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Post-MU Life's a Scream! is full of Funny Moments, and most definitely appeals to fans of the movie.

  • Prologue:
    • Laura Sharp's first introduction: She couldn't get off the School Bus in time as she found candy on the floor and just couldn't resist having a snack before the field trip.
    • Two male monster children bicker over who should partner up with Laura Sharp. The result? Laura joined their hands together and partnered with her teacher, Ms. Lawrence instead.
  • Chapter 1: A Day for the History Books:
    • Read the first few paragraphs. Did you get the initial idea that Dean Abigail Hardscrabble was getting married to Professor Derek Knight? This was teased by the author herself.
    • The description of the tux costumes worn by Art, the Perry twins, and especially Mike and Sulley at Sherry Squibbles and Don Carlton's wedding in the Stadium.
    • Sherry had asked Dean Abigail Hardscrabble to be her Maid of Honor in front of the entire University.
    • The entire Eta Hiss Hiss (HSS - the goth sorority) and Slugma Slugma Kappa (EEK - the sport sorority) being the bridesmaids of Sherry. Why you ask? Because Sherry finds them an adorable little group. Even more funny is that Rosie Levin, leader of Eta Hiss Hiss, actually shed a tear at the wedding procession, and so did Carla Delgado, leader of Slugma Slugma Kappa.
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    • We have Mike Wazowski at a loss for words as he was too busy staring at his future love interest Celia Mae for the very first time. He was so captivated by her that he ended up using a pencil on his sundae instead of a spoon. And his friend Sulley had a whale of a time teasing him.
    • In the flashback, because Mike's fingers froze in front of the phone to call Celia Mae, Art dialed the number and blandly asked if she was interested in dating "Mr. Frozone". Needless to say, Mike got over his fear and tackled Art just to get the phone, and things go smoothly from there.
    • Brock Pearson and Claire Wheeler trading their usual mode of conversations over the microphones.
    Brock Pearson: "The president of Oozma Kappa, everyone! Now a married man!"
    Claire Wheeler: "It's a wedding, meathead. Calm down, will you?"
    Brock Pearson: "You weren't last semester at the final Scare Game event."
    (Claire Wheeler's face became a little red.)
    • Chet Alexander of the Roar Omega Roar (ROR) Fraternity actually crying, as he apparently always get emotional at weddings (according to him, that is).
      • What's even more priceless is the rest of ROR are staring at him with surprised faces.
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    • A Funny Background Event, when Art was chatting with Sulley on the former getting a girlfriend, we see Donna Soohoo, a monster who basically is one single purple tail whose pink hair hid her face entirely, flirting with a rather stout monster with her bushy front just inches from him.
    • The Terry brothers dancing with Dean Abigail Hardscrabble, the sternest, strictest, and most unflappable Dean of Scaring in Monsters University when Terry was trying to get away from Naomi Jackson of PNK.
      • Art and Sulley, upon seeing the scene above, both commented the following:
    Sulley: The guy just entered the lion's den.
    Art: Yeah...she's not his type.
    Sulley: Well, looks like Scaring class started off a little interesting this Semester.
  • Chapter 2: New Arrivals:
    • Laura, when trying to get to the School of Scaring, accidentally bumped into Johnny Worthington and the ROR Fraternity. Johnny is mesmerized by her looks, and tried to give her directions to the School of Scaring. However, Laura rushed off immediately after he has given her the location, without even hearing about his supposedly offer to accompany her there.
      • Chet's comment after Johnny saw Laura fly off was priceless.
    • Lauras Crash-Into Hello of Dot, Katy, Colette and Monnie on her way to the School of Scaring. To go into specific details what Laura's incredibly fast flight did to each of them by accident.
      • Dot was pushed into the fountain, soaking her and her sketchbook wet.
      • Katy was knocked into the garbage of a nearby trash can.
      • Colette's makeup was ruined when Laura bumped into her, causing her to scream out loud.
      • Monnie was knocked over from her place on the low branch of a tree she was resting on.
    • "The beauty of the roar..." That is all. Squishy is so love-struck by Laura's appearance that he answered Professor Knight's question wrongly.
    • The Oozma Kappa (OK) Fraternity's reaction to them getting a fraternity house on the Frat Row of Monsters University is hilariously funny, especially when they cut loose to celebrate. Bonus points for attracting the attention of all of the other Fraternities and Sororities in the Frat Row.
    • The OK Fraternity was trying to sneak out of Frat Row to go back to Mrs. Squibbles's (aka Mrs. Carlton) home because they can't sleep, along with Mike and Sulley, but they failed terribly by either stepping onto something or knocking over other things so much that they wake up all of the various Fraternities and Sororities of Frat Row.
    • Archie's the Scare Pig's escape from the OK Fraternity, by sneezing at Don Carlton's mouth.
    • Remember the Slug Student who made it to class two semesters later? In this chapter, he was on his way to his first ever Fraternity and Sorority Party when Archie bumped into him and dragged him towards Frat Row. Then he was thrown off the Scare Pig and nearly kissed the pavement if not for his roommate's timely save.
    • Even his name is funny too, due to the irony of it: Theo "Turbo".
    • Laura Sharp's second Crash-Into Hello of Dot, Katy, Colette and Monnie when chasing Archie the Scare Pig. To go into specific details what Laura Sharp did to each of them by accident during the chase:
      • Monnie was knocked over onto the confectionery table, her face landing face-first into a cream cake and ruining her custom beats music disc.
