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Fridge Brilliance

  • PNK is basically a living Alpha Bitch stereotype; same with EEK and HSS. Although the sorority is actually very nice, they just want to prove they are not to be messed with. No sorority does. An Alpha Bitch named Merida Malicestorm, who lead her own clique back in the Perry twins' high school years, broke Terry's heart in sophomore year. Naturally he's reluctant to trust the PNK s.
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  • Terry's outbursts throughout the story. While it's obvious that they're a direct result of being insulted by his peers, it should be noted that Terry actually takes the bullying he receives and dwells on it emotionally. So naturally, it was only a matter of time before he would snap.

Fridge Horror

  • Prologue
    • Imagine living in a world where it's believed human children are toxic to the touch, and you work in a building where your job is to collect said children's screams for power. Now imagine hearing that a monster child snuck into a human child's bedroom with a Scarer. This has happened before, but this time, the child who snuck into the human world is your own daughter.

  • Chapter Four: Explosive Difficulties
    • It was mentioned that Laura Sharp has faced (quoted) A BATTLEFIELD in Fear Tech's Scare Games. One can wonder how horrifying the Scare Games there would be like, and what their challenges would be designed based on, unlike MU's that all fun and friendly rivalry.
      • Thankfully the author has mentioned it is not The Hunger Games -ish, but more of a David versus Goliath problem during the Fear Tech's variant of the Scare Games.

  • Chapter Five: Heart Pains
    • Laura Sharp, in Chapter five, has twice shown herself to be terrified at even being considered trying to steal another monster's boyfriend and is also shown to be frightened of class president Claire. What in the world happened to her at Fear Tech to cause that?
      • The author has hinted that Flashbacks during the later Chapters will reveal why, and fans certainly hoped so.

  • Chapter Six: Old Sufferings
    • In Chapter six, we see the C.D.A. (Child Detection Agency) manages cameras everywhere to keep an eye on everything that was happening around the monster world within their classified Headquarters. This means that they are watching whatever the masses of monsters are doing...and several of these cameras were hidden and unknown to the public at large. Big Brother Is Watching indeed.
    • In Chapter six, Terry half-wakes up and sees what appears to be his twin brother lying across from his bed. Is that even fixable?!

  • Chapter Seven: Recollections and Infiltration
    • Chapter seven. A flashback reveals that an Alpha Bitch broke Terry's heart by pulling a prank reminiscent of Carrie White in high school. Now enjoy the image of Terry snapping at Naomi. Pleasant dreams.
    • Imagine if you are either Katy Mc Crea or Naomi Jackson who had just infiltrated the heavy security around the Perry twins, only to see them going through some sort of dangerous operation. Perhaps it's really for the best that neither of them seen the rather...uncomfortable parts of the operation on the Perry twins within the operation room.

  • Chapter Eight: Causes and Consequences
    • Chapter eight. Terry Perry, vaguely overhears someone saying whether to break the supposedly bad news to him.
      • Think about it, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN to Terry if his younger brother HAD DIED?? The consequences are too horrible to even think about.

  • Chapter Nine: Problems and Solutions
    • I do you one better in Chapter nine. The Perry twins having a nervous breakdown after ironically, a heartwarming flashback memory.
      • Would it lead to memory loss or something worse? And the emergency medical personnel saving them did not make things feel any better...

  • Chapter Nine and three-fourth: Healing the Mind
    • Chapter nine and three quarters. ONE of the Perry twins awakened. What about THE OTHER TWIN?!
      • On a separate note, we see hints of Katy Mc Crea's past, which mentioned she expressed brooding emotions on a daily basis. What has happened to her life to cause that?

  • Chapter Ten: Bittersweet Awakening
    • Chapter ten, DEAR GLOP, CHAPTER TEN: The twins are awake but in separate bodies?! What the heck caused that?!
    • The author confirmed the implications that Naomi's nightmare of the dead Twins is worsening her mental state. Yes, Naomi might possibly be suicidal now and, to make it worst, the PNK girls have a mental link in which they all experienced the very same dream from Naomi's perspective. Carrie and Nadya definitely have a legitimate reason to be mad at Pyapi now.
      • If the PNK girls have a mental link....then what would they feel if Naomi were to commit suicide out of serious depression?

  • Chapter Thirteen: An Unforseen Revelation
    • In a Shout-Out to Frozen, Payapi declared that Naomi would only recover if she received forgiveness and acceptance from the one she's wronged but wishes to make amends with. That would be Terry, who between his recovery from his recent accident and all of the fallout of it and his heartbreak caused by Merida Malicestorm is not remotely in a position to do this and probably won't be for a long time. One wonders how he'd react if she killed herself and he found out he could have stopped it.

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