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Laura had to endure years of patronizing thanks to her being the daughter of a famous scarer.
  • Is it possible that the reason Laura is distancing herself from society is because of years of being patronized by her previous schools solely for being the daughter of a famous scarer?
The reason why Laura is deathly afraid of failing her sorority is because she has a long history of success in her school life.
  • Given how much Laura knows about scaring, and the implications that she was a good student in each of her schools, this might very well be possible.
Terry will only let go of his hatred of the PN Ks and Naomi in particular after Naomi attempts suicide, bungled, interrupted or otherwise.
  • Despite Terry's hatred running deep, he's too moral a person to brush aside being responsible for someone trying to take their own life and it's highly probable that if Naomi did try to do so, one of her sorority sisters would blame him in their grief with Nayda solemnly (and probably bitterly) confirming their accusations, prompting a My God, What Have I Done? from Terry and a desire to make amends.

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