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All spoilers on this page are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!
Wanda: What do you want?
Vision: For the world to see you as I do.

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  • When the Black Order launch their attack on Vision, Steve Rogers steps out of the shadows and Wanda's face breaks out into a smile of relief. When Steve promises to be there if someone needs him, he damn well means it, fugitive status be damned.
  • Look closely at the shot of Wong, Doctor Strange, Bruce, and Tony at the New York Sanctum. Tony is holding the phone that Steve sent him along with the letter apologizing to the former for not telling him about his parent's deaths caused by Bucky. And the phone is on, showing that Tony may have finally decided to call on his friend in spite of the schism between them.
  • Towards the end of the first trailer, the Wakandan military is charging an army of Outriders. Who is leading the way with Black Panther? Captain America, Black Widow, Bucky Barnes, War Machine, Hulk, and Falcon. It's the moment fans spent all of Phase Three waiting to see: The Avengers reassembled.
    • Just the fact that Bucky is part of the charge to defend Wakanda. It's his first real chance at redemption. Not only that, but look at his robotic arm. The Soviet red star is no longer there.
  • Early in the Infinity War trailer, Wanda and Vision (in a human disguise) seem to be living together, and are seen lovingly looking into each other's eyes.
    • The implications of Vision living with Wanda: Since she's still on the run for refusing to sign the Sokovia Accords, Vision is likely risking his freedom, if not his life, to keep Wanda safe and hidden from Secretary Ross. That's an Act of True Love right there.note 
    • In the film proper, the scene takes place as the Mind Stone is acting up inside of Vision. Wanda comforts him, and while her hand is on his cheek, Vision turns to kiss her palms. Awww!
  • A subtle one, but Banner is seen instead of Hulk. In Thor: Ragnarok, he expressed worry that the next time he hulked out he might never come out of it again (having already been trapped in his own mind for at least two years), but proceeded to do so anyway to try and save the people of Asgard. That he'll still be able to resume his human form in Infinity War is proof that he's still not too far gone.
    • Banner standing next to a Hulkbuster arm in a Wakandan background intercut with Black Widow's warm smile is filled with this. Both of them are significant to each other and this is the first time they have met since Age of Ultron.
  • The trailer shows that Natasha managed to find the escaped Avengers. Fans had assumed that she had gone on the run all by herself back in Civil War, but one way or another, she managed to find her family.
  • Thor's likely just witnessed Thanos and the Black Order murdering many Asgardians for the Tesseract. And who's picked him up? The Guardians of the Galaxy, all smiles and ready to help.
  • In an extremely twisted moment Thanos telling the defeated heroes that he hopes the remaining population remembers them. Despite their constant interferences in his plans to obtain the stones Thanos has come to somewhat respect the heroes of the MCU.
  • Tony declaring Peter as an official member of the Avengers. Peter's face just says it all.
    Tony: Alright kid, you're an Avenger now.
  • T’Challa with this one sentence shows the most important contrast between our heroes and Thanos
    T’Challa: Today we don’t just fight for one life. We fight for all of them.
    • It’s also a perfect contrast to Thanos "perfectly balanced" belief and attempted justification because to our heroes it’s simple: every life that they fight for matters
  • Much like the Captain America trilogy, this film still shows the tight, brotherly connection of Captain America and Bucky.
    Steve: How you been, Buck?
    Bucky: Not bad, for the end of the world.
    • Even better, Cap was given zero lines in previous trailers which means the very first line out of his mouth is a greeting to Bucky.

  • Mixed with Tear Jerker, even after Thanos killed most of the Asgardians, Loki stays on Thor's side and only pretends to want to join Thanos so he can kill him. It results in his death, but at least he dies knowing that his brother knows he was loyal to him all along.
    Loki: I assure you, brother, the sun will shine on us again.
    • The sincere desperation in his voice as he says the above adds a lot to it.
