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Recap / PostMU: Life's a Scream!

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WARNING! You are assumed to have read the individual Chapters of POST MU: Life's a Scream! in question before reading the recap page. Therefore, all spoilers will be unmarked.

SPOILERS beyond this point, you have been warned.

  • Please take note that these Recaps are to inform readers of the major events that happened in each Chapter so far. For a full and thorough experience of the story of POST MU Life's a Scream! , it is highly recommended that readers read the story on the links provided on the main page.

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  • Note: Information in italics are considered flashbacks

  1. "Life's a Scream! Prologue"
  2. "Chapter One: A Day for the History Books"
  3. "Chapter Two: New Arrivals"
  4. "Chapter Three: A Brand new Sorority"
  5. "Chapter Four: Explosive Difficulties"
  6. "Chapter Five: Heart Pains"
  7. "Chapter Six: Old Sufferings"
  8. "Chapter Seven: Recollections and Infiltration"
  9. "Chapter Eight: Causes and Consequences"
  10. "Chapter Eight and a Half: The Egg Games"
  11. "Chapter Eight and three quarters: Ice Kappa Cream Friday"
  12. "Chapter Nine: Problems and Solutions"
  13. "Chapter Nine and a Half: Meetings and Visits"
  14. "Special Occasion Chapter Nine: A Monster Toy Story"
  15. "Chapter Nine and three quarters: Healing the Mind"
  16. "Chapter Ten: Bittersweet Awakening"

And That's the Story So Far...

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