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     Season One 
  • In "Cyberwoman", Jack held off Lisa by willingly getting electrocuted twice in a row. That was analogous to sitting in an electric chair, having it turned on full, surviving, then willingly going through it again. All that bought his team maybe four seconds.
    • There's also had the insanely cool track [1] that plays when you see her the first time. Start at 1:48.
      • How do you defeat a Cyberwoman? You cover her in barbecue sauce and have a pterodactyl attack her.
  • Jack driving through a freaking wall and shooting the bad guys in order save his team from cannibals during "Country-cide".
    • And, to top it off, his theme is redone in a badass rendition, mixing this moment with Awesome Music.
    • Better still when you find out that music was actually inspired by this scene. It's based on the rhythm of the phrase "here he comes in a ruddy-great tractor!"
  • In "Greeks Bearing Gifts", meek little Tosh overhears the thoughts of a man plotting to kill his ex-wife and son, follows him to the woman's house where she finds him menacing them with a shotgun, and slams him over the head from behind with a golf club.
    Mary: They should make an action figure of you.
  • Owen as "King of the Weevils" in "Combat".
  • "End of Days"
    • All of the Torchwood team mutiny against Jack and open the rift. Sure it summoned Abbadon but it was badass.
    • How does Jack BEATS Abaddon? The guy walks on his shadow, which eats life energy by the way, and LITERALLY OVER FEEDS HIM. He made a demon DIE OF BEING FED TOO MUCH.

     Season Two 
  • Judging by Jack's positioning in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, he must have shot the bullet over Ianto's left ear, with Ianto in the way, and still got a direct target.
  • Jack and John kissing in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", the ensuing fight, the post-fight chat and the confrontation with the rest of Torchwood there. "You went to murder rehab?"
  • Ianto tasering a guy in the forehead in "Meat". "Pray they survive" indeed.
  • "Reset":
    • Jack Harkness will flirt with literally anything and everything that moves - except Martha Jones. She survived the Doctor and, more importantly, a year on a post apocalyptic planet ruled by a deranged megalomaniac. She deserves better than his flirting - she deserves respect, which she gets from him.
    • Jack coldly executing Dr. Copley after he fatally shoots Owen.
  • In "Dead Man Walking", Owen finds himself, Tosh, and a kid named Jamie Berman in a hospital, locked in with the motherfreakin' Grim Reaper, who has killed twelve people and needs one more soul to cement its power and walk the earth forever. Suddenly he realizes how to beat it, and while Tosh is working out how to open the door, he sits Jamie down for a talk about how to beat cancer, ending with:
    Owen: ... the ones who have the best chance are the ones who truly believe they can beat death. So watch and learn, Jamie Berman.
    Jamie: Watch what?
    Owen: Watch me. Beat. Death.
    • And then he shoves Jamie and Tosh through the sliding glass door and takes down the Grim Reaper hand-to-hand because there is nothing it can do to him, having died once already. Death is its one trick, and it doesn't work anymore.
    • Pay attention in that scene. Death goes from triumphantly trying to claim it's final soul to trying to run in terror from the very thing that defeated it over 100 years ago. Owen's having none of that
  • Owen gets another CMoA in "A Day in the Death":
    Security Guard: What are you?
    Owen: I'm wrong.
    Security Guard: (shaking) What are you!?
    Owen: I'm broken. I'm Doctor Owen Harper, and I'm having one hell of a day.
    • To elaborate; Owen gets caught by a security guard while walking up a flight of stairs. Noticing that the security guard is mildly freaked out by how Owen wasn't be picked up by the thermal scanners, Owen begins walking up the stairs, while explaining to the guard what happens when someone gets shot, explaining that it tears and twists through the flesh. After finishing the process of freaking out the guard using the above "I'm broken" speech, he proceeds to take the guards gun and knock him out with it.
    • You kind of have to see it for yourself.
  • "Exit Wounds".
    • Tosh and Ianto shooting the reaper-like figures, Gwen's rallying the troops speech, Ianto and Gwen nearly shooting John, John actually shooting Jack, Jack living through being buried alive for nearly a two thousand years and forgiving the people who buried him, Tosh and Owen's deaths.
    • To elaborate: Tosh gets shot in the chest. It is obvious that this is a fatal wound, and the Big Bad Gray freakin' gloats over this fact. But she applies pressure and survives for something like twenty minutes while talking Owen through his own problems at the nuclear plant, which lead to his own very visible oncoming death over which he freaks out, and then calming him down and talking him through his last minutes without ever letting on that anything is wrong on her end. Only after everyone else's situation is resolved does she, finally, allow herself to die.


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