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Although it lacks much of the humour of its parent show, Torchwood has had its moments.

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     Season one 
  • "Everything Changes":
    Jack: Okay, first of all, who the hell orders pizza under the name of "Torchwood?"
    • And Owen's response: "That'd be me. I'm a twat."
  • "Small Worlds"
    • One of Fairies, in trying to get into the garden, smashes through a fence. A fence that, mind you, has done nothing to offend said fairy at all.
  • "Greeks Bearing Gifts":
    Tosh walks in; Owen's recent autopsy has gone a bit wrong and Gwen is NOT holding back.
    Gwen: "It turns out that Owen has made a few mistakes. That body is what gender again, Owen?"
    Owen: "A...male....a man... a very girly man!"
    Gwen: "That's not all of it, remember, you said gunshot wound, right? Well, what was the true cause of death?"
    Owen: "Unidentified trauma."
    Gwen: "Yes, but what can definitely be ruled out?"
    Owen: "Gunshot wound..."
    Gwen: "Gunshot wound!!!! So, Owen, did you actually get any part of your diagnosis correct?"
    Owen: "....I got that... a skeleton?"
    • She's singing the "X bone is connected to the X bone" song when Tosh first walks in.
  • "End of Days":
    • Just how much of a show off is the TARDIS? As we learn in Utopia, she doesn't even land in the lab and still makes a goddamn mess of the place on her arrival... There's several tonnes of concrete between her and the lab, and she still trashed it.

     Season two 
  • "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang":
    Gwen: (to an elderly woman on the street) Excuse me, have you seen a blowfish driving a sports car? (woman points) Thank you.
    Elderly lady: (In the most Welsh accent imaginable) Bloody Torchwood.
    • The moment where Gwen yells out "BLOWFISH!"
    • Later on, Jack and John's reunion. First they dramatically walk towards each other in semi slow motion, suck face like they're in a movie, beat the ever living shit out of each other, hold each other up in a Mexican Standoff, then smile at each other and ask how the other has if this is completely normal.
    • It's Jack - it is perfectly normal for him..
  • Captain John: I think I'm starting to see what he likes about this place...she's beautiful...he's stunning...
    Gwen: Don't you ever stop?
    Captain John: Five minutes to live and you want me to behave? Oh, that's gorgeous...
    Gwen: That's a poodle.
    Captain John: It's nice! (extremely lascivious look)
  • "Sleeper":
    Ianto: Mobiles, land lines, tin cans with bits of string, everything. Absolutely everything. No phones, phones all broken. (makes a little phone with his hands) Hello? Anyone there? No! Because the phones aren't working!
    Tosh: Nuclear warheads. Ten of them.
    Ianto: It's all over.
    Owen: (Beat) Let's all have sex.
    Ianto: And I thought the end of the world couldn't get any worse.
  • "Meat":
    Gwen: Have you ever eaten alien meat?
    Jack: Yeah.
    Gwen: What was it like?
    Jack: Well, he seemed to enjoy it.
    • Tosh suggests using the alien meat to feed the world, prompting Ianto to quip that they could release a single.
  • "Dead Man Walking":
    • Owen Harper's puking scene and Jack's hilarious reaction.
    Jack: Only in suffering do we realize beauty.
    Owen: Yeah, yeah. Who said that?
    Jack: Proust.
    Owen: You've read Proust?
    Jack: Yeah. Well, no. We dated for a while. He was really immature.
    Ianto: I have searched for the phrase "I shall walk the Earth and my hunger shall know no bounds," but I keep getting redirected to Weight Watchers.
  • "Something Borrowed":
    Jack: Don't move you shape-shifting bitch!
    • And then when she protests she's not an alien:
    Jack: Yeah, and The Lone Ranger didn't have a thing for Tonto!
    • The proof that she's not an alien? The shape-shifter can't copy scent and Gwen would have recognized that god-awful perfume anywhere.
  • "Adrift":
    • All of the scene following Gwen walking in on Jack and Ianto's naked makeout session on a desk, particularly the naked hide-and-seek conversation. And, in the category of unintentional puns:
    Ianto: There's a package on your desk.
    • If you watch the background while Ianto delivers that line, you can see that Jack is already undressed again.
  • "Exit Wounds":
    Grim Reaper Looking Guy: Devils! Blasphemers! Pray to your heathen god, while in the Lord's name we cast you out!
    Ianto and Tosh open fire with hand-guns.
    Ianto: There we are then.
    Tosh: Sorted.

     Season Five: Aliens Among Us 

  • Changes Everything
    • Tyler assumes Colchester is a bigot, and that's why he hates him. Colchester is happy to inform him of the contrary: No, Colchester is gay and married, he just really doesn't like him.

  • Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy
    • The title. If you're not laughing at that, you have no sense of humour.
    • The way Madgrigal says "Booooozeee!"

  • Orr
    • Ng wondering if Orr can look like Idris Elba.
    • A lot of Orr's first interactions with the cast to be honest. Orr embarassing Colchester in front of everyone is a highlight.

  • Superiority Complex
    • Jack Harkness, posing as a barman makes a drink called A Jack Harkness.
    Jack: Everything's better with a Harkness inside you.

     Season Six: God Among Us 

  • The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood
    • Although it can sometimes be the very opposite, a few of Brent's frequent bizarro hallucinations are genuinely hilarious. Highlights Include:
      • John Barrowman playing Imagination!Jack as the most overly americanized cliche possible. All of his lines are angry southern yelling.
      • Imagination!Orr is Corr, a woman who's only personality trait is being objectified. It hilariously plays on what many initially thought Orr's character would be.
      • Imagination!Yvonne is a DEMURE SECRETARY. Tracy Ann Oberman kills it.
    • Not only that, some of Brent's political ideas and antics are just generally amusing until they get dark. He calls a Weevil a "Werevill" and believes all of the Sorvix to be method actors!!

  • Flight 405
    • EVERYTHING NORTON FOLGATE SAYS. This applies to all Norton episodes, but Norton, Andy and Yvonne are the best triple act concievable.

  • Another Man's Shoes
    • The Entirety of the Episode is for once, a comedy, and is absolutely hysterical.
    • Norton in Tyler's body.
    Tyler!Norton: I'm not Tyler. I'm a Sexy Giraffe!
    • Tyler in Norton's body, complaining about being short and desperately trying to stop Norton from going on a sex spree.
    • Norton and Tyler making out in a clothing store closet.
    • Jay. Lovely Jay.
      • Norton even tries proposing to him, a man he has just met. Jay's reaction is predictably hysterical.
    • Jack in Colchester's body trying to be as menacing as possible to procure a table that he had reserved, except it was under Colin's name not his. Bonus points for Jack going on about how Colchester's voice is a weapon and if he goes on in a "low inhuman rumble," maybe eventually he'll get a seat.
    • Jack insulting Colchester's body.
    Ng: Did you just call Mr. Colchester flabby?
    • Yvonne attempting over and over to pass a simple interview while in Andy's body. She does not comprehend that she isn't always the boss of every scenario, which leads to some funny results.
    • The entire episode is just the cast doing impressions of eachother, and honestly, all of them are quite good at it which adds to the humor.

  • Thoughts and Prayers
    • Orr says that she can sense "the love" Mr. Colchester and Colin had in the back of their car, in front of Ng.
    • Gods attempt to take back their powers from Orr involves making out with them furiously.
    • Tyler disguises himself as a Pizza Delivery Man to rescue Yvonne from house arrest.


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