    • There's also the fact that Loki only gives Thanos the Tesseract because the villain threatens to kill Thor with the Power Stone. He at first tries to bluff his way out of it, but Thanos burns Thor with it slowly, and Loki gives out because he can't bear to watch it. When the Hulk makes his attack, Loki also grabs the injured Thor and shields him with himself, even dropping and disregarding the Tesseract for Thor's sake. In general, the first scene is just Loki proving his inside love and loyalty to his brother.
    • Loki announces Hulk's sneak attack on Thanos with "we have the Hulk". It's not only a Call-Back, but it's proof that after their long and violent history, Loki has come to genuinely see Hulk as an ally, and one he deeply respects (and still fears, of course). It's the only time he doesn't call the Hulk a "beast."
      • Later, when he makes it to Earth, Bruce credits Loki's invasion to being Thanos's doing; while only a minor confirmation about what's going on, he essentially tries to remove blame for the attack from Loki's history while doing so.
    • Loki tries to distract Thanos with a monologue listing all his titles so that he can get close enough to stab him. One of those titles is "Odinson". Heartwarming enough that Loki finally openly calls himself that, but casts a long look at Thor after saying that, cluing him in that his betrayal is not genuine this time. Loki's next word seem to be meant for Thanos at first, but since Loki was looking at his brother those words seem to be actually meant for him.
      Loki: I hereby pledge you my undying fidelity.
      • And this is also the name of the score track played during that scene: "Undying Fidelity."
    • Loki doesn't even have to say those words to his brother. Thor would know that he was loyal to him all along the moment he tried to attack Thanos, but Loki wants Thor to hear it. He also could conjure the dagger a bit later and without Thor seeing it, but he doesn't want Thor to think even for a few seconds longer that he is betraying him again.
    • Just the fact that Loki finally has found self-acceptance. He acknowledges that he is not Asgardian, and indeed the rightful King of Jotunheim, like Odin had intended. But at the same time he acknowledges that this does not change the fact that he is an Odinson and the Prince of Asgard.
    • While dying, Heimdall's last act is to use what's left of his power to summon a Bifröst portal and send the Hulk home, so that he may warn the Earth of Thanos's upcoming attack. He's not from Earth and he has no one there he cares about, but he knows it's the next target so he's going to give them the warning the Asgardians didn't get.
    • A Fridge case, but later, Thor says that Thanos killed half his people; given their absence and the confirmation that one of them is returning soon, we can only assume that he sent Korg, Miek, and Valkyrie away with the other half to get help and/or ensure their peoples' continuation.
  • Banner and Tony's brief reunion courtesy of Dr. Stephen Strange.
    • What's the first thing that Bruce does upon seeing Tony again? Hugs him!
  • Fridge Heartwarming, but Wong mentions that his and Strange’s favorite ice cream flavor is "Hunk-a-Hulking Burning Fudge." While it doubles as a funny moment, the fact that there’s a flavor named after the Hulk shows that people still view the Hulk as hero in spite of what happened in Age of Ultron.
  • Dr. Strange grabbed Tony while he was on an ordinary jog, yet he still has the phone that Steve gave him. This can only mean one thing: Tony's got the emergency phone Steve gave him on him, on his person all the time. Whatever else they feel about each other now, Tony knows that olive branch was honest and Steve can be relied upon to help at any time.
  • At the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Aunt May's reaction to seeing Peter in the Spider-Suit is a Precision F-Strike Cut Short right before the credits. Since Peter still has the suit with him and is fighting in broad daylight, it's clear that May's okay with him being Spider-Man.
  • After Wong saves Tony from Cull Obsidian.
    Stark: Wong, you're invited to my wedding.
  • When the Guardians first appear, Gamora is openly singing along to a mixtape with Quill, something you couldn't have imagined her doing even in their last film. Then, Gamora and Quill finally get their Relationship Upgrade after two films worth of UST.
