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Chapter Four: Explosive Difficulties

"Please. I have already told you a couple of times. You can drop the formalities when there's nobody around. After all, to the public we may be Dean of Scaring and Professor of Scaring, but when the job is over, we are just old friends. I would feel more comfortable if you addressed me as Abigail, Derek."
Dean Abigail Hardscrabble, showing a bit of her softer side.

Chapter Six: Old Sufferings

"And if you ever, I mean, ever talk about Mike or Sulley that way again...I will take you down!”...“You hear me? I will tear those stupid horns off...! Shove them under your tail...! Jab them in your eyes...!"
Terry Perry, finally having enough of Johnny Worthington badmouthing Mike and Sulley.

Chapter Nine and three-fourth: Healing the Mind

"Oh please, what do you normal monsters think we’re represented in your world? Trolls who live in boxes and steal stuff in the dead of the night?"
Troll Shaman Pyapi, making a Boxtrolls reference and wondering about the misrepresentation of her species among monsters.

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