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For a series which regularly makes a point of demonstrating the cynical end of the scale, Torchwood comes with a fair few moments of heartwarming.

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  • The team's reunion in "End of Days". Tosh runs headlong into Jack's arms, Ianto's adorably awkward attempt at a handshake before burying his head in Jack's shoulder and showing no qualms about Jack kissing him in front of the team, and Owen just burying his head in Jack's chest.
  • Owen and Maggie on the roof, watching the light show from the alien device.
    • Not just a life affirming moment for two characters who thought they had nothing to live for, but remember that this is Torchwood: usually the aliens are out to kill us, take over, use us, and on the other hand are generally treated like crap by the humans they encounter. And here we have a reply to the Voyager Space Probe itself. We're not sure exactly what it means but the implication sure as hell doesn't suggest invasion.
      • A few minutes earlier in the same episode. Owen quietly admitting that he's afraid to close his eyes in case he gets trapped, back in the darkness after death. Tosh tells him the only thing someone really can in that situation: "I'm here."
  • Jack and the team's heart to heart in Adam. Just about everyone is tugging the heartstrings.
  • Eugene coming back for just long enough to save Gwen and her absolute delight that he's there, just before her dismay that he's still going to die.
  • Adam was a freak out fest from beginning to end. Seriously though, Nerdy!Owen giving Tosh that little mouse squirrel... screencleaner... thing? Adorable.
    • From the same episode, Jack's absolute refusal to believe Ianto when he confesses to killing women. Just hugs him and doesn't stop until he works out what really happened.
  • Ianto talking to Jack after refusing to leave him while he's in a coma in the Radio play The Dead Line is equal parts this and a somewhat Foreshadowing Tear Jerker.
  • Another moment from the Audios Hidden. Gwen's speech to Ianto after he's in a very much not accidental carcrash. One of the moments where Gwen's status as The Heart of the team makes real sense.
    Gwen: You're going to be fine. You hear me, Ianto? You're going to be just fine. I won't let anything happen to you.
  • Jack's goodbye to Ianto in House of the Dead where he finally admits that he loves him and promises never to forget him.
    • Also the whole situation that led up to that scene: Jack was willing to risk the world and his soul just for the chance to see Ianto again!
  • "I found my Doctor."
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  • Jack and Martha reunite and, despite the trauma of the previous year, get along incredibly well. Jack even shows his respect by not flirting with her in any way shape or form; she's not a normal woman who he can flirt with - she's an asskicker.

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