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Roleplay / 2012, "YOU" are the future.

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The day of reckoning, reawakening and apocalypses is upon us. Too bad none of you can decide which it is, but that's what the Kyouto High's 2012 club is for. For people to ponder and theorize what exactly will happen on this mystical day of 2012. Some are true believers, others just like fiction based around the event or similar events, and others are just along for the ride. [...] But now the day is upon us. What you don't realize yet is that when that clock strikes midnight each and every person in that room is going to change, perhaps just mentally, but no matter how you change one thing will remain true: whether you decide to use these powers for better or worse, You are the future.
—Introduction from the sign-ups page.

2012, "YOU" are the future. is a seemingly Slice of Life/Superhero roleplay hosted on the TV Tropes forums, about a group of ordinary high school students in a small fictional island-city off the shores of Japan, who suddenly gain powers and abilities on the eve of the iconic doomsday prophecy. The 'secret' 2012 club, founded and run by Student Class President Inoue Souichi, is a secret club that she created for a chosen few students to gather and discuss what the end of the world will be like, and to be ready for it.

Finally the day came on December 19th 2012, when the club gathered one more time to party the night away at Inoue's apartment as the clock struck midnight, and the iconic day began.

But rather than the world ending, each of the students blacked out and had some very strange dreams. Unbeknownst to all of them, they had been blessed with super powers, and weren't the only ones. All around the world, a wave of blackouts both mental and technological left nothing unscathed as it spread across the entire earth, forever changing every single living thing on the planet and leaving the sky marred with mysterious yellow clouds.


And so the handful of students awoke in this changed new world, having to deal with problems both inside and outside as the world changes all around them.

But more is at stake then just what one may think. This Ragtag Bunch of Misfits will determine more then just the fate of a handful of students, or even that of the island city... but that of the entire future itself.

To all of you, my roleplayers...You Are The Future.

The roleplay was created by Vyctorian, but has since been taken over by Nicktendonick. It can be found here, with the discussion here and signups here.


Characters present in this roleplay and their players; past and present, includenote :

  • Inoue Souichi - Vyctorian, then taken up by Nicktendonick
  • Sasaki Saki - Rena The Archmage, then taken up by Nicktendonick
  • Takeo Masoni - whizzerd
  • Ian Alivio - Insano
  • Izyna Macvan - King Nerd
  • Otonashi Kaoru - Kuiper
  • Hayato Masaru - D Acriznips
  • Tanaka Hiraku - Luthen
  • Aoi Murasaki - Lemurian
  • Chokichi Kaneko - Replica
  • Hajime Azaka - daltar
  • Alex Zeros (Alexia Ceros) - Nicktendonick
  • William Martin - Sijo
  • Takashi Tezuka - Rareitor
  • Quinn Barksdale - deathpigeon
  • Mark Meschaninov - Hyena Cros

Tropes present in this roleplay include:

  • Real Men Wear Pink: Hayato is a member of the cooking club, though he keeps it secret.
  • Sarcastic Devotee: Ian doesn't completely believe in the 2012 theories. He just joined the club to stimulate his imagination.
  • Weather Dissonance: Thick yellow clouds hang in the sky for a while after the mysterious event.


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