    • The game Groot is playing is definitely from Peter's childhood. Quill spent two movies being very territorial over his possessions, so the fact that he'd share it with Groot, who is functionally his son, is sweet. (Though he probably regretted it later.)
  • Despite the Awesome on that ship, upon first look the Guardians look more like a dysfunctional family than a Hero Crew that can stand against an army, with Pete and Gamora being the dad and mom, Drax and Mantis being the weird uncle and aunt, and Rocket and Groot being the shitbag children, especially Groot.
  • Thor learns that Gamora was an adopted daughter of Thanos. He grows hostile and ominously approaches her, since he just lost his brother, friends, and people to Thanos, and as Peter tries to explain things, Drax immediately moves to protect Gamora when it appears he's about to attack her. Nobody talks to his friends like that, indeed.
  • Thor telling the Guardians that Thanos took the Tesseract from him. He isn't angry or blaming Loki for not telling him that he had it, but as King of Asgard takes full responsibility.
    • Then, when Quill says that only an idiot would give the Aether to the Collector, Thor answers "or a genius." Having already been posing as Odin when the Aether was sent away, the person giving that order would have been Loki.
    • Also, when Thor is talking with Gamora about how "families can be tough", he mentions how Odin kept the truth from him and what Hela did to him and his people. But nothing about how Loki betrayed him, lied to him or tried to kill him. Thor truly holds no ill will against his brother.
  • Thor asserts that Thanos will be going to Knowhere because it's the only stone left not on Earth and "impossible" for him to get from the Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Thor's got faith in the team, even if it's misplaced.
  • The entire relationship between Vision and Wanda. They've had a full Relationship Upgrade and Vision is outright Adorkable as he tries to convince Wanda to stay with him full time. He stammers his way into saying their relationship works and she's just beaming at him.
  • On the villain side, while the Children of Thanos are all bloodthirsty murderers, even they have loved ones. When Sam knocks down Proxima Midnight, the first thing she does is rush to the injured Corvus Glaive's side, who is confirmed to be her husband. When he's too injured to stand, she chooses to retreat instead of continuing the fight.
  • In a strange twist, we are shown the origin of Gamora and how she became an adopted daughter of Thanos. The scene where she wraps her tiny hand on one of his huge fingers is sweet, but then we are shown where they are: Gamora’s homeworld, that Thanos has just recently conquered. Knowing what we know of his personality, Thanos might have taken her in as a souvenir... except that it's ultimately shown that, in his own warped way, Thanos genuinely does love her as a daughter.
    • Thanos turns her head away and distracts her so she won't witness the murder of half her people. When Gamora is an adult and in his throne room, he mentions that he used to believe that Gamora would sit on that throne one day. In each of their interactions, we see a rare soft side to the Mad Titan.
    • Thanos teaching the little Gamora to balance the beautiful knife (which she uses later in life to try and kill him). The softness in his voice as he says "There, you're doing it," is that of any proud parent at their child's accomplishment.
  • After Quill fails to kill Gamora as she wanted after she's captured, Thanos tells her "I like him!" in a quite admiring tone, pleasantly surprised at Quill's determination to kill Gamora, before teleporting away. For the first time he has such a normal experience as meeting the boyfriend of one of his daughters, and quickly comes to admire him for being able to carry out her greatest wish at great pain to himself, even as it's directly averse to Thanos's own goals.
  • The fugitive Avengers return to their old compound with a gravely injured Vision in tow. Rhodey (the only pro-Accords Avenger at the base), deliberately ignores Secretary Ross' order to arrest them, cuts off his transmission line, and welcomes back his old teammates with open arms. This includes the Falcon and the Vision, who are responsible for Rhodey getting crippled. Rhodey considers it an accident, believes it was his own hasty decision making that led to his crippling at the time, and doesn't hold it against them.
