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Heartwarming / Black Panther (2018)

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"Wakanda Forever."

  • Okoye fondly remarking "we are home" as she and the rest of the Royal Entourage arrive back at Wakanda; especially since she's so serious, we see her happy returning home.
  • T'Challa's coronation as Black Panther. Everyone's chanting his name and dancing happily.
  • When M'Baku finally surrenders the challenge, his warriors don't hesitate to help their beaten leader up. Losing the challenge did nothing to dent the Jabari's respect for M'Baku.
  • T'Challa and Shuri sharing a Secret Handshake. Between the film's Darker and Edgier tone and the tragic figure T'Challa was portrayed as in Captain America: Civil War, it's quite welcomed to see the future king of Wakanda behave casually with a personal confidant. They have such a sweet sibling relationship.
    • In the same scene, Shuri creates a pair of self-tying shoes that cancel out the noise of his footsteps. She specifically mentions that she based the idea on similar shoes from Back to the Future Part II, a movie she noted as being one their father loved. They're Shuri's personal tribute to T'Chaka's memory. Not as the king of Wakanda, but as the father who bonded with his children over things like films.
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    • T’Challa's protectiveness over Shuri throughout the entire film is this. If there's one thing you don’t do, it’s harm T’Challa's little sister.
  • Nakia prevents T'Challa from attacking a young conscript of the slaver gang, pointing out he's as much a victim as the women they kidnapped and tells them afterwards to bring him home to his village.
  • Everett Ross has just met Nakia and knows she's a badass warrior but the minute Klaue's Krew ambushes his interrogation, Ross immediately pushes Nakia to the ground and shields her with his body. Then we find out he's been shot in the spine and he's clearly dying in agony. He has no idea the technology exists that can save his mobility or just his life. Nakia's distraught reaction and refusal to abandon him, even if it means letting the CIA know too much about Wakanda, is an act of faith in Ross's inherent worth despite his earlier...American-ness. Adding to this, T'challa deciding to halt the chase for Klaue in order to heal his wounds.
  • T'Challa sharing with Nakia how his father not only killed his own brother (even to defend Zuri) but abandoned Erik. Even though she's still his "ex" at this point, he trusts her enough with this secret.
    • Fridge-heartwarming: Why isn't he telling Shuri? Because it hits too close to home. So as her brother, he doesn't want his little sister burdened with the secret.
  • Zuri offering that Erik kill him instead of T'Challa, especially when it occurs that it's his way of repaying T'Chaka for saving his life in 1992. Sure it backfires on him when Erik wounds T'Challa anyway, but he still tried to protect T'Challa as though he were his own son.
    • More than that, he did succeed! T'Challa was about to be cut down instead of thrown off a waterfall before the distraction.
  • In the final battle, as W'Kabi charges M’Baku, Okoye puts herself between her and the rhino. The rhino stops and licks her face like a dog. The way she smiles when it does this just makes the moment even sweeter.
  • M'Baku saving T'Challa's life as payment for T'Challa sparing him during their fight earlier.
    • He also decides to reunite T'Challa with his friends and family when they come seeking aid, even though he easily could have taken the heart-shaped herb for himself.
    • Also how despite his earlier statement, M'Baku leads his tribe to aid T'Challa and finally joining the rest of Wakanda.
    • Another for M'Baku. Before leaving to confront Killmonger and win back his throne, T'Challa asks M'Baku to protect his mother. Though he's already fulfilled his debt to T'Challa, M'Baku doesn’t hesitate to promise him that his mother will be kept safe.
      M'Baku: No harm will come to her; you have my word.
    • It is reflected in the earlier challenge, no matter how hostile M'Baku and the Jabari are to him, T'Challa has an incredible amount of respect for him and how important he is to his tribe.
      T'Challa: Yield! Don't make me kill you. You have fought with honor, now yield! Your people need you. Yield, man!
    • M'Baku has proven himself brave and valiant in battle with T'Challa, and has no fear of death. He is also a noble and righteous chieftain. So when T'Challa compels him to surrender, M'Baku does so for the good of his tribe, despite his pride. This is a tragic contrast to Killmonger, who upon being defeated by T'Challa, chooses death, as he has no tribe or family (one that cares for him, anyway); basically nothing to live for.
    • Also, after yielding M’Baku acknowledges his defeat and witnesses T’Challa getting crowned victor and king, and he and the Jabari leave solemnly. This compared to his comic book counterpart where he was a villainous character who wouldn’t hesitate to fight dirty and use cheap tactics to get his way.
  • In regards to the above, T'Challa returning to life, much to the joy and relief of Shuri, Ramonda, Nakia, and Ross. Even M'Baku is somewhat happy.
    • Shuri presenting T'Challa with the necklace containing the Black Panther uniform, as she and the others pledge their support;
      Shuri: The Black Panther lives. And when he fights for the fate of Wakanda I will be right there beside him.
      Nakia: As will I.
      Ross: I'm in too. [the others glance at Ross] What? You're going to need all the help you can get.
      M'Baku: [yawning dramatically] Are you done?
