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Heartwarming / Top Gear (US)

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  • In the Alaska special, Rutledge and Adam constantly made fun of Tanner's oddly colored Chevy truck, calling it purple even though Tanner insists that it's blue. In the end, with the Chevy being the last truck standing, Rutledge and Adam finally admit that the color is indeed blue and that it's good no matter what it looks like.
  • In the 150 mph episode, there was a challenge that involves driving around a course with a bunch of rats in a bowl over your head. Rut's screams were so loud that Tanner and Adam could hear him through the car. Rutledge did badly at the challenge but since he was traumatized by it, Adam and Tanner forfeited the challenge to him.
    • Though one could argue that their decision to forfeit had less to do with feeling sorry for Rutledge and more to do with not wanting to stick their heads into a bowl of rats.
  • A story from Tanner’s appearance on Adam’s podcast. Before the tunnel challenge in “Coast to Coast,” Tanner warned Adam about driving too fast (if his tires caught on the uneven road, he could spin into the wall). He didn’t listen and upon hearing his speed (147 mph), Tanner apparently shouted, “You’re a fucking idiot!” Rutledge then told Adam, “This means he loves you,” a sentiment reiterated on the podcast itself.
    • Tanner also noted that, as the only professional driver, he felt responsible for Adam and Rutledge’s safety.