    • And during the battle in Wakanda, Rhodey and Sam coordinate their attacks together, with Sam in particular reaching out to Rhodey. Their ease at working together, is truly heartwarming.
  • Bruce and Natasha reunite, but quietly acknowledge that their prospects as a couple are over, especially with the gravity of the situation requiring their more immediate attention. Despite this, they still show concern over each other and get along just fine despite their romantic past.
  • Rhodey's little prank on Bruce Banner. It not only shows that Rhodes still maintains a sense of humor after all he's been through, but he's comfortable enough with Bruce, the guy who turns into a big green rage monster, to playfully yank his chain.
  • During their brief talk with Secretary Ross at the compound, Steve says "Earth just lost its best defender". It's pretty obvious that he's talking about Tony, whose disappearance was on the news after Iron Man pursued Ebony Maw's ship and did not return. In spite of not being on speaking terms with him, Cap still knows fully well that Tony plays a huge role in protecting the world and has a lot of respect for his heroism.
  • Rogers suggests they travel to Wakanda and try removing the Stone without destroying Vision. Because Vision is more than an android.
    • In this same scene Roger lays out his reason for refusing to let Vision lay down his life to keep the Mind Stone out of Thanos's hands and it runs as a perfect contrast to the Mad Titan's moral philosophy of balance.
      Steve: We don’t trade lives.
  • After the defeat of Ebony Maw, Tony expects a "thank you" from Doctor Strange. He doesn't get it but he does give one to Peter Parker for the plan that defeated Ebony Maw. The transition from surprise to elation to (an attempt at) stoic professionalism is adorable.
  • When the Guardians show up to attack the Avengers, Quill holds Spider-Man at gunpoint and threatens to shoot him. In response, a very angry Tony responds that he'll shoot Drax in kind and forms a pretty big cannon to do so.
  • Ebony Maw attempted to extract the time stone from Strange's spell because he didn't want to arrive on Titan with only partial success of obtaining the stone. Yet, when Thanos sees Strange on Titan he comments that the Maw had fully completed his mission.
  • Spider-Man finally becoming an Avenger like he always wanted, truly fighting alongside his idol, Iron Man — not against other heroes but for the protection of the entire universe.
  • Over the past two years, Bucky has been living peacefully on Wakanda where the people has accepted him as one of them. While T'Challa doesn't want to disturb Bucky as he had been in too many battles for one lifetime, Bucky, upon seeing his new prosthetic arm, only asks "Where's the fight?". While he clearly has no intention of returning to battle, Bucky owes the Wakandas a lot and is willing to help them protect their country.
    • Bucky getting a new arm is partially a matter of pragmatism, since he needs it to fight, but it's also important for him as a character. His prosthetic is no longer a symbol of his violent brainwashing and use as a weapon, but is now a symbol of the people who freed him and healed his mind. After 70 years of cruelty and torture, he's now finally free.
  • One that might not seem apparent at first, but when Thanos comes to give Gamora food, Gamora states she always hated the throne Thanos sat on. After saying he had hoped she'd sit on the throne one day, Thanos actually sits on the steps like Gamora is. It might not seem like much, but he actually listens to her comment and sits somewhere that would be more comforting for her. He's still a monster, but it shows he understands the frustration she has.
  • Intertwined horribly with Tear Jerker, especially considering where her decision gets her, but Gamora only gives up the location of the Soul Stone to protect Nebula.
    • And Nebula reciprocates. When her team ambushes Thanos on Titan and they seemingly have him at their mercy, both Nebula and Star-Lord angrily demand Gamora's whereabouts.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (as well as the prequel comic for the first movie) revealed that Nebula was so angry at Gamora prior to their reconciliation because, during their childhood and adolescence, Thanos would make them fight each other and each time Gamora would win because she was the stronger one. As punishment for losing (and to make her stronger), Thanos would painfully carve out Nebula's organs and replace them with cybernetics. Nebula was heartbroken and angry because, in her eyes, her older sister cared more about winning and being the strongest than she did about her younger sister's well-being, because otherwise she would have taken the fall for Nebula at least once. Gamora seems to have remembered this, because when she sees Nebula being tortured, she immediately gives up the Soul Stone's location to spare her sister from any more pain. It was the wrong decision in the grand scheme of things, but Gamora felt like she just couldn't let her sister down again.