    • Ross offering to help feels particularly heartwarming since he doesn't have a personal investment in Wakanda the way the others do. A cynic could argue that he wants to stop the monster the CIA created with Killmonger, but he genuinely seems ready to help T'Challa in his time of need.
  • The look of unrestrained joy on Okoye's face when T'Challa reveals his survival and returns to battle Killmonger for the throne. It shows how much she cares for her king both as a subject and a friend that she is so delighted to see him back.
    Okoye: He lives!
  • T'Challa taking a dying Killmonger to see the sunset, as his father told him Wakandan sunsets are the most beautiful in the world.
    • No matter how many cruel acts he's committed, Erik still has a heart in there to appreciate the sunset as "beautiful".
    • T'Challa offers to heal Killmonger. Killmonger refuses, knowing he'd spend the rest of his life in prison, and removes the blade in his chest, letting himself bleed out. T'Challa doesn't try to stop him. Think about this in the context of the Civil War. There, he stopped Zemo's suicide so that the man could face life imprisonment for his crimes against humanity. Here, he lets Erik do it. It's either indicative of the respect he holds for Erik over Zemo, or indicative of Character Development on T'Challa's part, but either way, it's a hell of a powerful moment.
    • When Killmonger finally dies, T’Challa arranges his arms to be placed in the Wakanda “W” salute position, giving him a piece of Wakandan culture which he was denied of his whole life.
  • After possibly over a thousand years of being pariahs, the Jabari are accepted as part of Wakanda, and M'Baku himself now sits at the council.
  • The mid-credits sequence has T'Challa deciding to step up, reach out to the world, and shoulder the responsibility of protecting it and making it a better place.
    T'Challa: [adressing The United Nations] Wakanda will no longer watch from the shadows. We cannot. We must not. We will work to be an example of how we as brothers and sisters on this earth should treat each other. Now more than ever the illusions of division threaten our very existence. We all know the truth: more connects us than separates us. But in times of crisis the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers. We must find a way to look after one another as if we were one single tribe.
    • Even more heartwarming when you consider Wakanda's new mission of "building bridges in times of crisis" will play a huge factor in what's to come. In a roundabout way, Killmonger's actions did end up saving Wakanda and the rest of the world.
    • Also, T'Challa saying he is the son of T'Chaka shows that, despite his father's Dark Secrets and the What the Hell, Hero? speech he rightfully gave him in the spirit plane, he still loves his father.
    • Ross sitting in the back of the audience during T'Challa's speech, smiling in support.
  • The post-credits scene shows Shuri overseeing Bucky's recovery since the end of Captain America: Civil War. Not one for formalities, Bucky even insists the princess call him by his nickname.
    • Furthermore, it's a show of the kindness and trust T'Challa has given to him, that Bucky (who could previously be turned into a ruthless killing machine with the right words) is trusted with being around Shuri and several small children. The kids even affectionately nickname him White Wolf.
    • Note that Shuri also refers to him respectfully as "Sergeant Barnes", in contrast to her flippant manner in the rest of the film. She can be a bratty little sister to T'Challa, but she has tact when she needs it.
    • The fact that Bucky is the most contented that he's looked since World War II. He's arguably been through an even worse Trauma Conga Line than Steve. He was experimented on, forced for seventy years to be HYDRA's puppet assassin and subsequently going through excruciatingly painful memory wipes, only to remember every victim when he finally gets his memories back. Even worse was confronting the vengeful fury of one of his victims' children (Tony). He's finally found some peace after the hell that he's been through.
    • And, of course, there is what this entire scene means. During Civil War's mid-credits scene, he said he was going to stay on ice until they found a way to get rid of HYDRA's brainwashing. Wakanda figured that out (in a matter of weeks, mind), they didn't even hesitate to let him have it, and now he's off the ice. He's Bucky Barnes again.
  • Everett Ross, during the final battle gives him another moment. His reaction to the ship damaging the force field window directly in front of him to only 50% effectiveness (while he's trying to shoot down the cargo planes transporting vibranium weapons around the world): "*swallowing* How much time do I have?" Once again he's willing to sacrifice his life, this time for the millions of strangers who will be killed if Killmonger gets what he wants. Thankfully, he survives, but the implication that he was willing to lay down his life to get the job done is clear.
  • A deleted scene of the mid-credits scene shows T'Challa having a conversation with Ross prior to his speech. Having seen Wakanda's technology first hand, Ross tries to persuade T'Challa about his plan to reveal the truth of Wakanda to the world as it might attract a lot of enemies. When the king refuses, Ross respects his decision and will try to help him anyway he can. Before he leaves, Ross wishes him good luck in Xhosa though he mixes up some of the words. While finding it funny, T'Challa appreciates the gesture, assures him that his effort was very close and thanks him. This shows how much respect the two of them have for each other. In fact, the two of them also address each other by their first names showing how close the two have become.


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