HSS Sorority was shown to possess rather impressive artistic skills in drawing and tattooing.
  • Nadya Petrov revealing the existence of the Trolls to Carrie Williams in a chilling manner.

     Chapter Eight and a Half: The Egg Games 
  • Though it's not exactly awesome, given the context, but apparently Heather once managed to steal stuff from a swap-meet and got a duffel of jewelry by the time the PNK sisters have to leave.
    • It has been hinted that she can literally steal anything.
  • Rosie and Violet managing to get the Easter egg (with a bell attached to it) which was located in the library and guarded by Margaret Gesner the 50 foot tall tentacled Librarian.

     Chapter Eight and three quarters: Ice Kappa Cream Friday 
  • Dirk Pratt managing to get a date of sorts with Violet Steslicki, partially thanks to George Sanderson.
  • A flashback showing the OK Fraternity managing to rekindle the love for ice-cream and enjoyment with each other among the Frat Row monsters on a lovely Friday.


     Chapter Nine: Problems and Solutions 
  • Squishy saving Laura from a heavy falling book which would have landed on her back from the shelf if he had not caught it.
  • Javier Rios showing that he was quite the chef of the ROR Fraternity by making his family's special chili recipe.
    • He was considered the best ROR member at culinary skills, by the way.
  • Young!Terri Perry get some credit for persuading his elder brother to enroll into Monsters University and put the failed relationship with Merida Malicestorm into faded memory.

     Chapter Nine and a Half: Meetings and Visits 
  • The sheer fact that the ROR Fraternity were Living in a Furniture Store, as seen from the descriptions of the various locations and rooms within their Fraternity House. Special mentions go to the indoor library, home gym as well as the recreation room.
  • While it crosses over with Funny Moment, The EZ girls nearly causing enough trouble (unintentionally) to destroy the entire ROR house was quite a feat, even causing Javier Rios to break his silence when they nearly broke his favorite ping pong table.
    • Johnny Worthington mentioning that his family was well-connected with Monsters University, and they donate to the education institute regularly.
  • The EZ girls (minus Laura) managed to get into Johnny Worthington's personal room by convincing Chet Alexander to get them paper.

     Special Occasion Chapter Nine: A Monster Toy Story 
  • Rosie Levin giving Johnny Worthington a stern talking-to when the latter mocks Mike for having Lil' Mikey, his prized doll.
  • The OK Fraternity having breakfast with the HSS Sorority, becoming the first monsters to see the inside of the Goth Sorority house.
  • Lil' Mikey making Rosie Levin of all monsters smile.

     Chapter Nine and three quarters: Healing the Mind 
  • Art surprising the ROR Fraternity by hiding among their living room's couch cushions to escape his vaccine appointment.
    • Later, we see him hanging on top of the MU Clock Tower. Although it still didn't match up to hanging from the top of the Capitol in Rashington D.C., even the President had a hard time getting Art to come down from there.
  • Maria, Susan, Britney, Dirk, and Chet admitting that they didn't get their vaccine shots due to being afraid of the needle, and are willing to take their shots together with Art. Remember this was done in front of the entire university.
  • Don Carlton dancing at JOX Fraternity house along with the rest of the students on the dance floor. He was so good at it that many university students were impressed by his dancing skills.
  • Tammy Rollins mentioning to her roommate Seya Sephira that the latter very nearly beat Carla Delgado's swimming record.
  • The Reveal of Nadya's "love expert" Pyapi the Troll Shaman, who Nadya risked the existence of her race to help Naomi Jackson's emotional problems.
    • Pyapi performing her mind healing technique on Naomi's mind, managing to heal the majority of her emotional thoughts which cannot be done by others.
    • We also get a first-hand look of how powerful Naomi's telepathic capabilities are against outside intrusion, capable of mental attack on both Pyapi and Sephira at the same time.
    • Pyapi infiltrating the ROR Fraternity House to take an in-depth look into each of the Fraternity members' minds and she succeeded in planting a dark seed in Johnny's mind, before leaving no trace of her presence, which she repeated for the rest of the Fraternity and Sorority monsters. She also planted a thought into Nadya's mind through a single innocent touch, without the HSS Sorority knowing.

     Chapter Ten: Bittersweet Awakening 
  • Though Nayda isn't entirely pleased with it, Pyapi's dreams that she inflicted on the various Fraternity and Sorority members are a work of art. They're tailored to their victims and have convinced Johnny Worthington of all monsters that he might be doing something wrong.
    • Special mention goes to Brynn Larson of the EEK Sorority, who was one of the monsters who managed to somehow placate the vengeful ghosts of the Perry Twins during the aforementioned dream sequences.

     Chapter Eleven: Return of the Twins Part I 
  • Brynn Larson calling Chet Alexander out on his harsh words on the OK Fraternity when she was gathering donations for the Perry twins, and when he accidentally bad-mouthed the aforementioned twins, she spat into his eye and sent the youngest ROR Fraternity member rolling around the pavement in pain.
  • Carla Delgado telling Johnny Worthington off that she was only putting up with him because she's the only close friend he's got, and she would dump him in a heartbeat if Johnny didn't show any form of improvement towards the OK Fraternity in the new semester just to improve her relations with them. Bonus points for making Johnny remember the horrible dream that he had experienced earlier in the previous chapter, so much that he's completely speechless at Carla's words.

     Chapter Eleven: Return of the Twins Part II 
  • Terry wanting to start back up with the Scare Games, despite being badly injured, because he doesn't want to make the rest of the school wait.
  • Dean Hardscrabble taking the moral high road and telling Terry sternly that he can't do the above because of his injuries.
  • Reggie of all monsters standing up for OK even though none of its members are present. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.

  • As of August 15, 2016...the fanfic is finally back on track with a brand new chapter!

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