  • Nebula is comfortable enough with the Guardians (specifically Mantis) that she calls them without hesitation for help.
    • A deleted scene had her transmission as an encoded message rather than a live feed; after sending multiple messages without responding, she threatens to sew Peter's genitals to his face if he loses her sister again. The heartwarming part is that she fully acknowledges Gamora as her sister, shows her protective streak, and in some indirect way acknowledges Peter like she would a brother-in-law, by acknowledging his closeness to Gamora.
  • Rocket notices Thor looking introspective and depressed, and mutters "Time to be the captain." Rocket may want the title and glory, but he's learned being The Captain comes with responsibility for the health and well-being of your crew, too. Quill taught him that.
    • The very act of Rocket initiating a heart-to-heart with a complete stranger shows just how far he's come since even the last Guardians movie, and that he's learned to let go of his fear of getting attached to other people.
    • During the talk, Rocket asks Thor what happened to the people close to him, and comes to asking about his best friend. Thor says that he was stabbed through the heart, which happened to Heimdall. Thor considered Heimdall his best friend.
  • Sympathetic to Thor's plight and wrathful depression, Rocket gives the God of Thunder a (stolen) cybernetic eye to replace the one Hela cut out.
  • On the flip side, doubles as Funny but every time Thor calls Rocket "rabbit". It's not out of mockery or derisiveness like when Quill, Drax, or Yondu call him rodent, vermin, or trash panda. It's not even out of oblivious cute patronizing like with Mantis. Instead every time Thor calls Rocket "rabbit" it's a sign of respect, calling him the "smartest of the group" upon meeting him and "Sweet Rabbit" upon receiving the eye. But Thor being Thor likely has has never seen a raccoon or a rabbit and Rocket in turn, is smart enough to know this.
    • Hares and rabbits have been associated with Freya, a Norse goddess who's appeared in the comics. Possibly Thor was complimenting Rocket, because Freya's rabbit companion was considered sacred.
  • After Peter Parker mentions Footloose, Quill is clearly excited about finally being able to talk with someone about Earth culture after years of only interacting with aliens who do not understand his pop culture references. Unfortunately, though, Parker disagrees with Quill's assertion that it's the greatest movie ever madenote .
  • Despite the fact that he spends the majority of the movie butting heads with them, Tony is incredibly empathetic (and even downright paternal) to Strange and the Guardians. By the time the fight on Titan comes along, they actually feel like friends and work together so effectively that they come the closest to actually defeating Thanos. Tony's only known most of these people for a day, but when push comes to shove, they all have each other's backs.
    • Rather than blow up or snark at Mantis and Drax when they both neglect to listen to his plan, Tony takes a moment and simply ask nicely that they circle up and try to pay attention.
    • After Strange falls over, having just looked into millions of potential futures, Tony puts a comforting hand on his shoulder and tells him he's okay.
    • Tony, clearly having learned his lesson from Civil War, tries to keep Quill grounded and calm after the latter gets news of Gamora's death.
    • After Mantis and Drax disappear, Quill, clearly afraid that he's next, turns to Tony, who tries to reassure him that he's okay.
    Tony: Steady, Quill.
  • Similar to the above like his mentor, Peter shows a somewhat protective side to the Guardians during their fight with Thanos on Titan. When Thanos throws Mantis off him Peter instantly leaps to catch her and shield her from the impact and later he makes sure to web Mantis and Drax to safety when Thanos launches a moon at them.