      • Colette was knocked forward straight into a nearby inflatable pool, ruining her dress and makeup.
      • Katy was singing when she had her radio dropped onto her foot when she was shoved into the table.
      • Dot was pushed face-first into a lamp pole she was tracing a message on, and the wet ink of the marker caused the message to be on her face.
    • Rosie Levin of the Eta Hiss Hiss (HSS) Sorority and Carla Delgado of the Slugma Slugma Kappa (EEK) Sorority bickering over persuading Laura to join their own Sorority... until Johnny Worthington interrupted the argument the same way he did in the movie when JOX and another Fraternity tried to get Sulley to join them.
      • Chet getting overexcited knowing that Laura comes from a family of Scarers, causing Johnny to tell him to calm down.
      • Johnny trying to charm Laura Sharp by mentioning she's the kind of monster he likes, and Perry twin's subsequent comment at that.
    Terri: "Oh great, looks like she's going to be seeing the 'dark side of the moon' on her first night..."
    Terry: "Oh no, he's definitely not coming on strong..."
    • The OK Fraternity (along with Mike and Sulley, who were Laura's heroes) introducing themselves to Laura, which is almost the same way they introduced themselves to Mike and Sulley in the film, with a few variations. Bonus points for Squishy being tongue-tied when meeting Laura at that scene.
    • When Johnny Worthington was telling Squishy that a girl like Laura was only worthy of his affections, Mike stepped in and quipped the following as a Great Comeback:
    Mike: "You are right Johnny, which is why she spoke to us first. Completely ignoring you like 'ROR what?'"
    • Bonus points for Chet's unwanted comment here too. "Oh...Boy, he's right." , earning Chet a death glare from Johnny.
  • Chapter 3: A Brand New Sorority:
    • Colette's spilt-second transformation from her sleeping wear into a yellow blouse with white floral printing, all the while gushing about Mrs Carlton's wedding dress in chapter one and being fashionable supporters at the Renewed Scare Games kick-off.
    • Archie the Scare Pig begging Laura to bring him along with her to class. He succeeds!
      • Later we readers discover that Laura kept Archie in her school bag during Scaring Class.
    • The brief scene of Don Carlton playing with Archie after Scaring Class.
    • Brock Pearson's appearance and usual No Indoor Voice when announcing the Renewed Scare Games at the kick-off, with Claire Wheeler being the usual deadpan look beside him.
    • The sheer act of Laura using Archie's snort as a loudhailer to get every monster student's attention at the Scare Games kick-off.
      • What's even more funny is that it actually works!
    • Dot, Katy, Colette and Monnie introducing themselves to Laura, and the scene of them stating their names and majors, as well as their interests does feel funny in each of their own way.
      • Particularly, Colette's exaggerated re-enacting of her "accident with Laura" which ruined her makeup stands out.
    • Laura trying to discuss that she and the rest of her newfound Sorority were diverse, only to be interrupted by Colette telling what she learned about diversity in her fashion classes, which prompts everybody else (sans Laura) to glare at her.
    • The assembled monster girls discussing on what to do for their Initiation Ceremony was pretty funny too.
    • The Oozma Kappa Fraternity, along with Mike and Sulley, piling faces-first into Laura's room. The bickering moments between each fraternity member was pretty hilarious, along with the awkward introductions of each OK frat member to Laura and her fellow sorority girls.
      • Apparently during their search for the girls, the OK Fraternity took to opening dorm doors at random, which caused the occupants to be very... displeased about them all looking into the aforementioned dorm rooms, complete with one particular occupant throwing a Scream Canister book at them.
      • They even interrupted a pair of Monsters (Marbus and Theo) who were deep in a game of Monster Chess by opening the wrong dorm door (again), earning Death Glares from Those Two Guys.
    • Monnie using Katy's radio to blare her custom beats all over campus during the Initiation Ceremony, capturing the attention of the many students who were in the surrounding area.
    • Laura, finally having enough of Katy whacking her bottom with a branch (which she claims to be an "initiation tool"), grabs it and immediately snaps the branch in two, before incinerating it with her flame breath (followed by the reaction to said flame breath).
    Chet: "Okay, whoa!"
    • Mrs. Carlton gifting Randall with a new Fraternity Jacket, and the OK Fraternity's reactions at that, as well as the playful teasing, was pretty funny.
    • The scene of Archie having Mrs.Squibbles/Carlton's camera in his mouth, and his various tricks to bark and howl taught by his caretaker Laura.
      • Brock was pretty impressed by the Scare Pig's various tricks, while Claire is still in her sullen face without any other expression.
    • Sulley tripping over Laura's notebook and accidentally knocking everyone into the University Fountain when Mrs Carlton was trying to take a photo of the entire group, resulting in the new sorority Exceeda Zeta to help them get out of the water while onlookers laughed and watched.
  • Chapter 7: Recollections and Infiltration:
    • Claire trying and failing to read the part of the prince in "Entangled" properly. Katy can not keep a straight face.
  • Chapter 11: Return of the Twins Part II:
    • Maria and Sonia's fight about their gifts for the twins and really all of their competition over the twins in this chapter.
    • How sheepish the rest of OK gets about eating the various baked goods given to the twins while they were recovering.
    • Laura unknowingly sicking Dot on Johnny after he asks her to dance.
    • Terri describes touching Baymons as "like spooning a warm marshmallow", quoting Fred/Ted word for word, to Dot's delight.
    • Archie showing up at the party.
  • Chapter 13:
    • The unintentional burping contest OK and EZ end up having. Enough said.

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