  • Immediately after Strange hands over the Time Stone in exchange for Tony's life, Quill comes flying over to their position and blasts Thanos until he warps away. From the way Thanos was standing over a gravely-wounded Tony (and that Quill had only just recovered and probably didn't hear what was going on), he might have thought Thanos was about to kill him. He wasn't just attacking, he was protecting his teammate.
  • A small moment on Vormir: when encountering the Red Skull, Thanos protectively pushes Gamora behind him. When faced with an unknown and potential threat, his first instinct is to protect his surrogate daughter.
    • When he realizes that he will have to kill Gamora, Thanos says in a choked voice, with tears streaming down his cheeks, "I'm sorry, little one." And then Gamora realizes that the Mad Titan really does love her.
  • When Steve's group arrives in Wakanda, T'Challa promises they will fight alongside the full strength of his nation's military...
    • According to Joe Russo, this is not the first time Steve and Bucky have seen each other since Bucky's been in Wakanda, and according to Sebastian Stan, if it was, the hug would have lasted "about half the movie".
  • Rocket and Thor managing to reignite the dark star in the forge. We've only ever seen Rocket at his happiest when weapons are involved; this may be the first time we see him react with awe. (Well, he is best friends with a plant, and what's their main source of life? The nearest star.) And then there's Thor's reaction when he proudly shows Rocket the Nidavellir he remembers from his past, and he's finally wearing a beaming smile again.
    Thor: That's Nidavellir!
    • Similarly, Eitri gives a true smile of happiness as the forge — his home — reawakens, something he probably thought he'd never see again.
  • M'Baku calling T'Challa "brother" just before the battle in Wakanda, showing that they have fully resolved the tensions between the royal family and the Jabari tribe and M'Baku fully accepts T'Challa as both the King and an equal.
  • After being a brooding and self-absorbed teenager throughout most of the movie, Groot expresses concern when he notices Thor out cold, and realize the God of Thunder needs help. And so, Groot makes the handle of Thor's ax with his own arm and cuts it off himself. All in all, it's moving to see Groot's caring, helpful personality surface in his son.
  • The moment Thor arrives at Wakanda, the other heroes are awestruck as they finally have a chance to win. Banner in particular is very excited as he previously thought Thor had perished earlier in the film. Later, Steve and Thor have their usual Snark-to-Snark Combat that they have in the previous films.
    • What makes Cap and Thor's humorous conversation extra heartwarming is that unlike the rest of the movie, the God of Thunder is a broken down cynic and is incredibly sad even in wisecracking with Rocket and Groot, here he’s genuinely happy and isn’t sad at all in wisecracking with the First Avenger.
    • Groot and Captain America exchange greetings:
      Groot: I am Groot.
      Captain America: I am Steve Rogers.
  • Natasha's response to Proxima Midnight telling Wanda she'll die on the battlefield alone.
    Black Widow: She's not alone.
    • What really sells this line is the tone Black Widow uses. It doesn't sound triumphant like a Big Damn Heroes moment, it's gentle, almost motherly in a sense, showing how years spent training and fighting side by side have formed a familial bond between the two.
  • After failing to Hulk Out one last time, and defeating Cull Obsidian by himself, there a quiet moment after the action where Banner simply sighs, and tells Hulk that they've got a lot to figure out. His tone comes across like someone who's concerned (if a bit frustrated) by a friend's actions. He even calls him "pal" in a familiar way. It gives you the sense that Banner's finally ready to really work something out with Hulk.
  • After stabbing him through the abdomen with his own nano-metal sword, Thanos solemnly and warmly declares his admiration of Tony Stark's courage for facing him in battle.
    • He clearly shows this in his actions too. Thanos slowly guides Tony until he's sitting down, and even strokes his hair.
  • After Peter and Tony save Doctor Strange from Ebony Maw, Strange tells Tony that he'd risk the lives of the two of them before giving up the Eye of Agamotto to Thanos. During the battle against Thanos on Titan though, Strange relinquishes the Time Stone to Thanos to save Tony's life. Granted, he meant for the sake of the universe, and he presumably gave up the Stone for the sake of the universe too, but the fact is, in that moment, keeping Tony alive was more important than holding onto the Time Stone.
    • It gets even more touching in that Doctor Strange has seen more than 14 million scenarios in which they fight Thanos. Out of all those scenarios, one — one — leads to their victory. In short, Strange knew that sacrificing the Time Stone and letting Tony live means he's entrusting the fate of the universe on this single chance and Tony plays a part in this victory scenario.
  • How Vision convinces Wanda to kill him:
    Vision: You could never hurt me. I just feel you.
    • The sheer love Vision has for Wanda is shown both tragically and beautifully as she destroys the Mind Stone. Contrary to what he said, he must be in immense pain, but he never shows it, instead, the entire time Wanda is destroying it, Vision offers her words of comfort, knowing she is in agony at losing another loved one, worse at it being by her own hand. He repeatedly is heard telling her, "It's alright," before he gives her his Dying Declaration of Love.
  • After Wanda kills Vision by destroying the Mind Stone in his head, Thanos offers her words of comfort, even reaching down to briefly rest a massive hand on her head like he did with Tony.
  • The reason T'Challa doesn't notice he's being disintegrated until he's gone? He was too concerned with helping Okoye back to her feet.
  • After the Battle of Titan, but before the snap, Mantis is helping Quill walk up to the rest of the group. She's not a fighter at all, but she's still doing everything she can to help, and Peter is basically her big brother, so she helps him out even if she's just as hurt as he is.
  • Remember how Tony rebuffed Peter Parker's attempts to hug him in Spider-Man: Homecoming, quipping "No, we're not there yet"? As a terrified Peter crumbles into ash, Tony holds the weeping boy in a fatherly embrace so he could be loved and comforted in his final moments.
  • Before Doctor Strange turns into ashes, he turns to Stark and says "Tony... it was the only way." Throughout most of the movie, he only calls him "Stark", but after seeing all those possible futures with Tony potentially being the key to defeat Thanos he eventually calls him by his first name.
  • A minor one, but Tony Stark is one of the very few heroes who survived the movie, which only happened because Doctor Strange convinced Thanos to spare his life in exchange for the Time Stone. Tony could've been one of the victims of Thanos's Badass Fingersnap later anyways when he chooses targets to disintegrate at random, but Thanos honors Strange's deal and leaves Tony alive, partly because Tony is such a Worthy Opponent to him despite being just a normal human.
  • The final scene of the movie proper has Thanos doing precisely what he'd told Strange he would do after accomplishing his goal — find a quiet planet to just sit down and enjoy the sunrise.
    • Thanos's retirement at the end of the movie is a very dark example as it has him smiling and truly satisfied after centuries of misery and rage.
  • The end credits has a Freeze-Frame Bonus that goes mainly unnoticed because of all the tears shed due to this movie. When it shows the title, which disintegrates to reflect the disappearance of half the universe due to Thanos's Badass Fingersnap, what are the last letters to crumble and vanish? Both of the 'I's in the word "Infinity". It ends up looking like the Roman number for two, obviously hinting at the upcoming second part. This gives a flicker of hope to the audience, that despite Thanos having apparently won, there are still those unaffected like Tony or Steve, who can rise again and put an end to Thanos once and for all. Because if they can't protect the universe, you can be damn well sure they'll avenge it.
    • A bit of Fridge Heartwarming: When you consider who is still alive, Steve, Tony, Natasha, Bruce, and Thor, they're just a Hawkeye away from getting the original group back together for the next movie.
  • After everything, Thanos has triumphed, the Avengers have been utterly defeated, and half the universe is gone. However, in the post-credits scene, even though we see Nick Fury and Maria Hill fade away, the final shot lingers on a very familiar star. Hope isn't lost yet.


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